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The Sister I Never Had

Posted on March 14, 2010

I grew up an only-child, in a lonely old house in the country; my father often away on business, my mother sickly and unable to attend.

But, the funny thing is, I’ve never felt alone. That’s because I wasn’t alone – even though there were no other children in the house – I always had someone to play with. There was a little boy, an older boy that was his brother, and a little girl that looked quite a bit like me.

The girl’s name was Abigail – and she and I were the best of friends. There were a good number of other children too, but these children – Abigail, the little boy Michael, and the older boy Johnathan – were the ones I played with the most.

My mother often told me that I should stop playing with my imaginary friends; it made her uncomfortable; but she didn’t see them herself.

Abigail was a ginger, like me, blue-gray eyed, and she wore clothes that I already owned. The boys were wearing ugly coarse things that were out of fashion. The funny thing is, in my isolation, I never did stop seeing Abigail and the boys until I left the house – the year my mother died of a heart attack. She had always avoided questions about why she hadn’t given me any brothers or sisters to play with, but it was on that day that she finally saw Abigail.

We were sitting in the kitchen, and my mother looked from me to Abigail, dropping the dishes that she held in her hands – and sinking into a seat – the one farthest from Abigail and I – since the two of us were still impossible to distinguish from one and other – I was sixteen at the time – and Abigail had aged with me. But, the other children hadn’t – none except Abigail, Michael, and Johnathan – that is.

My mother’s frightened eyes flickered from my face to Abigail’s and then she screamed – bringing my father down the stairs in a thunder of heavy boots. But, he saw nothing at all. My mother kept saying, in this hysteric way, “She’s here, she’s here, oh! I’m so sorry Abigail, I’m sorry Adeline!” And the paramedics took her to the hospital, thoroughly confused, and a bit uncomfortable, with the circumstances of her awful state.

Abigail and I reached across the table, palms pressed together, then hands held tight, clasped together with the other’s – each comforting the other. You see, to me, Abigail was – and still is – very real; just as real as my mother was, and as real as my father is.

The day my mother died was the day I learned of my twin sister – dead at birth.

Sent in by Adeline McBeth, Copyright 2010

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17 Responses to “The Sister I Never Had”
  1. anna says:

    nice story,thats sad that ur twin died but its happy that u see her.sorry about your mom.that is a good story.the thing is who are those 2 boys?if the girl is ur twin then what about the boys.let me know.thanks.

  2. click says:

    hiii adeline,
    thats a very sad and heart touching story. m sorry for your mom, m wondering how a spirit can age? can any one explain ? waiting to hear.

  3. Bonnie says:

    Hi Adeline,

    First of all, I want to say how sorry I am to hear of your mom’s passing. OMG! So the girl was your twin sister who had died at birth. I am wondering who the two boys were. But anyway, great story. Thank you for sharing. It gave me goosebumps!

  4. Anonymous says:

    I really liked your story I am sorry about your mothet DO YOU YOU STILL SEE your twin sister any more or the two boys

  5. ZoZo says:

    A spirit CAN age at time if they have found peace and comfort. I’ve had the same thing kinda with myself, but I haven’t seen Sarah in God knows when .. but, I see her in my dreams. And it’s as real as real can be, <3

  6. click says:

    thanks zozo
    and i want to take the precious time me readers i want to ask you something …
    I am 19 years old (m) and living on a rented house with a roomate and doing my engineering studies. Few days ago of my friends came to my room (we have two rooms, a kitchen and a bathroom) we were playing cards in my room which is nearer to the kitchen and bathroom and suddenly one of my friend (anil) saw a figure in yellow shirt going to kitchen, we have our front door locked from inside and all friends were in my room. After that we went to kitchen and bathroom to check and found no one. After that few days later that same friend of mine saw the same entity again in my kitchen after that he feared to visit our room. I have never seen that entity but in kitchen i feel like someone watching me. I also sleep talk in strange foreign language as per my roommate. do i need to be alert or everything is okay? please help.

    • anna says:

      thats weird.ask around about the room,if anything happpened in it.for me and that only me talking i maybe wouldnt do anything if its not doing anything to you.but like i said thats me.and talking in your sleep i have no idea i have never heard of that before.sorry im no help but do let us know what happens

    • lunawatsername says:

      well i have heard of speaking in tongues, but its never boon a good thing. i would suggest you revert to whatever holy man is in your religion if you have one, because i have heard that helps. they may want to bless you and your apartment. worth a shot right?

  7. bee says:

    -great story, who are the other boys? you should ask your father.
    -your story sounded like the horror movie of i think its Japanese but translated in English,the tittle is “twin sister”.
    -there are lots of horror movies out there just like your story. hope its true, coz i like it.

  8. Meme says:

    Who were the two boys? Cool story btw, i always wished i had a twin.

  9. savana says:

    omg sooo sad about her twin

  10. Mea says:

    oh my gosh. my mom always told me that when i was little, i had a imaginary friend named Rudy. she said he seemed very real to me, but was never seen to her or my other siblings, and i always played with him till we moved out of our apartment. My mom also said that as we were leaving i started to cry because “we left Rudy behind”
    great story.!

  11. Ella says:

    awww sad story :( sorry to hear of ur loss :’(

  12. Nameless says:

    i thought it was a doppelganger

  13. Carri says:

    sometimes our deceased family members come as ghosts when someone in our family dies. it happened to me. My father died and was buried. several days later I saw 3 white orbs flying around one had a hand that was waving to me. my 7 year old saw this and was absolutely terrified. my stepfather told me when he was dying he would contact me in the spirit world and he did the three orbs represented the souls of my immediate family members who had died. my 17 year old brother who died in a car accident 15 years earlier, my step father and my mother. who had all just recently died. I just wish I had a camera to prove it.

  14. jacibo says:

    super freaky story sorry about your mum and sister :-( wish you well

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