The Seventh Grandson

Posted on April 16, 2011

Okay, Right.

First of all, I just want to make it clear that I am very, very skeptical on all this stuff. Like 99% of all ghost stories are easily explained, but this has always baffled me.

I’m an agnostic at best when it comes to God and demons etc. I think whatever is going on in life or death, its far more amazing than anything any religion says. In my view, but everyone’s entitled to theirs and I respect that.

But ghost stories etc. interest me, and I found this site so I figured I’d contribute.

Anyways, my family come from a city called Winchester, in Hampshire (England). It’s one of the oldest cities in the UK and it’s supposedly very, very haunted. Over the last thousand years give or take, it’s bee the site of many battles and obviously seen a lot of history.

The particular bit I’m referring to is a large housing estate, built to house the surviving soldiers of World War 1. (1918 is not that old compared to a lot of places in the UK) My family have lived in this one particular house since the early 70′s and a lot of stuff has gone down there.

Whenever I go upstairs I feel certain I’m being watched, and as a child I would avoid going upstairs like the plague. As children still do to this day, no one likes it up there, except for my grandparents who over the years have become used to it.

So many things have happened it’s difficult to put any sort of “story” together, so I’ll just give a couple of examples before I get to the bit that creeps me out.

The dogs would sit and bark at nothing for hours, sometimes all night, and refuse to go in certain rooms. Footsteps are always heard coming up and down the stairs, doors open and shut by themselves, things appear in different places. I’ve stayed there from time to time, and I swear down, the place would drive me insane. Always a feeling of being followed or watched, things in the shadows flash past you’re vision. I’ve heard a voice saying my name several times.

When my great aunt sadly died, a few days before Christmas, my Nan sat in the living room with my mum(this was before I was born) and said “T**** if you’re here, give us a sign” and a bobble flew off the Christmas tree and landed on the carpet on the side of the room, it remained intact. My Nan says she’s gone now though, she just wanted to say goodbye apparently.

This is what creeps me out. My Uncle is what’s called “the 7th Grandson” the 7th grandchild is said to be prone to Psychic abilities, namely being able to see the dead. He obviously grew up in that house. And this one night, he says he doesn’t remember it. But my Nan (his mother) overheard him talking to someone in his room, he was the only one in his room, she listened in for a few minutes, she heard him say, “How did you die?” there was obviously no answer that she could hear, he continued, “did it hurt?” and then, “will I die one day?” at this point my Nan had had enough and opened the door. “who are you talking to?” she had asked, “Just the man” he replied pointing at the edge of his bed. “What did he say?” “that he used to live here, and is happy that a new family has made a new home here” (something to that extent, he was only 5) he was perfectly calm. My Nan could see he wasn’t scared or didn’t seem to be in any harm, so politely asked “the man” to leave now, as it was bed time. And he said goodbye, twice, and settled down to sleep.

My nan is adamant that previous residents of the house just come back to visit the old place, and they mean no harm. As a child she told me not to be scared of them. It didn’t really help to be honest. No one in my family is really religious, there are no crucifixes to turned upside down or whatever it is these things apparently do. My Granddad just says it’s on old house and it’s just creaks playing on my imagination, although he does like to think his dear old mum occasionally visits.

On another occasion when my uncle was slightly older, he said he heard a scream in the garden, they had a look and could see nothing, but he looked to them and coldly, but calmly, announced that someone had just died. And indeed, the neighbor had passed away quietly in his sleep. My Nan says it was a “banshee” apparently some form of creature that screams at someone’s dying moment. He certainly hadn’t been murdered and no one else heard the scream.

He says he doesn’t remember any of this, the only thing that he says is weird, is twice he’s been in road accidents, on the first occasion he said he felt a sudden urge to slam on the breaks while driving, he rolled the car (with my dad in it, he was not so grateful for this sudden feeling). Nothing really appeared to have happened, he just rolled the car. But he says he just had a bad feeling, and something told him to break.

On the second occasion, he was driving his motorbike, when for the second time he had the same feeling, that something was telling him to get off the bike. He jumped off the bike and skidded onto the grass, as the bike kept going, a car emerged from a junction and smashed it to pieces.

Apparently my nan and her father, my great grand father used a Ouija board in the house, my nan would never tell me what happened, just refused out right to speak of it. Although I maintain that a Ouija board is just a game. (that’s what it was originally sold as, it was never intended to be used to contact the dead) I think those things just bring out the darker side of our subconscious. But maybe it’s worth mentioning as apparently things weren’t that active until after that.

I don’t for a second know how to explain half that stuff, so maybe someone here has some constructive opinion on it.

So that’s my tale I guess. Make of it what you will. It’s no demonic possession or a visit from the devil himself, but it sure as hell gives me the creeps.

Sent in by Multipack-Can13, Copyright 2011

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8 Responses to “The Seventh Grandson”
  1. LMC says:

    wow a psychic in the family yet you don’t believe??? I think it’s cool! :-D

    I also agree not everything is evil or meaning some kind of demon. I am born & baptized a Roman Catholic, yet I know longer believe in religion anymore but I have faith in God :-D

    Thanks for sharing that is an awesome story :-D

  2. Multi_packcan13 says:

    Thanks, Glad you enjoyed.

    Seriously look up Winchester, once you get passed all the Winchester Mansion stuff in California. You’ll find loads of ghosts and such and in Winchester, it’s one of the most haunted cities in Britain.

    It’s got nothing on Edinburgh or London though.

    • LMC says:

      Your welcome :-D thanks for sharing some more info :-D I will look it up right away… By the way I live in the Bay Area California lol the mansion is in the Bay Area I laughed when read what you comment… I was born & raised here & I never been to the mansion, too many tourists :-P:-D

  3. BekkieLassy says:

    Well I think your story was grait.
    It was very interesting too read. I do believe that the old man’s deth was caused by the banchee

  4. juvilove says:

    I could imagine England being so haunted. All the wars and the plague. Cool story. Hey I’m from the bay area and never been to the Winchester Mansion either , but reading this story makes me want to lol. LMC where I’m the bay area do you stay? I live in Vallejo and we got some activity here ourselves!

    • LMC says:

      Hello juvilove :-D I’m not sure about visiting Winchester, I rather visit Alcatraz… Never been there either.

      I live in El Cerrito, I own a house in Vallejo it’s rented out, Glenn Cove to be exact. Have you seen on the news what they have said about Glenn Cove? I have some haunting stories about that area.

  5. trolldoll says:

    i too am agnostic, but i am a believer because of what i’ve seen. think of all the family history and yes before you were born that happened there! england is such a fasinating country when it comes to history and the paranormal!

    • LMC says:

      I agree trolldoll… Yet I think that history & the paranormal is fasinating every where in the world :-D

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