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The Red Scarf Dare

Posted on May 19, 2009

This happened to me when I was 14 years old, I tried to forget what happened to me on the 16th of October. I have lived in England for my whole life next to the Whitby Woods. In the centre of the woods we always use to play it or tag or hide and seek and as you come to find out, Dares.

We had been playing hide and seek but had got bored quickly so it was my best friends idea to do dares, we did the usual e.g. Climbing as far up a tree as possible and having to stay by your self for a certain amount of time (the woods could be scary at night). As we were looking for a place for the person to stay we came to a clearing which we had never come to before which had an old crumbling cottage, and as it was decided it was my turn next for a dare.

Again my friend thought of the idea of taking her red scarf and wrapping it around a rock and then threw it into one of the broken windows on the bottom floor. I walked down the broken path which was overgrown with weeds. As I came to the large wooden door it crossed my mind that it might be locked, but unfortunately as I pushed the rust made it easy for me to open it. I should have guessed from then that this was a bad idea, but my friends were watching from the gate and I went inside.

As I took my first step inside the house the first thing I noticed was a rickety old staircase in the corner of the small, musty-smelling room. There was a door straight in front of me, and a door to the left, opposite the staircase – I couldn’t see the red scarf, so I decided to go to the door straight in front of me.

The whole place was covered in an actual film of dust. I had some difficulty opening the door but squeezed through the tiny gap, and, after taking in my surroundings, I noticed some falling plaster from the ceiling which seemed loud in the quiet. There was someone upstairs. My first thought was that it was a cat, perhaps living in the shelter of the abandoned home – I wasn’t usually one to panic. It then clicked that no cat could make plaster fall – they’re not heavy enough. I froze for what seemed like a minute but was probably only a couple of seconds.

My next thought was survival – GET OUT. I squeezed back through the door and my instantaneous perception was that the front door was closed, when I had left it open. There was a sound from above me and as I looked towards the stairs, I saw a footprint appear in the dust then a second on the next step which was right in front of my face, I screamed loudly, louder than I’ve ever screamed in my life and was different from a childhood scream. That was when the foot prints slid in a 90 degree angle, so the feet would have been facing me, meaning the ghost or thing was now aware of me. I freaked, and ran to the door on my right which was the only one I hadn’t been into. I slammed the door behind me and found myself in what appeared to be the kitchen.

I saw the red scarf and in my survival state I grabbed it. As I turned the door started rattling in a unnatural pattern, I backed up and saw a small window over the sink I chucked the rock which had been attached to the scarf and started to clamber through – all this time I’d been screaming, and screaming for my friends and either they thought I was joking or for some unknown reason couldn’t hear me. I was getting cut all over my hands from the glass and got half way through and saw the door swing open, I pulled one leg through but just like the movies I got my shoe stuck and felt a inhuman force pull me back with my adrenaline rush I kicked and pulled my self through and found myself in the garden which was extremely over grown, with grass up to my knee.

I pelted down the garden running over the uneven ground, and tripping, glancing back, I saw the grass part as an invisible something chased inhumanely fast behind me. I flipped and through tears of fear I saw the old fence, which I threw myself at and somehow landed over the other side, and turned to face the fence again, waiting for it to pounce on me. Nothing happened. The only sign anything had happened was my sweat, and shaking body. My supernatural experience was over. Be aware there are things out there we don’t understand. Be careful. True story.

Sent in by Joe, Copyright 2009 TrueGhostTales.com

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23 Responses to “The Red Scarf Dare”
  1. Blue jay says:

    I find myself speechless, for once.

  2. Mellisa says:

    me too, i’m speechless and still open-mouthing after finish reading this story. scary. i can imagine the horror you felt that time. you described the happening so well, that i can imagine it so clearly. -___-”

  3. Mina says:

    oh my..I doubt that it was human. Maybe several spirits, acting together or maybe only one really malevolent one. who knows?

    glad nothing worse happened to you, apart from leaving a really bad memory scar.


  4. CuteSagittarius says:

    Ur story has left me with a pounding heart & racing pulse.
    This is 1 of the freakiest stories I’ve ever read!

  5. Akash says:

    I have come across very few stories that REALLY creep me out. This was one of them.

    Easily the most scary story i have read in a long long time….Excellent !

  6. marissa says:

    wow your story left me speechless and a litte freaked out. this is one of the most scary stories i have read. i guess you wont be going into old houses anytime soon.

  7. ghost says:

    marissa i don’t think he’ll be back any time soon

  8. Moya says:

    OMG. that was scary. I cant believe your friends didnt hear you . that was even more scary. when you know someone is out there but they cant hear you, how scary. oh man well im glad that was the end of it. (sigh)

  9. AJ says:

    I feel your pain….but, so many unanswered questions. Did you ever research the place, now that you are older? Any records info, you could share with us – on who might have lived there, or what happened on the property?
    Great story!

  10. tracy says:

    Glad you got out ok! You probably made somebody angry , face it you were trespassing according to the ..whatever it was.
    But when you got out , did your friends hear you scream ? wat happened?

  11. trolldoll1681 says:

    dang super scary don’t go back!

  12. Jacob says:

    nice story left chills down my back that left me speechless

  13. BlueJaysFan101 says:

    One wrd i can say AWSOME.

  14. Kayley Alio says:

    Wow that was flipping awsome. do you have anymore info about it ?

  15. kagome_cutie says:

    wow, that is creeeeeeeeeeeeepy. something like that happened to me in an old crumbling house in my neighbors backyard. (F.Y.I theres a grave about 5 yards away from the place

  16. rebecca says:

    very chilling story! i found myself dazed just reading it! LOL i hope i never have to go through something like this! i bed you had to change your pants!!!! :) i know i would!!

  17. Maggie says:

    Holy crap I’m sorry u had to go through that

  18. duddledeedo says:

    I was holding my breath util the end. Great story to tell around a camp fire

  19. Jonathan says:

    you say the only sign anyting had happen was sweat and shaking body what about all the blood from cutting yourself on the window. I agree with everyone that this stiry was very scary to read but I have some reservations. It was written a little too well. You may just be a gifted writer trying out his writing skills. I want to believe you but I have never heard of anyone having such an involved experience. The footprints seemed a little sketchy but you were clever enough to describe the film of dust in the begining.

    I fear what I just read was a story from a talented story teller. I enjoy your writing fact or fiction.

  20. BecKY says:

    wow…. speechless… i FELT chills running down my back the whole time i was reading i totally believe you. What did your friends say when the ran back?!

  21. cAsPeR-ThA-BaDasS-GhOsT says:

    scary story (u shoulda took a camera)

  22. michelle2 says:

    It is knwo by scientists, that the most scared person,the ghost,demon,spirit wil folllow.

  23. rene says:

    where was this located and is the place still there

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