The Phone Ghost Legend

Posted on July 6, 2011

This story is very popular in the town where we used to live in; it might have been an internet phenomenon if it was known today, there are a few versions of the story made by people based on how they were able to relate to it, I don�t know much about them but here�s how I knew the story as to how I experienced it.

My relation with the story began when my younger sister told me about the phone ghost story, it�s about a certain phone number, the phone number to hell they say, when you call that number around 12 midnight you�ll hear the devil�s voice mumbling, saying all sorts of mumbo jumbos, if you listen long enough or until the devil hangs up, you�ll be doomed before 12:01, sounds like your old fashioned school viral story right? But as I grew familiar with the events I found out that there was more to it.

Of course people of our age back then would have tried to contact the number, and when we did, guess what, no devil�s voice. Apparently a few of my sister�s classmates told us that sometime before we tried calling the number, the voice was changed to a little girl�s, cute warm and toned down. It was pretty obvious that it is a voice recording made by a little girl, telling any one who calls them, that they�re not at home, leave your number and we�ll get back to you.

After sometime people who dare leave their number were allegedly visited by a ghost, they say after you hung up, a thin fog starts to rise up even if you�re inside the house and on the door step you�ll find a little girl around 5 to 6 years old wearing a white dress and a red ribbon, asking for help, because her mom and sisters were murdered. All along I thought that it�s just a new story that came out from the previous until I heard a handful of people who say they saw the ghost or the ghost visited them, the little girl first showed up pretty and fair, but when you give it a second glance you�ll see a young girl�s bloody decaying face, contrary to the number of people who told me they saw the girl, none of them even tried to actually communicate with her.

So my interest with the story grew more, it�s as if me and my sister were the only ones who haven�t encountered the ghost yet. Using an old phone directory we tried to trace the house were the phone number was registered, it was actually the neighborhood that was next to ours, so we grabbed out bikes and went searching for it, we almost lost our hopes until we stumbled upon a modest vacant house, everything was locked and the gates were held together by large board of woods. It looks like the house was abandoned for years now, and just outside was a big tree; its branches spread through the house�s lawn and looked pretty creepy. One spine tingling thing that I noticed was that the phone lines were pulled out, cutoff, and you�ll actually see the phone hanging through a small opening in the window.

So we got home with a new addition to the story to tell our friends, also we came to an agreement that even though how scared we were, we�ll call the number that night and leave our home number to see if the stories are indeed true. And so hours passed and it was almost midnight, me and my sister were next to the phone, but our mom woke up and noticed that my sister was out of bed, so she had to call my sister and put her back to bed, leaving me to call the number.

As midnight fell I pick up the phone and dialed the number, but half way through the third ring I chickened out and hung up. Surprisingly the phone rang the very sec I hang up, so I answered and it was a girl sounded like my age, asking if I can be her phone friend, this was common in our town those days and I had lots of phone pals back then, she sounds very interesting and this kept me talking to her for days after that.

I nearly lost interest on the phone ghost story with this new phone friend, however every time I arranged a meeting for us, she keeps declining for all sorts of reasons, with our recent conversations I could say that she came from a pretty well off family, her dad is a business man and usually leaves for business trips, they have a big house out in the country but settled for a smaller one in town, since her dad is always away and she and her sisters need to go to school, everything was going fine until one day she agreed to meet up with me since I�m that persistent.

So early that night I went to the place she gave me, guess what, it led me to the house of the phone ghost story, I thought it was an awful prank from her since the story was very popular those days and I had this feeling she really doesn�t really want to meet up, so I went home and called her on the phone, she told me that it was a good place to meet up and she was there just waiting for me. So I decided to let a couple of hours passed before I go back, but before I even reach the place where we were supposed to meet up, a middle aged police officer cut me off and told me I�m not suppose to be there, I told him that I was about to meet up with this girl, when his eyes grew in shock and told me that we needed to talk.

We went to a caf� nearby; he had this look as if he does not believe a word I say, he asked me for every detail and told me a side of the phone ghost story I didn�t know, way back early 80�s he had a phone friend who lives in the house where the phone from phone ghost story was registered Anita was her name, they had been phone friends for quite some time, she had a little sister who likes to answer the phone and talks to caller first before handing it over to whoever you want to talk to.

Then when Anita was suppose to meet up with him a tragedy happened, Anita and her family were murdered a couple of hours before they were suppose to meet, he could still remember it clearly since he was the once who initially called 911 and reported the incident, the motive was robbery but later they found out that the 2 eldest sisters were raped before they were killed, the youngest girl would have gotten out through a vent but one of the murderers caught her and strangled her with the use of a power cord.

The case wasn�t really resolved although there were suspects who went behind bars, some skeptics say that the real perpetrators are still at large, it had been the headline for months during that time, Anita�s dad grew insane because of the incident and committed suicide after a few months, what�s disturbing is that he always dreamt of Anita standing in the doorway of his room asking him for help, but he never really got there in time to help. Every now and then he takes a peek in Anita�s house, and obscure as it is, he thought he saw himself in me that night.

I never got a phone call from that girl since then, I think she just wants people to know what happened to her and to her sisters, it was really a sad story that turned to a local folk lore, God bless their souls.

I�m writing this to inform anyone who knows the story about what I think is the true events that happened to them based from what I know and from what the guy told me, and have an end to the speculations.

Sent in by Sealtiel, Copyright 2011

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9 Responses to “The Phone Ghost Legend”
  1. yeah,right says:

    Nice “story”

  2. hai says:

    what town did that story come from ?

  3. Moya says:

    That is sad.

  4. deleted says:

    yeah, nice story. may i have the number?

  5. Lisbeth says:

    Wow that’s really sad and …… creepy.

  6. FaerchFan says:

    Wow. I had chills running down my back the whole time reading that! I come from a small town, and there aren’t very many ghost stories :(

  7. Chantelle says:

    can i have the number i wanna see if its true but i kinda think it mite be real so may i have the number

  8. teehee says:

    i want that # plllz :3

    • Caretaker says:

      SORRY but we will not be posting a phone number here. No way to know who’s phone number it is.

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