The Ouija Board Hat Man and The Dream-Catcher

Posted on March 27, 2011

My last story was about my dream-catcher spinning at night. (The Dream Catcher) But this time it was a smaller dream-catcher pendant that my aunt gave to me. This is what happened:

Last weekend I was with my friends hanging out, like normal teens, and we decided to meet up with each other later that night. So we went our separate ways for an hour or two, I don’t know what my friends did, but I went home. Before I left something told me to take the small dream-catcher with me [when I say something I mean like intuition/a sense of foreboding] so I grabbed it a headed out the door.

We walked around for a while until we ended up at my friends house, and after we sat down my friend john pulled out an Ouija Board, [By the way there were 8 of us Me, John, Claire, Joe, Will, Emily, Cathy and Suzie]. Emily and I sat on the couch while the other 6 of us played, [I decided to watch not join because of what I've read on this site. Thank You to those with their stories about their experience, Emily was on the phone].

John was asking questions to someone/thing until he asked it to give us proof it was in the room, and right them the room went freezing cold, and the power went out and the board was going insane and we were freaking out and John kept telling it to stop and to go away when suddenly we all heard a sinister laugh coming from the corner of the room we all looked to our horror we saw a tall man [way taller than me] with a wide brimmed hat and glowing red eyes, yet he was like a black silhouette of a man, blacker than black, [I now know that he may have been the Hat Man] by this point we were all in a state of fear/shock. That’s when he started to walk towards us. We all started to get up and back up in to a corner, but before I could my dream-catcher fell out of my pocket and I tripped backwards and as he got closer I picked it up and threw it right at him/it and it caused him physical pain and he screamed like a banshee and that’s when Will closed the board session and said Goodbye.

After everything went back to normal quite suddenly and I found my dream-catcher on the floor right were it was standing. Then I said to everyone burn that stupid board and say a prayer.

As most of us were leaving we were all kind of shaken-up about what went on that night. And I am positive that it will haunt me forever. I now never leave home without my small dream-catcher.

I tried uploading a picture of my small dream catcher and I cant, if you know how please tell me

Sent in by Mike, Copyright 2011


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25 Responses to “The Ouija Board Hat Man and The Dream-Catcher”
  1. A J Ryder says:

    Dreamcatchers are sacred objects – just the same as a cross or crusifix is sacred to a Christian.

    You instinctively did the right thing to protect yourself and all around you. Well done you.

  2. trolldoll says:

    personally i don’t believe in icons like a cross or dreamcatcher because they are man made.

    • Caretaker says:

      The thing about believing a cross has protective powers or something is that makes it a graven image. And, that according to the Bible, is one of the worst sins. I never understood why many Christians feel like there is some special power in a cross or even a Bible (talking about the physical binding paper and ink not the words or message). A cross is an inanimate object and so is a book.

      • A J Ryder says:

        Personally, I think anything that gives a person comfort, makes them feel closer to their God / nature or reinforces their Faith in their God / nature has got to be a good thing – whether its a Buddha, a cross / crucifix, Hindu Shiva, Native American prayer stick … or whatever symbol represents their beliefs.

        I do agree that Jew, Christian and Muslim use of sacred objects can seem somewhat confusing when taking into consideration the Word of God (according to their Holy Books) in connection with their Religious Rites. Still � none of this ever stopped God using Jewish and Gentile Prophets as vessels to spread His word and teachings.

      • anonymous says:

        the cross is real and if you don’t believe in it you will die when the master come back.

        • Caretaker says:

          Where did you get that? If you are talking about Jesus then you will find no where that he taught that we should worship the cross or that a cross had any special powers or required believing in.

          • Anonymous says:

            my question is if you are christian if not you have no right to speak

            • Caretaker says:

              Is that really what you think? Well the fact is I have a right to speak regardless of whether or not I am a Christian. You will do much better in life if you dont go around telling others that they have no right to speak.

  3. K. Smith says:

    The Cross is not a symbol of Christianity. I know that the Christian church has adopted the Cross as its symbol but bible does not support this. The Cross is an idol, a graven image that provokes the Lord God to anger.

    �That which is now called the Christian cross was originally no Christian emblem at all, but was the mystic Tau of the Chaldeans and Egyptians–the true original form of the letter T–the initial of the name of Tammuz–which, in Hebrew, radically the same as ancient Chaldee, as found on coins, and in Etrurian and Coptic. That mystic Tau was marked in baptism on the foreheads of those initiated in the Mysteries, and was used in every variety of way as a most sacred symbol……� (Hislop, Rev. Alexander. THE TWO BABYLONS OR THE PAPAL WORSHIP, America: Loizeaux Brothers, Inc., 1959:

    The Cross is in fact the symbol of the god Tammuz and it is called the mystic �Tau�. Both the Chaldeans and Egyptians venerated the Tau. The letter ‘T’ was the official letter of the god Tammuz and during ritual ceremonies, this cross was marked on the foreheads of Tammuz worshippers by the pagan priests.

    Famous actors and singers like Ozzy Osbourne, P Diddy, Madonna and others who deny Christ boldly wear the Cross because they know its TRUE origins and what it really represents. I should add that the upside down Cross symbolizes the rejection of Christ, and I recently saw a photo of Chelsea Clinton wearing an upside down cross which

    • Caretaker says:

      RIGHT ON K Smith!

    • A J Ryder says:

      The Christian Cross (Anglican) is only an adaptation from the RC Crucifix, adopted by the Anglican Church in 1534 – presumably done so that there was a clear-cut visual difference to represent the newly formed Christian religion. IE if you wore a Crucifix you were of the Catholic Faith (and therefore against the King and most likely be-headed), but if you wore a Cross you were of the Anglican Faith (and therefore, a Royalist).

      The symbol of the Cross / Crucifix is actually literal. It originates from the Crucifixion itself – Jesus being Crucified in order that Christian’s might be saved (or live), and all that!

  4. Apostleled says:

    I try to become like Christ more everyday and I have found when I encounter demons and spirits God gives me different stradagies each time. It is as simple as asking him what to do. Sometimes I feel led to read scripture other times I just take authority with words and other times I will just war in the spirit without anything accuring in the natural. I think everything a Cristian does should be spirit led and not built on traditions and religous ways of thinking. Thanks for all the wisdom everyone who posted and be empowered by the Fathers love.

    Sorry for the bad spelling:)

  5. trolldoll says:

    look into the jehova’s beliefs about the cross. actually they don’t believe christ was crucified on a cross, but a post, one board, straight up and down.

    • A.J Ryder says:

      Am I right in thinking Jehovah’s Witnesses were founded in 1879?

      As, according to my Bible anyway, it clearly states “Carrying his own cross ….” (John 19:17) I’m afraid I do struggle with the Jehovah’s theology of a ‘single post, one board, straight up and down’ being used to crucify people.

      • Caretaker says:

        Just as a note of interest the word “cross” in that scripture was originally “stauros” in Greek and the word means “A stake or post”

        • Anonymous says:

          that is very interesting! actually it’s ironice too! thanks caretaker!

          • A J Ryder says:

            The Latin for cross is; crux.

            The Greek word ”stauros’ is ambiguous for its meaning covers many different kinds of wooden structures.

            Up until the late 1930′s the Watch Tower still pictured Christ as dying on the traditional cross, so the Jehovah’s Witness’s concept of a single stake being used, instead of the cross, is quite resent.

  6. vicki carnes says:

    When my son starting having horrible nghtmares that lasted from 8 yrs old to age 13, I, bought him a dream catcher for his room. He is now 21 yrs and claims he has never had a bad dream sence! I, belive it has something to do with dream catcher. I, don’t know how much truth there is to the following but I, was told dream catchers filter out the bad spiritsin dreams n throws them outside.if you usee a dream catcher it must be put in a window to work. I’m sure the native americans didn’t have windows in their tee pees however they could have placed them in their door way or tee pee opening. Maybe it is simply a persons belife that works regardless of what the object is. However my son is a firm beliver n dream catchers. I, have them n several windows. Is there a native that can tell us the belifes of the dream catcher?……………………….god bless v,carnes

    • A.J Ryder says:

      Hi Vicki

      I’m not a religious person but I do feel more comfortable [if that�s the right word?] with the philosophy of older spiritual belief’s, rather than the newer one’s. IMO, to be at-one with your God you have to, at first, be at-one with nature. Native American, Buddhism, Hinduism and all those older ways of thinking seem much more harmonious and balanced, somehow.

      I don’t have a dream-catcher, but I do meditate using a Native American Indian Prayer Stick (or, Medicine Stick as some call it). It’s weird because, I don’t notice anything odd about it but, if anyone else holds it for any length of time they say they can feel it ‘throbbing’ and they become very hot to the point of it being uncomfortable. Not sure why that happens – maybe a Native American Indian will enlighten me some day.

  7. trolldoll says:

    thank you aj ryder. i studied with jehovas a couple of years, and i just couldn’t believe in most of the thing they taught. i got uncomfortable fast. i too, just don’t believe in god. if there is one, where is he now.

  8. Leceyy says:

    All this talk about dream catchers but no one specifically states where they are suppose to go in order to “shoo away bad dreams or evil spirits”. I used to have really bad nightmares when I was younger and had gotten one and I always had it right above my bed , I was told thats where they are suppose to go ?? Currently dont have one but I like the feeling it represents to keep good and to do away with the bad so I might get another one soon.

  9. Jin16 says:

    i keep hearing stories about the ouija board end all of them end up bad i played the ouija board ended up bad to did how or what invented the ouija board? whas it the devil? its crazy to think about

  10. johnny says:

    the demon actually tricked you….. dream catchers are HOME of evil creatures.. i have posted a comment on your dream catcher story (the one you linked to)

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