The Ouija Board and the Succubus

Posted on November 4, 2010

What I am about to write is true. Several years ago one night a group of us were just having a great time playing with a Ouija board and I really enjoyed this a lot because I never knew what type of spirit I would make contact with so I kept seeking out more spirits.

Well one night I night I woke up to something I never thought would happen to me. I was being sexually seduced by an actual spirit. I could tell it was a female spirit because of her breasts but what shocked me more than anything is, its body was large like an anaconda but she moved like a rattle snake, the force that was holding me down was incredible.

I could tell there were several little spirits holding my legs and arms down. I would have never believed in any of this ’til it happened to me. Its a strange feeling being sexually seduced by a slimy wet figure that is shaped just like a snake.

I called a good friend of mine and she said you knew the risk of contacting spirits because they take full advantage of people who seek them. See, for several years I dabbled heavy into black magic and dabbled a lot into the paranormal but when I was seduced it really bothered me a great deal because the evil that I felt come off this thing was way beyond what I could ever imagine.

A very dear friend of mine about two months after this happened to me. He went insane and nobody ever really knew what he saw or what really happened to him but I will give this warning to who ever decides to take heed to it, no matter if your playing with a Ouija board, Tarot cards, being hypnotized, going in to a trance, or just being a part of a s�ance there could be sever consequences which you don’t realize could happen to you so be warned.

For so long I tried so many ways to contact my lost brother that passed away, but eventually I lost my identity and I lost reality to the point I wasn’t sure if I was going to have to be locked up in an insane asylum, which almost actually happened to me. Because I went so deep into the paranormal many times I lost reality and I couldn’t find my way back. So please use extreme caution because what was meant for fun could change your life forever.

Sent in by Tim Thompson author of A Psychic Discovers Jesus, Copyright 2010

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29 Responses to “The Ouija Board and the Succubus”
  1. Trisha Her says:

    I never thought it would be me, I thought it only happen’s in movies, but i was wrong. One night i saw a figure at the end of my bed when i blinked it was no longer there. This has been going on for 24 years and counting. Somebody please tell me why is this thing with me . this is true and still disturbing me. Maybe a grudge.

    • Tim Thompson says:

      I am so sorry this is happening to you.For several years I would talk to spirits thinking I was gaining insight till one day I started realizing I was losing my mind.See many people dont realize it but there are called familar spirits that cling to a person,but when a person passes away these spirits some times will stay in a house to where they dont want to leave.Many woman and men have contacted me from all around the world in search for answers but I can only give advice I know that truely works and that is to say in Jesus Christ name I bind up all demonic powers now leave.I have helped several adults,childern and teens get rid of nightmares,fears,and torment.I am not trying to puch any of my beliefs on any one I am just saying what I know works.Know one should have to live threw torement.If you read my book A psychic discovers jesus or Suicide spirit you would understand much more.Tim

      • jk says:

        Hi Tim, looks like we were posting at the same time and you won. I am sorry that you had to go through what you did but just look at what you have now, a blessed life here on earth and the blessed hope of eternity with Christ Jesus in Heaven. It is an awesome feeling to know that your name is written in the Lambs Book of Life. Bless you and keep up the great work and remember that you can defeat any enemy with the Blood of Jesus Christ and the word of your testimony. What would your testimony be had this not happened to you. It is a powerful testimony in Christ Jesus.

    • jk says:

      Trisha, did you happen to notice that Tim the author of the post has his name at the bottom of his story and a book he wrote. Looks like you can click on it and go to his site. If you want this to stop I would highly recommend that you get 2 books. The fisrt is the Bible which against popular belief is the spiritual guide book for this world. There is nothing that you have faced that God did not give a solution for in His word. TThe next book would be Tim’s. Even though it might not be popular it might not be your choice of religion, the permanent solution to your problem is a daily loving relationship with Jesus Christ. No evil can stand against a strong faith in Him. You may get a try this and try that but it is all speculation or bargaining with the diabolical. Jesus is your anwser, He promised you in His word and He has never broken a promise to His children.

      • Tim Thompson says:

        Thank you for your comments,I do appreciate them a great deal.I put my box # and my personel e mail address in every one of my books because I want people set free from torment.The care taker of this web sight did something really great for me,if you click on the name of my book high lighted it will take you directley to where you can order it.Just how great is that?I am helping people threw Christ Jesus be set free from torment and all kinds of problems.Tim

  2. sharayah says:

    very well put ;) .people play so many games in life and think it just can’t happen to them.who “me” never. then they turn around and the hell they was looking for found them. :( Then they want to cry for help. anyways that thing you saw was crazy :{ did it ever come back? i hope not man. how did you get away from her (it)?

    • Tim Thompson says:

      Yes it came back twice but you cant get away from her.As sad as it is, as soon as she is done she leaves.I have been choked several times as well.But I didnt stop communicating with these spirits till I realized I was losing my mind and I had no hope or help so i cried to God.Not only did Christ restore my body,my mind but also spirtualley.Now I go all over helping people.Thanks Tim

      • sharayah says:

        tim God is good i love him the way he can help! if only we all knew him our hole life would be so much better. :) tim do you pray when that demon comes? and im sorry you had to deal with the unclean demon. but i’m happy to know,you knew what you was doing was wrong and you fix it God bless you.

        • Tim Thompson says:

          Yes,now I am going all over helping people understand the power of Jesus Christ and what the blood of Christ means.If you ever get an oppretunity to read my book a psychic discovers jesus,you will understand much more about what I have been threw and what I do now.

  3. AnNa bites back says:

    i agree with you sharayah people cry and are upset when they play with the bugs me they know when they get themselfs into it and when things go wrong they dont like it.some people say nothings happened to them but others have but why go to that risk in playing knowing something bad can happen.

    • sharayah says:

      i don’t understand it my self :( people like to believe they know it all.most of us will have to learn the hard way, sad but true! :|

  4. Heather says:

    Man =( i just watched The Haunted on Animal Planet about the Succubus. It gave me the creeps…

  5. JulianZ says:

    Sleep paralysis i believe. Such things like “the force that was holding me down was incredible” makes sense because you are unable to move any part of your body and you feel like your suffocating. “I could tell there were several little spirits holding my legs and arms down” this adds to my theory. . This event would of been terrifying and I’ve gone through this myself and it is a terrifying experience i didn’t sleep for 3 days after this happen to me because i was delusional that demons were after me till i read about this. I’m not attacking you i could only hope this gives you closure

    • Tim Thompson says:

      Thank youfor taking the time to comment,just realize this,there is a reason and a purpose to every thing that happens and so many are afraid to discuss things like this.Tim

  6. Edward Black says:

    I don’t meddle with dark magic, but I know about it and how to use it. I’m more of an elemental magic person. Stay away from demons, do you know the name of this demon?

  7. Tim Thompson says:

    Sense you know about magic you know the names of spirits isnt ise to discuss.See I knew about 72 demons or spirits by name.But now I have come to realize there really is no greater name than the name of Jesus Christ because I have met dozens of people tormented by differnt demonic powers but when I lay hands on them or I pray for them I have seen with my own eyes horrifying noices come out of a person and than they came to and they were set free.I knew a man that was in 7 car accidents and now hasnt been in one for almost 10 years and I met a woman that couldnt hold down a job because confusion was all around here and now she not only holds down a job but she is 100% healed from all demonic activity.So I know for a fact there is power in the blood of Christ and in the name of Jesus Christ.If you were to get my book you would see theres alot of power in Jesus Christ,because I was tormented day and night for many years.Now I am building a minestry helping people.

  8. Kind Skeptic says:

    Tim, pls stop selling your book in your posts. It is becoming tedious! You suffered from simple SP — that’s all. If this event brought you to some kind of spiritual enlightenment, good for you. But pls stop promulgating a diagnosis that is inaccurate in support of your religious opinions.

    • sharayah says:

      if the caretaker is the one running this site and said notthing to tim about his book.then why do you care?let tim do tim and why don’t you stop being a hater. no one is making you buy it.there are no guns at your head! tim is just try to help people and his self.why is it so wrong for him to promote his book. maybe you should try to do something that you can promote, so you can get off his back. you have a good day now. :)

  9. Tim Thompson says:

    I am sorry if I offended you,I just want people who want help and dont seem to find it,realize there is help out there.Thank you for sharing and I will not promote anything again.Tim Thompson

  10. Tim Thompson says:

    sharayah thank you for your comments.I have never ment to offend any one but just trying to help people.So many people are lost and hurting inside.Our prisons and Mental wards are filling up and know one knows why.A friend of mine who was a chaplin at a prison told me 99% of all these men that he councels have been harmed in life by demonic activity.If some one can help out those hurting inside why not do it?Maybe I did suggest buying my book but I dont want to see people go threw life miserable when some one or some thing could have helped them.So thank you for your words of encouragement ..Tim

    • Caretaker says:

      Tim, you already know that I do not have a problem with you mentioning your books.

    • sharayah says:

      tim i don’t know what is kind sek problem this is the second time he has had a problem with a book. and for what cause someone said read it. he is bugging me

  11. Edward Black says:

    Tim Thompson,
    I know you’re right, I also love Jesus. However, the curse of a succubus is strong, I must know her name in order to try to cure the passed.

  12. Tanya says:

    I agree that divination tools like the Ouija board are very dangerous as they attract low-level demons rather than divine spirits, but hypnosis is not dangerous at all. It is not like a trance state that a medium uses to channel spirits in her own body.

    • sharayah says:

      the bible tell us not to mess with mediums or spirits. so if you believe in God maybe you should read your bible. :) and stop telling people it’s ok to deal with these things :|

  13. Tim Thompson says:

    First off care taker thank you for the comment.Tanya I understand what your saying but there is many demonic powers out there that we dont understand and when a person goes under hypnosis to quit smoking or lose weight it has been said that many people have left those big conferances severly depressed or troubled so just to stay safe I would strongly suggest that going under hypnosis really isnt wise just because you dont know what you could encounter.Tim

  14. kyra-jade says:

    tbh i think if people dont no wt they are acttuly duing y due it in the first place and yh yur right they due summet and thn cry for help pointless if yu ask me well look what happend it happend to a girl that had had realy been there and dune it buh some pople just take things for granted o well yull see when it all comes back on you thanks for the stroy though well put it was freekey thoug lol xxx :)

  15. Haden Shawla says:

    Wow….i never knew succubus existed…

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