The Ouija Board And Demons on the Reservation

Posted on July 27, 2008

This didn’t actually happen to me but it happened to a couple girls where I use to live after they messed around with the Ouija board. I believe its an evil thing and shouldn’t be played around with by anyone.

I use to live on an Indian Reservation in New Mexico and back in the 1990′s the Ouija Board was a popular thing and everyone wanted to try it out and see what it was all about. Well I know of two girls who tried it and pretty much got Demons in them.

Like I said it didn’t happen to me so I’ll tell the stories as best as I can. Anyway the first girl was about 17 at the time and she and a couple of her friends messed around with the Ouija board. Well apparently whoever’s spirit they contacted went into the body of this 17 year old, we’ll say her name is Lisa because I cant remember.

If you’ve seen the movie Exorcist it was like something out of the movie. She was normal on certain days and other days this Demon would come out and he would be talking instead of her. She lived with her grandma for a while, which her house was in the middle of our village and she would say that late at night she would hear loud flapping noises like a bird and then hear it land on the roof and shortly after she would hear her granddaughter leaving the house.

Her family didn’t let this go much longer. They had medicine men come and do a religious ritual for her, like an exorcism. My aunts husband at the time was one of those men who went to her house to perform the exorcism and what he told was scary. He told us that once they got started she was fine but once they started asking who the Demon was she went crazy talking in tongues, cursing at them and laughing. They tried to calm her but she started climbing the walls and scratching and they could see blood dripping down.

The ritual went on for four nights and during those four nights he said they would hear that same flapping noise that her grandma heard on the roof as if it was waiting for her. The exorcism was eventually successful and they got the Demon out of her. To this day she is normal and has a family of her own.

Another girl from the same area, actually I went to school with her she is a year older then me. Same thing happened to her while she was in high school also. She and a couple of friends played around with the Ouija Board and a Demon went in her. I believe they weren’t able to get the demon out for a long time, they had to perform several rituals before they got it out.

My friends brother in-law was dating her at the time and he would tell my friend that late at night while they were sleeping she would be tossing and turning then all of a sudden just sit up and start talking in deep voices. She would go on for several minutes then get back to normal. She would often start crying afterwards.

During one of the rituals, my uncle again was one of the men there he said she was the same as the other girl talking in tongues and cursing. The medicine men use certain objects such as crystals, fetish carvings (that have been blessed) as like their protection. They use Crystal balls to show them where things are cursed and stuff, anyway while they were trying to get the Demon to come out she/it swallowed one of their carvings. They couldn’t believe it, they were scared themselves, but eventually after several times of trying they finally got it out.

She was okay after that, but she mentioned to her boyfriend at the time that she sometimes saw dark images in the corner of her eye or in wall corners.

This scared a lot of people on the Reservation and no one wanted to mess around with the Ouija Board after that. Like I said before I don’t think anyone should mess with it something bad always comes from it and you have to pay for it.

Sent in by Melanie, Copyright 2008 True Ghost Tales

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24 Responses to “The Ouija Board And Demons on the Reservation”
  1. nate says:

    did the ouiji board make out a word? Thats a good scary story 5 out of 5

  2. Warrior Priestess says:

    I’m Native American Heritage, i however dont live on or Near a Reservation. What Tribe were they?
    Anyhow, The Flapping Noise, that happened to my Aunt when she was only 16 or 15 (Cant remember because i was only 3 or 4 years old at the time) Anyhow, My Aunt said she Saw the thing, it woke her up with the flapping sounds and it was at her bedroom window, she looked and saw the thing, and she screamed and woke the entire house up. She told us what she saw and that it nearly broke the glass out of the window to try and get in at her. I dont remember everything she said, it was years ago. But My Aunt had a lot of weird stuff happen to her, and to me in the house we once lived in… Perhaps She played w/ a OuijaBoard and kept it a secret. OuijaBoards are indeed Evil, they Channel so wide, and only evil Spirits come through clearly. And yes, you Do always pay for it, One way, or another. Also, the Carving you said the girl swallowed, How Big was it? And How did she get close enough to it to swallow it? Did they ever get the Name of the Demon?
    It was probably an Angry or Evil Spirit from the Reservation, Like a Vulture-Demon. Native-Americans have great knowledge of Spirits, and i know that there are Spirits that are produced from Ill fate, such as torment or pain, Murder, waste etc… There is a Spirit that has been born from the Tragedy of The Bison-Shootings, All the Innocent blood that was spilled over the years, came together in one spot, and became vengful from all the Waste, and Killing. Have you ever watched “The White Buffalo” or “Dances With Wolves” You’ll see just how many American-Bisons were Slaughtered for No reason, And then Left to Rot. Do you really think it went on without Consiquences?
    But who knows what it was that birthed the Demon who entered these Girls via Ouijaboard.

  3. Jackie says:

    Alot of people believe that the ouija board is safe if you protect yourself, but i don’t think it’s worth the risk, coz if it’s not a good spirit then there is something to pay. I believe i got away lightly when i messed with the ouija after reading some of these stories.

  4. Melanie says:

    For Nate, i’m not sure if or what the board spelled out. the first Girl it happened to is like four years older then me and i’d just heard about it from my uncle and aunt.
    For Warrior Priestess, the carving are about the size of a car key they have some that are bigger then that i’m not sure which one she swallowed. The men sit in half a cirle about 5-7 men and they place all their blessed carvings and stuff out in front of them so when the devil took over she was jumping and crawling so she got near the stuff and grabed it and swallowed it. Scary….I no longer live there but i do have Family there so we got visit atleast twice a year, it’s really freaky living there because there are so many other things happening.

  5. NICOLE says:

    wow, that is freaky. i dare not ever try messing with the ouija board. My friends wanted to try it out but i told them something bad could happen and i didnt want to do participate. They chickened out and didn’t do it. i’m glad they didn’t. this is a good one!

  6. lexi says:

    i couldnt even read all dis. my friends and i played with one of those and that was scary.

  7. Bellissima says:

    Hi.I have heard only negative things about the ouija.Everyone I’ve ever heard from says leave it alone.When I was about 12, a long, long time ago, my neighbors had one and told me it was great fun.We gave it a try and nothing at all happened.I have never had any sort of repercussions at all.I must tell you that the girls who had the board, their father hung himself in their garage.It was reported that he was a very bad man who had many gambling debts and it was also said that he prostituted his daughters since a very young age.All of those facts seemed to be founded by evidence after he died.I don’t know if they were related to the ouija or just things he felt guilty about as he got older and caused him to commit suicide.It’s a sad tale either way.

  8. VALERY says:


  9. nicole says:

    wow! that is some scary stuff you wrote. my mother told me never to use a Ouija board because it can open a portal from another dimension

  10. angel says:

    i also believe that ouija boards are evil. i have lotts of family who have played with them and regretted it. very scary tale. your lucky you didnt personally experience it.

  11. joey says:

    wow thats true but at my home the demon don’t usually hurt me or scare me because they just like me..?

  12. NICOLE says:

    Joey your one weird person to actually think a demon likes you!! I’d be scared to death

  13. Trevor says:

    I don’t see that stuff happening unless they were frightened and left the Ouija board befor asking the spirit/demon/ghost to leave and then moving the pointer over the word goodbye.

  14. lisa says:

    i think when you mess with stuff like that, your asking for trouble. becasue you really dont know who your actually talking with. i was at a slumber party in the mid 80′s, and everyone wanted to play with ouija board, it scared the hell out of me, so i went home. my cousin stayed, and said that they had turned out the lights and asked whoever they had been communicating with show them a sign that they were there, and when they turned the lights on, there were huge scratch marks on the wall. everyone flew up the stairs, creepy!

  15. yessenia says:

    I actually believe this because i had a friend named Rita she lives in Mexico, I use to live there in a city called Guerrero and we were like best friends, well i lived there like for 5yrs and we would hang out all the time she was very nice and respected girl she had a very good reputation unlike me lol , well then I moved to another town not that far, but when i went back to visit my grandmother i saw Rita had changed she was more outgoing and wild i dint really care, after a wile i moved to Texas, and one time i called my grandmother to see how they were doing and i dint get very good news about my friend Rita, rumor was she had gone to a party and got an overdose of some drug and went crazy so she was put in a hospital for several months,but the doctors could not find out what was making here act the way she was acting, they said she would be ok for awhile then scream like something was chasing here and she said she saw demons and weird stuff,and like a week ago my aunt who was visiting them in Mexico said that she herd some girls saying Rita played the Ouija board with some girls at that party and that that’s why she is acting like that its sad because looked at here as an example and she was a very good person and she fell for something so evil who would of though .

  16. Sarah Jane says:

    I’ve heard about Ouija Boards, and I was told by my friends mom that Ouija Boards (real ones) will follow you. A long time ago, some kids in her family got a Ouija Board and played with it. I don’t know if anything happened. But they moved a couple years later. The kids were older then and didn’t play with games so they decided to just leave the game. Years after they moved, some of them went to a yard sale and saw a Ouija Board. They turned it over and knew it was belonged to them before. They had made some mark on it when they were younger and saw it there in front of their eyes. The strange part was that the yard sale was not in the same town… Not even close. It was across the country. Yes, it could have been this huge coincidence, but I should also add that my friends moms grandmother, was psychic. No lie!

  17. Carly says:

    i pray to GOD i don ever have to go through somethin like that because that seems really scary!!

  18. Terri Shreve says:

    Well, I do believe Ouja Boards are bad news, but no more so than trying to contact spirits by any other means, such as with clairvoyants etc. I think if you cant see what u r talking to, u never really know what it its. It’s best to try to stear clear of the unseen.

  19. Kieley says:

    I just played with a home made Quija board tonight, a spirit that would only give my mother and I the name “Wavy” told us he was there to tell us to tear up the Quija board because it’s bad, i then asked him if someone sent him and he spelt out my great aunts name who died when I was about 11 years old and she used to play with Quija boards all the time until a spirit attacked her sister. My mom and I freaked out and wripped up the board and through it out. No one should play with Quija and if you must, then if a spirit warns u not to use it, u better listen.

  20. Warrior Priestess says:

    Terri, i like ya Girl, but i think your above comment just dissed everything i am. I am Clairvoyant, but i dont go around talking to spirits when i find it conveiniant, i communicate withthem when it is nessesary. Like when i’m doing a Native Ritual, or when i’m praying. Ouija-boards are far more dangerous, anyone can use them, even people who arent psychic at all can invite demons into their lives. With a clairvoyant its different, there’s different types of Clairvoyants, Shamans are all clairvoyant, Spiritualists are 90 out of 100 times clairvoyant… But, everyone has their own background and own thoughts, you wouldnt want to get help from a Clairvoyant who secretly has a sexual attraction to children, with everyone, you need to run a back-ground check… With O-Boards, they channel wide and have NO filters. Terri, no offence, i mean this with the utmost respect, do a little more research on clairvoyancy, ESP, etc…

    • Anonymous says:

      Well, no offense to you WP but it is my belief that if you mess with O Boards you are asking for trouble considering as you yourself said there are no filters. I do believe some people may be clairvoyant, but who or what they are in contact with is in serious question, since we cannot see these things unless they show themselves. Which could be a disguise.

  21. XFYR says:

    Real medicine men don’t ever brag about themselves, Don’t choose themselves, they don’t live with the general populace, never conjure for fun and always dissuade their children from following in their foot steps. The gift eventually requires a heavy price. Way too many plastic pay pal shamans and not enough true servants of their people. Spiritual deficits and loss of what you cherish always occurs usually generationally. I speak the truth from many generations of powerful healers and medicine men….

  22. Terri says:

    Warrior Priestess,
    I know your comment was a while ago, but I dont come to this site often.
    In response, I would like to say that I was not speaking to anyone specifically about using ouija boards. I am not attacking anyones specific beliefs. I do believe that even if you are a true clairvoyant you also can be duped. If you cannot see something with your own eyes it can protray itself anyway it wants to, kinda like the internet. I just personally believe that ouja boards can be very dangerous. I guess it all depends on what your beliefs are. I dont want to offend anyone else’s beliefs. To each his own, this was just my own oppinion I was putting out there. No harm intended or taken.

  23. Karen says:

    I had a Ouja Board tell me when I was like 20, that I would die at the age of 42….Scary becuase I will be 41 in December…..

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