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The Ouija and My Watcher the Shepherd

Posted on October 27, 2010

Hi there here’s my story of my experiences with spirits. The first time I ever saw a ghost that I can remember was when I was 13ish so 10 years ago now, I was ill so had spent a couple of days sleeping it off in bed I was finally getting over the bug and was watching TV in bed one night when I laid back onto the pillows something caught my eye on the ceiling I looked up and there was a face looking down at me. I was terrified frozen in my bed then whatever it was, was floating down towards me it was almost to the bottom of my bed when I ran screaming into my mums room in tears she didn’t seem surprised by what I’d said and let me sleep with her I never went back to my room instead me and my mum switched rooms.

About a year after that night I was hanging out with my boyfriend at the time and his mate we were sitting in my ex boyfriends garage talking when I saw a man who I described as a shepherd as he was wearing the sort of thing you see shepherds wearing in like the Christmas story or something he had his head down as if looking at the floor so I couldn’t see his face again. I freaked out crying and scratching my ex until he let me out after I calmed down we spoke about what I’d seen my ex saw nothing but his friend said there had been a orb or something where I was looking.

It wasn’t long after that when I was in my room at home watching TV when I noticed the shepherd was back standing by my door watching me this time I didn’t feel scared for some reason I just carried on watching TV flicking my eyes to the door every now and then to see if he had gone, which he did after a while he did this a lot I just got used to it.

I moved out of my parents home at 18 when I had my son we moved into a flat above a shop as soon as I moved in I felt my watcher had came to although I didn’t see him things in the flat would move around and I’d feel like I was being watched always. My mum was shocked when she was visiting me once by the remote control flying off the arm of the sofa so she picked it up only for it to happen straight away again.

It got to the point where I had to start talking to him to let him know I knew he was there so he didn’t have to keep moving things and turning taps on. My mum would always talk to him too he became normal in my flat.
I did get slightly scared when one night when I went into my room to put my son in his cot when I walked through the door and saw a tall man sat on the end of my bed I turned around and walked back out the door. It was different same feeling from him so same spirit surely but why not the same vision? I decided it was time to find out who this man was so me and my too best friends decided to try a Ouija board. I know people think these are terrible but one of my friends has been doing them with her family for years her Nan and mum always did them and they all are still doing it today so I trusted my friend to know what we were doing.

We made the board on a mirror with paper letters and numbers and began. The first few connections made through the board were some usuals my friend and her family some to often. Then a surprise for my other friend when some one came through asking to talk to her the name given was Janika a man who had died not long ago in a car crash. Now me and my other friend were confused Janika was a strange name but my friend who the message was for suddenly seemed to click on she was a non believer until that point she asked the board to give her the letter of the country she met the spirit in board said T. Me and my other friend were now even more confused. She then asked the board what did she buy off the spirit it spelt out hat, that was it for my friend she stared crying as she had just been given prove of spirits. We asked her to explain she told us no one would no the story other then her as it happened in turkey a few years before she had been on a holiday and met a man she knew as Jan who worked on a market by her hotel she brought a hat off of him for her boyfriend, he had taken a liking to her they had had a flirt she quite liked him when she came back she never told anyone about him as she didn’t want her boyfriend knowing. We began the board again this time someone wanted me said we were related it was a man I asked for initials he gave me them it suddenly all clicked the tall man the shepherd look made sense at last my great granddad his initials matched he was so tall I always picture the BFG when I think of him he died when I was around 8 so not many memories are there but I do remember him wearing a stripped blue and white dressing gown. I asked the spirit if he was the shepherd who watched me and if he’s always here he said yes so finally I had my answer.

We also spoke to a little girl that night she had died of cancer when she was 6 she asked if she could ask us a question we let her “will I find life?” She spelt out all 3 of us burst into tears and decided wed had enough for the night.

We do Ouija boards as often as we can get together now we always have good experiences and always be safe when closing the bored usually a relative of my friend comes through pushes the letter together and puts the glass on goodbye.

I experience spirits in places I go some times I either have feelings like once when at some ones house I got the feeling that a woman comes every now and again and walks to the window to look out she had a happy feeling with her. There have however been times where I have had bad feelings somewhere and had to leave for no reason I can explain. Or other times I see a spirit for example I was at a old friend of my then boyfriends house sitting in the front room the two guys went out to smoke I stayed sitting down I saw someone come back through the door and walk across the kitchen wearing all black and a top hat then he went back towards the door so I went out to ask my friend who happened to be wearing black jeans and a black t-shirt where he’d got the top hat from he looked at me strange for a moment and then he said you saw him didn’t you? The man in the hat apparently haunts his house along with a little girl in funny clothes who runs down the stairs as if scared.

I’ll end my story by saying my great granddads spirit still seems to guard me although since I moved into a house with my boyfriend a year ago he doesn’t come as often I hear him walking on the landing every now and then and me and my mum have seen him in my living room window when we have pulled up in the car almost as if he’s waiting for me to come home. I feel he was with me so much back then as id got with the wrong man and ended up in a horrible relationship for 6 years as when I finally got strong enough to call the police and get some protection he came through to me at a spiritualist church and said he was proud. I’m happy now and he just checks up on me.

Sent in by Missy Louise, Copyright 2010 TrueGhostTales.com

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6 Responses to “The Ouija and My Watcher the Shepherd”
  1. Gemma says:

    Interesting. It’s not often you hear of a positive ouija board experience because most of the time it’s evil spirits that come through but I guess you’re being well looked after :)

  2. missy louise says:

    thanks ive never had a bad experience with it i think as long as its done with respect it always will be a positive result.
    ive just posted a story of last nights experience with the board hopefully it will be on site soon so check it out i titled it last nights ouija board lol i know imaginative :-)

  3. Music Is My Life says:

    Wow very interesting!!

  4. yelhsa72 says:

    you are lucky that a good spirit is with you

  5. Anonymous says:

    Its good to know that a good spirit your grandad was protecting over you :)

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