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The Number 32

Posted on April 22, 2009

During my last story (Ectoplasm?) I mentioned how my family has had so many strange occurrences that we started to document them and with practically every commenter wanting to hear more of those stories I’ve decided to write this one. I thought I’ll have this story be about me this time and start off my storytelling “career” on this site with a simple one. I’ll do the same thing I did before and ask if anybody wants to hear more of my families strange stories at the end of this and ask it again at the end of every subsequent story as to not over expose myself and make my new stories stale.

I run into the number 32 every day. This number has surrounded me my whole life and I realized this about ten years ago. I’ve decided to write this as a check list to keep it simple. If this equals 32 I’ll freak out.

1. My grandfather on my fathers side (who has recently passed away) was born in 1932 and my grandfather on my mothers side died at the age of 32 in an industrial accident.

2. Due to an error, the license plate for my first car just said 32 (it was soon fixed). About a year ago I actually saw a license plate with just 32 on it.

3. In high school, due to some legal problems my friend was having with another student, he couldn’t eat in the cafeteria so he, I and some friends would eat in the detention room. Along the wall close to the ceiling was a math problem that said 32+32-32×32-32×32+32-32×32 etc. all around the room equaling (shockingly) 32.

4. When I was in college I decided to keep track of how many times I saw 32 in one day. Every time I saw it I wrote it down on my hand and that equaled 32.

5. About three years ago I was with a friend and he pointed out that I was just looking for the number 32 and that’s why I see it so much so I said (since neither of us were working at the time) “How about I stay over your house tonight and we’ll just hangout together tomorrow and we’ll see if I’m just looking for it”. I slept on his couch that night and we did random stuff the next day like seeing friends and so forth. By the end of the day and tallying up the number of times we saw 32 (which equaled 32 again), the best thing he could say was a swear out of surprise.

6. When I was a young child I was a big fan of Godzilla movies and my birthday is the Godzilla franchis’ 32nd birthday.

7. A couple years ago a friend (the one mentioned earlier) found out about a cheep apartment and asked if I wanted to be his roommate. When I visited to check the place out, the address was 32. I got freaked out and decided not to move in.

8. I just recently found out that my grandmother has been living in the same house for 32 years.

After looking up the number 32 I’ve found some strange things like that it’s the age that Jesus was crucified and it’s also the freezing point of water. 32 is also the number of completed sonatas by Beethoven. In Regina Spektor’s Oedipus, it’s sung “32 is still a god damn number” several times. In the Kabbalah, there are 32 Kabbalistic Paths of Wisdom. 32 is also the opposite to 23 in the occult and if your a sports fan it’s also Saquille O’Neals jersey number.

I run into 32 so much I don’t know whether to freak out or to just let it go. I’m 22 now so I have ten years until I’m 32 and I don’t know how to react to that. Is it the year that I die? Do I get the job I’ve always wanted? Or maybe it’s just the age that I go bald, who knows.

If anybody wants to hear more of my families strange stories please comment.

Written by Bracket, Copyright 2009 TrueGhostTales.com

If you haven’t already read my earlier story, here it is Ectoplasm?

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19 Responses to “The Number 32”
  1. supercool says:

    dude thats weird my mom always sees the number 11 also i would like it if you would tell more stories

  2. Eilidh says:

    You know, I feel the time- 18:12 hours is realllly significant in my life aswell. Almost everyday, no matter where i am, my boyfriends house-my house-at work or wherever, i always seem to read the time when its on 18:12. I dont think its a coinsidence coz its been going on for like over a year now… Could it maybe mean something?

  3. paiige...(awesome person) says:

    hey thats wierd….nd everywhere at school i see the numba 86..

    cause i got a math sheet and it had like 86 in it and everything and it answered to numba 86 and on my roll for my excursion imnumba 86…

    lol its really wierd.. so i can sorta relate to dat storie..

  4. Jennifer says:

    That’s interesting, but I do believe Jesus was crucified at the age of 33. The number 666 seems to cause all kinds of problems for me at work. I work in an accounting office at a store and everytime the register reading is something like $ 2, 666.32 the register money is always wrong and for the rest of the night everything goes wrong. Other people in the office didn’t believe me, but now everytime 666 shows up, they all know it is going to be a bad night at work!

  5. Akash says:

    Nice 1…
    And do send in some new stories…
    u r quite good at this stuff i must say

  6. Moya says:

    Well that is starnge. my niece always tellls me she sees the number 23. that is her favorite number and it appears everywhere. I belive you when you say that you don’t have to look for it, because my neice doesnt have to look for it and It appears everywhere. for her.
    let me know more about you family stories.

  7. Ryan says:

    Thats happening to me with the number 7. I don’t know why, but it always pops up. Here are just a few examples.
    If i add up all the numbers in my birth date i get and then add them up i get 7.
    When i was 7, i won 77 pounds altogether on 7 scratchcards i got.
    When i check the time when i wake up it ALWAYS is 7:07.
    I tend to hang around in a group of 7 friends at school.
    According to numerology, 7 is my lucky number.
    I am double jointed in 7 joints.
    I dislocated my ankle on the 7th month i was 7. (i’m 14 soon, can’t wait for that.)
    And thousands of other things. I might write a story on it.

  8. Brackette says:


    Well, i try :)


    23 has it’s own weird history. So much so that they made a (not very good) movie, starring Jim Carrey, about the mystery of the number.

  9. devils child says:


    thats odd because i find 666 all over the place but i find it really lucky. for example when i joined the library my card number ends 666.


    thats strange. ive heard of other people who have this. maybe its a message. just wait until your 32 and see what happens.

  10. trolldoll1681 says:

    very interesting to say the least i wouldn’t worry to much alot of people have reaccuring numbers i’ve yet ot find mine but i do have a favorite 21 thanks so much and do come back with more stories

  11. Jackie says:

    Very weird, i had a combined elec and gas bill for 666 which was estimated, i’ve kept off here for a few days because as i was discussing demons and things so often. I sent the bill to someone on this site. This can be verified if need be!

  12. CuteSagittarius says:

    Woah! its such a strange story! Would definitely wana read more stuff from u!

  13. leigh-ann says:

    wow! that is weird but nothing new. my friend came up to me one day and was like i have this weird feeling that something is going to happen at the time of 7:11…i told her to blow it off and not to worries im not going to let anything happen.

  14. ????? says:

    23 is my lucky number.

    BTW: luved the stories yall made! :) make more!

  15. The Caretaker says:

    Here is something that readers of this article might find interesting:

    The Secret Behind The Number 11

  16. Alpha says:

    Hey great article,
    If you feel perturbed by frequent appearances of 32 in your life seek the counsel of a psychic or medium. They may provide some relief or an explanation into the phenomenon.
    By the way, numbers popping up frequently in people’s lives aren’t strange at all.
    There are heaps of cases about such things!
    Check it out on google!

    Ryan, you are only turning 14?
    Man, i was under the impression you were much older since your responses seemed so mature in some of the other articles. Thanks for appreciating my past life theory!

  17. ETF246 says:

    it’s weird everytime i look at the time it has to be 7:11 8:11 4:11 and sometimes at night i look at the time ad it has to be exactly 9:11

  18. andrew says:

    I would like to comment that Christ was 39 or 40 at his death, but He did die in the year of 32 A.D. Jesus was 36 when he started to preach it is jewish law, it is also related Hanukkah. The eight days in which a candle is lit … one on first day one candle then on the second day there are two candles lit and by the eight day there are 36 candles lit. They also say that there 36 people in the world at one time that are very cose to God.

  19. trolldoll1681 says:

    and i would like to add that jesus was born in october, not december.

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