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The Man Who Died in My House

Posted on April 3, 2010

When I was five years old I was with my mom, dad, two sisters, and my brother. We moved into this neighborhood which I heard had many houses with people dieing and are still in those houses no lie. I’m serious, that’s why that neighborhood was so quiet and weird looking. So here is my story:

We moved into this two story house in a neighborhood called Indigo near Fair Fax in Goose Creek, South Carolina. It was a big pink house and when I moved there my sister wouldn’t stop sleeping with me on my bed because she always said she was scared. Me and my family never believed her when she said that she saw ghosts around here. I was the only one who started believing her because when I was home alone I saw like a black figure that was really huge and it really looked like a man. He ran from my big sisters room to my brothers room but I didn’t do anything but jump up and  ran to my bus to go to school in Devon Forrest. I didn’t believe anything I saw at least I tried not to.

Later on my sister was begging and crying because she didn’t want to be alone in that house and I felt bad. Things started going worse. My parents got a divorce, I started having nightmares of people dieing and after I wake up from my nightmares I always heard that that person died the next day. That was weird because the night that I had a dream about that person the next day they die.

I kept seeing figures in my house. One day I went to go lay down on my bed upstairs and I would close my eyes for a minute and see the grim reaper taking peoples souls to hell then I would open my eyes because I got scared. Then I heard a baby crying really loudly in my house. I went down stairs and no-one was there but it stopped after a while. I was so curios about that I went on the computer and typed up baby crying it said it was a scary sign of evilness and I saw that if you put a chandelier up and if it moves and makes those sounds that means a ghost is near by. I put a chandelier inside my house and it would always move and I would always get scared but I never told my mom or my dad what I had been experiencing in that house. I am 13 and I still haven’t told them.

My mom couldn’t afford the house anymore so we moved and when my dad helped us move our stuff he told me and my sister what the neighbor said about the guy who lived in that house. That guy had a heart attack in my moms bathroom, which was weird but nobody thought that there was a ghost in the house until one day I was walking with my dad to go see the house and I took a picture of it. When I went home I looked at the picture and one of the windows was open so I zoomed to it and when I saw it I was so terrified. I saw him. His face was looking right at me when I took the picture. I showed everyone and even all my friends they could even see the face. The window that I saw the face was my brothers room where the ghost always went to when I always saw the figure. So we believed in my sister that she saw ghosts but we didn’t believe her because she was only little but she was three years older than me so now she is 15 and I am the only one in this family who still thinks about this. Everything I told Is the truth and nothing but the truth on a bible.

Sent in by Brenda Alfaro, Copyright 2010

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Tags: Fair Fax, Goose Creek, Indigo, South Carolina

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21 Responses to “The Man Who Died in My House”
  1. anna says:

    i would love to see the picture.that would be cool.thats scary you and ur sis went through this.thanks for the story.

  2. tony l. says:

    why don’t you post the picture on here so that we can see it?

  3. Lauren says:

    What a great story you told i nearly had the same experience!

  4. Bonnie says:

    Hi Brenda,

    I believe what you wrote. I use to live in Goose Creek, South Carolina a long time ago. I remember hearing about ghosts and hauntings in that area.

  5. Anonymous says:

    so you moved right? thats good.

  6. trolldoll1681 says:

    i too believe you! there must be some strange history to this area! if you can find anything else about it, let us know!!

  7. Rebecca says:

    I feel really bad for you… I would have reacted really bad to what happened if I was your sister.

  8. JOANNA:) says:

    pplz send the pic of the ghost!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Mariah(birthday!!) says:

    im not sure if dis is real… You went out and got a chandeleir and ur 12 and cant even afford the house? But totally post the picture. :)

    • anna says:

      happy birthday.my dads is 2day.my grandmothers was same as urs.i hope you had a good birthday.and it does sound werird about a 12 year old buying a chandelier.

  10. eliza says:

    Post picture please(:

  11. Fenwinkel says:

    I agree with Mariah — and by the way, happy birthday! I can’t imagine a 12-year-old having enough $ to buy a chandelier and enough electrical knowledge to install it. However, the rest of the story was plausible and yes, we would love to see the picture!

  12. Alik says:

    can you post the picture please and thank you very much for the story :)

  13. Anonymous says:

    I got the chandeler from my mom I didn’t buy it she did but she never did anything with so I put it up because I was curious even though I was little I was very smart and I allways believed in ghost and R.I.P to my families friend who died the day after I had a dream about him…and if I ever find the picture I will show it to you

  14. Anonymous says:

    hi guys this is brenda thanks for reading my true and honest story yall have many and good questions first i am sorry for saying chanelleir i meant chimes and if i find the picture i will surely post it to let everyone see….R.I.P for my families friend who died the day i dreamed of him i am 13 and my experience is still clear in my memories even though i was so little back then i was the smart one of our family and i know when something doesnt feel right thats why i try to do the best to help… once again thank you all bye-bye

  15. Anonymous says:

    I still dream about that house one time I had a dream that we moved back in that house i told my mom that ghost lived in there but they ignored so I went to my moms bathroom were the guy died I looked at the mirror and I saw him he started choking me then he disappeared and then I kept seeing him I told them it’s not safe here we need to get out but we didn’t so I woke up and I still have nightmares I just had one last night….

  16. Eric says:

    Brenda, curious… Are you Afrcan-American? I’m working on research of African-Americans who have experienced hauntings in their homes. I don’t need any personal information about you. This is purely a statistical question. Thanks.

  17. Marina says:

    I went through something similar in nature in Goose Creek, SC.
    I moved with my boyfriend there, with two of his roommates all three are in the navy. and were stationed there. one night, July 17 2009, our home was struck by lightening and when the house was struck, i awoke in a transe like state (so i was told, by, now my ex damien) our roommate monti was struck by the lightening and mark (another roommate) saw an old women and a young boy over his bed. i when the lightening hit saw a priest over the bed damien and i slept in.
    since that night, scary un-explainable things happened. also, things did go downwards both me and damien were having nightmares over and over, nightly. as were our other two roommates. no one seemed themselves after this night. later on, almost 5 months after, once damien and i drove home. we broke up…he still has nightmares, so do i….and it seems anyone whos lived in that house, together for a long period of time, their relationships fail. a friend of ours and his wife moved in to the house, when damien, mark, monti and i moved out. now their being divorced. and he now suffers from insomniac. theres still many questions left un-answered, for damien and i the nightmares have not gone away. and im scared, as he is, that it followed us. for in the car driving back up to nh. we both heard a voice in the car saying ‘kill him’ repeating over and over. also, the dark figure, and reaper, both damien had claimed to see since he was a child, which is odd, considering he does not believe in such things. paranormal things. or at least he didnt until we lived in that home.

  18. Marina says:

    Also, let it be noted that damien and i were together for 3 1/2 years up to that point. and never so much has had an argument it was not until after the lightening hit everything changed. it was almost as though he were not the same person since. something happened that night. and the fear of it, made things worse. on him and i.
    the fact him and i are still having nightmares shows that it will not go away, whatever this may be.

  19. BabyyCheekss :D says:

    Ialso Expiriencee Stuff In Myy Housee . Ialwayss Here Foot-steps . Andd I’ve Seen A Little Boy In A Tux In My Laundryy-Room . Andd I’ve Been Havinqq Reallyyyy Badd Niqht-maress . Just 3 Dayss Ago My Dog Didn’t Wanna Stayy Outside . It Would Scratchh On Door to Come In . My Dog Wouldd Cry . Ilooked Online And It Said When Dogs Do That It Means Theyy Saw Somethinqq Paranormal . At Night I Wouldd Hear A Women Cryy . Iam 12 Yearss Old Right Now . Clueless About Tha House Ilivee In . Help !

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