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The Man on the Porch

Posted on September 2, 2009

Okay, so this is probably going to sound kind of cheesy or something. But I thought I’d throw it out here because this was creepy enough that it’s stuck with me eight years later.

At my parents’ house they have an office just off the living room through a sliding glass door. The office is predominately made of windows, and the computer’s set up so that you’re sitting with a long wall of windows in front of you and another sliding glass door to your left. That sliding door leads out onto our back porch.

When I was 17 and still living there with my folks, I liked to stay up late and surf the internet. One night around 3 AM or so, I think, I was doing my night-owl internet-surfing-thing and I see something move out of the corner of my eye, like a reflection in the windows facing the porch. Thinking it’s my dad (he’s where I get my night-owl tendencies from), I turned to look over my shoulder to say hi and… nothing. There wasn’t anyone around, and the house was dark and quiet.

So, being the practical person I am, I convince myself that it must have been the light from the computer monitor playing tricks with my eyes. I shrug it off and sit back down. Not ten minutes later, I see something again. I looked up, and there’s this mostly-transparent man – tall, kind of lean, square jaw, and I think he had dark hair? – walking from one end of our porch towards the other.

My first thought had me grabbing a letter opener thinking ‘We’re about to get robbed.’ It took a second for me to understand the fact that I could see THROUGH him meant my letter opened was rather useless. What I won’t ever forget, though, was what I felt watching him walk across the porch in front of me. Like a heaviness was pressing down on my shoulders, and this rising sense of dread. And the longer I watched him, the worse it got, like I was watching something I really shouldn’t have been.

I remember his head turning, like I was getting his attention by watching him. And I knew something bad would happen if he looked at me, like this deep clawing fear. I don’t know why I was so sure about that, but I knew I absolutely didn’t want him to see me.

I jumped out of that office and up to my room faster than a blink. I dug up my Bakoo (a stuffed animal I got as a baby that eats nightmares), burrowed under my favorite blanket, and slept with my light on – eventually. To this day, I have never stepped foot in that office after dark.

Now, normally I would have brushed this off as a stupid over-active imagination brought on by reading too much. Except that, about a year later, I was talking to my little sister (two years younger than me) about ghosts and stuff. And she goes ‘Oh yeah. Like that ghost outside the office. I don’t go in there at night anymore, he creeps me out.’

Yeah. Scared the crap out of me. I never looked into who he was or might be. Every time I think about researching him, that fear comes rushing back. Very much a feeling of ‘Leave It Alone.’ Hey, no arguments here.

Written by Airi, Copyright 2009 TrueGhostTales.com

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10 Responses to “The Man on the Porch”
  1. charlotte says:

    cool story have your parents ever seen this ghost?

  2. voodoo child says:

    You said that you had a strong feeling that you should not look at him. Do you think it was death? And did it look at your little sister? I know if it was me I would research and find out who this person is. I don’t want any ghost scaring me out of my home.

  3. trolldoll1681 says:

    wow i’m glad you got out of there and minded you instincts! i too have a porch ghost and i see him briefly every now and then. i wonder why he looked so sad. well maybe someday you’ll get a chance to look up the house and land. thanks for a eye opener of a story!!

  4. meli§a says:

    ooh scary. if nothing has happend since then, then i wouldn’t worry about it. nothing good happens after midnight, except maybe 1 thing. thanks for the story =]

  5. DarStarr says:

    What a chilling story! It gave me goosebumps. I can’t even imagine that! WOW!

  6. Robbie Scifres says:

    Wow! that w ould make me have goose bumps. Reminds me of my walking lady. Who else has seen this ghost? Let me know….

  7. kitkatizbac says:

    Wow i think you should look up who he is ! i would like to see a ghost but then again i woont i dont know wht i would do but i think i would scream ad run or try to find a camera ( hoping its right next to me )

  8. Pat says:

    Yes! Always go with your gut feeling! i am SO glad you escaped unharmed… that could have been really bad. Have you ever discussed this with your parents? Maybe you and your sister should or ask if you can have a house blessing done… wonder who he is and why he haunts just the porch… maybe he was murdered there or buried there… I would go to the ciunty clerk or historical society and find out info about the house and land…. thanks for the story!

  9. Mysteria says:

    WOAH! Good thging you went with your instinct! I have this ghost book where this lady moves in with her husband and a Midnight she always hears wheels and soldiers outside, so she wakes up her husband who tells her to not look at them and go back to bed. She asks some of the servants and maids and they also say not to look at them, one night she gets curious and looks at them…There is a small group of soldiers and a cannon..Suddeenly her arm freezes and she yells for her husband.. He gets up and looks at her sympethetically and says that he tried to tell her…
    The soldiers don’t like to be watched so if anyone watches them they can get ill, have paralysis of a limb die or even go crazy

  10. Airi says:

    Thanks to everyone who posted a comment!

    To answer a few questions that came up:
    No, I haven’t talked to my parents about it, since they’re really more of the ‘stick your head in the sand and everything will be okay’ type.
    I’ve moved out since then, and my sisters are out as well, so I’ve never really seen a point to digging up….ah, old ghosts, so to speak.

    Pat: Thanks for the suggestion. I might still go by our historical society and see what there is to see. Most likely it was someone we disturbed when we did construction on the office and back porch.

    Mysteria: creepy story. Although it’s some comfort that the lady had her husband trying to look out for her.

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