The Legend of Evil Bobby Yoshino

Posted on May 27, 2010

Way back when, during the gold rush into California thousands of Asians arrived seeking gold, along with hundreds of thousands of Americans. I call them DOEIs, or descendants of European Ancestors.� These “good Americans”, brought with them all the ugly, nasty customs of racism, hate, greed, violence and what ever else you want add. After a few years the good Americans decided there too many nasty Asians in California, even though all of them lived usually on the outskirts of town, and away from what they consider “polite society”. They were chased away from the towns and sometimes formed their own towns, like Locke along the river on land no one else wanted. The land was always flooded in the spring and a muddy mess most of the year, which is why there was so much suffering and illness among that population.

When the wave of violence was unleashed upon the Chinese immigrants thousands of Japanese people got caught up in the killings. Many innocent people� were murdered by these good Americans. Among these was little Bobby Yoshino and his entire family.

Even though no “Anglo”, or DOEI police officer would have charged another DOEI with murder, the bodies of all these dead people began to cause a problem. So, the good people of Stockton, California threw the bodies into the Calveras River, which translates into The River of Skulls, Or The Skeleton River, because throwing bodies into the river was what these “good” Americans did to Native Americans, Mexicans, and Asians after they were murdered.

People living along the river claim to hear the voices of Japanese and Chinese people on quiet, hot summer night after the noise of Highway 99 quiets down. The Japanese people of Stockton are usually unwilling to speak about Evil Bobby Yoshino because they believe that his angry spirit grabs children from along the edge of the river, pulls them in, and holds them down until they drown. The number of children drowned along the entire river is unknown as many are believed to have been taken, kidnapped and murdered by strangers, but others believe that Bobby Yoshino is taking them.

Every spring and early summer when the snow melts high up in the mountains and comes rushing down towards the Pacific Ocean children always turn up missing, and are later found drowned somewhere in the central valley delta, near the mouth of the Calveras River, in the city of Stockton, or near to it.

A few years ago eight Vietnamese children were carried off by the rushing water in an accident which is still not completely understood. How could so many kids drown at one time and in one place? The entire Asian community of Stockton was in mourning and questions are still being asked. Parents of the dead children still light candles along the river and say prayers for their lost spirits, who are said to wonder along the river’s edge.

It seems the� most dangerous place of the river is after it goes underneath the Hi-way 99 overpass, and heads towards the University of the Pacific University, a length of about 5 miles. This is the same area where several young unwed mothers threw their newly born babies into the river.

When I first arrived in Stockton, I use to jog along the banks of the river early evenings, and past dark, until I heard the voices of children, who were not there. I first thought it was sounds coming from the nearby homes of which there are many, or the wind, or something else. I accidentally told a native of Stockton what I heard, and they warned me not to go near the river after dark, especially during the spring and early summer and that’s when I first learned of the legend of Evil Bobby Yoshino.

I had been a student of the paranormal all my life, and thanks to a book I found called The Sorcerer’s Secrets, by Don Jesus Ramirez, which I found at Toltec Institute I was able to make sense of it, reject the negative energy which seemed to be attached to me and go on with my life.

I still ride my bike, walk my dogs and visit the river, and sometimes I still think I hear the laughter of children, but sometimes I hear them crying out for help, and its always near the University of the Pacific Campus at the end of the five mile length where the bodies of the kids were found in the tree branches of tress that had been submerged during the floods.

The students of UOP who usually stay to themselves and avoid the rest of Stockton due to its high murder rate has no idea that the sounds they hear as they cross the footbridge and head back towards their dorms are actually the sounds of dead and drowned children, of which many were carried away by little Evil Bobby Yoshino.

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19 Responses to “The Legend of Evil Bobby Yoshino”
  1. AnNa says:

    who is this bobby yoshino?if he did what they think he did why didnt they do anything to bobby?

    • Cristina says:

      because he is a spirit or soul w.e u wanna call it….did u read the story?

      • AnNa says:

        what story?if i knew about him. if i knew ,i would forsure read about it.

        • Teri says:

          Correct me if I’m wrong but you did say “Who is this Bobby Yoshimo”. And this statement you made here makes no sense whatsoever.

          • AnNa says:

            i dont know who that is.i’ve never heard of him before.thats why i said who is this bobby yoshino.why was i not suppose to say it like that?

  2. trolldoll says:

    it’s sad to hear how americans have acted towards good people trying to make a life in our country. they were treated so unfairly, it’s no wonder they can’t rest.

    • Cristina says:

      Actually some of them keep doinq it today… they treat people so unfairly you should watch the news.

    • Teri says:

      It’s really sad. Especially what we did to the Native Americans when really this is their land. Still is as far as I’m concerned. I’ve never agreed with us taking this land away from them.

  3. big barney says:

    its a bunch of bull…..i live not far from stockton, and although you made a nice little scary story, there will never be anything to say that bobby yoshino is doing this to kids. the only thing in this story that i can agree with, is that stockton does have a high murder rate

  4. AnNa says:

    were can i find some information on bobby yoshino?

    • Pat says:

      He and his family were murdered… for some reason HIS spirit is taking revenge by killing innocent children….don’t know why everyone had to be so mean to you above…GEESH

      • AnNa says:

        thank you.i dont know why either.i dont know .if i did i wouldnt of said what i said.people can be mean.

      • AnNa says:

        thanks for giving me the 411.

        • GirlRacer says:

          Whats 411? I’m from England and a bit duh sometimes lol

          • Caretaker says:

            411 means ‘information’ It is a phone number that is dialed to get info such as a phone number for a business or person. It has also become slang for information. ie “can you give me the 411 about that ghost?”

          • AnNa bites back says:

            England thats awsome.i would love to go there.but im not much for traveling.but you never know.

  5. Daksh says:

    cn ny1 tel me wt is dis 411


    Wow these comments are far away from the posters story. Lol just had to say that.
    Yes a very sad urban legend. Its a shame to know that time hasn’t changed much. We still deal with ignorant and judgmental people till this day.
    If this story is true, I feel saddened by all those little innocent lost souls. Imma pray for them tonight. That they find peace somehow and are able to free themselves from this world that they are no longer a part of.
    Good story though!

    Thanx for a good read.

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