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The Laughing Doll

Posted on June 7, 2009

Well first of all I better tell you a little bit about myself. I was given an old doll from my great granddad who owns an antique shop. He gave it to me thinking it was really special and he knew I like collecting dolls. I put the doll with the rest of my collection up on a white wooden table.

Late at night I started to hear quiet giggles coming from around the cupboard. I just thought it was my imagination so I just hid my head under my blanket and went back to sleep. That morning all my dolls had been knocked to the floor, all except the doll I was given from my granddad. I was getting really worried and was getting a little bit scared of the doll and the room.

That night I decided to sleep with my mum because I was really scared that the same thing might happen again, and it did. I heard the same laugh but louder. I walked into the room and saw the doll sitting there with again all the other dolls helplessly on the ground. Then I started saying stuff to the doll hoping it would hear me. I said things like, “please don’t hurt me” and “please leave me alone” this is where the most haunting part starts.

The doll moved its eyes. I knew it did because its eyes literally moved. I was so freaked out I grabbed my comb and threw it straight at the doll and ran as fast as I could out of the room screaming. We rang someone who could see what was wrong with the doll and had experience with demons and such. She said that there was something definitely wrong with the doll and she said, “trust me.” She asked me to get a knife out. When I gave it to her she cut the back of the doll and dug around and found a picture of a young girl. She said that the picture was possessed and the girl was haunting the doll. I looked closely at the girls eyes then at the dolls they were exactly the same.

After that experience I never collected dolls again. I told my great granddad what happened and he was really sorry but I said thank you because over the many years I always wanted to have an experience like this and now I feel like it was a once in a life time opportunity. Now I do sleep in my room, not scared that the doll will come back.

A few years later we were finally moving out of the house. When I moved the wooden table that the doll was on I found writing on the wall behind it saying, “save us, save us.” I knew that was my old dolls and I started to get scared but we finally moved out so I didn’t really worry about it anymore. Then my mum got a call from the hospital saying my great granddad had moved on. I still think about him but if it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t of had that experience… Thank You Granddad!

This story is true and I thank my granddad if you can hear me!

Written by Sariah Caccioppoli, Copyright 2009

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32 Responses to “The Laughing Doll”
  1. Mellisa says:

    just curious. what you did to your other old dolls afterward? i feel pity for them if you throw them or abandon them. they never bother your. the freaky one is that antique giggling doll.

  2. trolldoll1681 says:

    old dolls give me the creeps and to have a haunted doll with a picture in it weird so thanks for the story

  3. bracket says:

    Putting an object in a doll belonging to someone else is voodoo. It’s a good thing you got rid of the doll.

  4. MZ.A says:


  5. Kelsey says:

    Omg,That is so creepy. I hate old dolls. I actually hate dolls in general. Lol. I sometimes see what I think is a ghost and such but I’ve never had this kind of experience. Crazy.
    I’m glad you didn’t get hurt!

  6. russel says:

    i think its so sad that you had to stop collecting dolls after that. i mean its not as if all your dolls were possessed. what did you do to the doll that was possessed by the girl?

  7. Marilize Beer says:

    Im sorry but I just cant get myself to actually believe the Laughing Doll Story. Its nothing personal but I never had an experience like that or anything else before and sometimes wonder if things like this can really be true ?

  8. Sabrina says:

    Wow! I have had things happen to me, not like this, just small things and I wish something like this would happen to me! And I am curious what happened to the others dolls..

  9. ghostfan says:

    .i love this story but i have never heard one like this one have you heard about robert the haunted doll? they might be related?i feel sorry for the doll it needs something to move on, the evil giggle and moving eyes might be a hint or clue or it is just evil. voodoo.

  10. Hannah says:

    this story reminded me of a past experince of a doll i once had…im really glad you got rid of that doll so that it would leave you alone… ugh thats really creepy

  11. Karen says:

    Sounds like “The Robert Doll”!

  12. Charlotte says:

    bracket , i no this will sound ”dumb” but i am only 12, what would have happened if she didnt get rid of it?? :-S thanks :)

  13. bracket says:


    Well it seems like the last girl to have it died and that was the dolls purpose. In voodoo you can curse someone by putting an object connected to the person in a doll or other object and since someone was willing to kill a little girl that shows that the person was probably evil. Also, since it was going from one little girl to another, the force connected to it may become confused and direct it at her, which it seems to have done but she got rid of it before it could do some real damage.

  14. tyra says:

    old dolls give me the creeps…x.x

  15. Charlotte says:

    o wow thanks alot for replying back bracket much appriciated, yes tyra they give me the shivers :-S

  16. Shannon says:

    i know everyonw else is saying not to throw out the other dolls but if they put a message on a table or whatever it was that could mean there was something weird about them to

  17. duddledeedo says:

    She’s baa-aack !
    seriously though, that’s one heck of a creepy story.

  18. duddledeedo says:

    btw i dont think it was the other dolls that communicated, i think the little girl in the picture was crying for help, i seriously doubt the other inanimate dolls had any “magic” in them or u would have noticed it before

  19. rayray says:

    i want to know what happend to the doll i meen i feel sorry for the doll of the girl that posesed it then agen the doll could have been eval so at the same time id wood not want it to be around

  20. DragonsRule says:

    Woah. That story was a mixture of fear, shivers, and excitement! Did you ever investigate the writing on the wall, saying ”Save us, save us,” further? It IS hard to believe that DOLLS could have written that, but if you say so…anyway, thank you! It was an interesting read.

  21. boliversox says:

    very good story what did happen to the doll by the way?

  22. mary says:

    i wonder what happened to that girl to make her mean!

  23. Lady D says:

    i hate dolls soo much cuz they giive me the creeps!! i dont HATE them jus dislike em…

  24. larissa says:

    that story gave me the chills!!! i am kinda scared from that story.

  25. CuteSagittarius says:

    Everything is believable xcept for the ‘writing on the wall’ part!

  26. Diana96 says:

    I used to Collect Barbies but after i saw A MOVIE CALLED CHUCKY OR…,i give those dolls away.Somehow,theres more then what thier pretty face are hiding.

  27. Bobby Blabby says:

    Did it really scrawl out “Save us, save us”?! That’s just crazy! Well, atleast you got rid of it!

  28. ,lljklj;kj says:

    i thought that was scary i realy dont wont to have a doll like that sorry about your grandad you propley miss him

  29. irena says:

    yes it was voodoo because i do voodoo and i know how to do voodoo doll
    but its very dangerous if you do something wrong

  30. Rylee says:

    I stuffed all my dolls away.
    They’re those american girl dolls, but I feel as if they’re watching e…or intending to cause harm.
    It’s not a pleasent feeling,a nd I’ve opted burning them or throwing them out, but I can’t without my parents knowing.
    I have 2 ghosts with me…
    And maybe 2 demons that haunt my american girl dolls.
    I’m 12, and I already hated dolls and clowns…This is just diffrent then hating.
    This is being terrified.
    I also have a extremely high knowledge of ghosts demons and witch craft.

  31. anna says:

    why would the girl haunt the doll?i dont get it.you should of post the picture of the girl up.and see if we see what you see.do you still have the other dolls?

  32. lulu says:

    eww i think all dolls with faces have souls i never liked dolls just teddy bears and such….im a blackfoot native and in our belief well back in the “dog days” when our children had dolls we never put faces on them, because we believed that , that gave them a life. freaky huh..

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