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The Jelly Bean Caper

Posted on June 10, 2010

In my haunted apartment in Ocean Beach, San Diego, I developed a taste for jelly beans as a snack. I used to sit on the end seat of my couch and put the bag of jelly beans on a TV tray next to me. One evening I ate several from the bag and as usual picked out the black ones and sat them on the TV tray next to the partially eaten bag. The next morning, I was going to take the remainder of the bag to work with me, but the half-full bag and even the black jelly beans were not there. I did a cursory search but did not find them. A couple of days later, I opened the junk kitchen drawer where I kept my rubber bands, and lo and behold, kind of buried in the back of the drawer under lots of miscellaneous stuff was the bag of jelly beans with the black ones in it which I had picked out. The bag was rolled up tightly and secured with a rubber band.

About a week later, my computer expert came over. I opened a new bag of jelly beans and offered some to him and sat it on top of the CPU in front of him. I ate quite a few myself. After he left, after fiddling around for awhile, I was going to rubber band something else so I opened the junk drawer. I found a partial bag of jelly beans there wrapped tightly and rubber banded . I stopped dead in my tracks and thought hey, wait! I had only bought two bags and took one to work, so where did this partial bag come from? I then looked for the remainder of the bag we had just been eating from, and it was gone! This was the same bag, wrapped and rubber banded again and placed into the same drawer where my spirit(s) had hidden the previous bag!

A couple of weeks later, they did it again. They just love to hide my snacks. Every night after dinner, I snacked on dry Waffler cereal right out of the box. I was eating it while sitting in front of my computer, moved to the couch to read the newspaper, then back to my computerwhen I again looked for the bag, which had about 1 cups of cereal left in it, it was gone. Poof! I hadn’t even left the area! The living room/dining room/kitchen kind of ran together as one large area, so I started in one corner and looked in every cupboard, in the refrigerator, in the garbage can, behind the couch pillows and on the floor under the TV tray that I used as an end table, everywhere imaginable and the bag was gone. But I foiled the spirits! I had a bag of Apple Cinnamon Cheerios which I opened. I thought that one of these days I would open some drawer or door and find it, just like I had found the jelly beans before, but they never reappeared. The spirits now appear to be in possession of the “cloak of invisibility.”

I have often wondered what it would look like to see something floating across the room. Its so rare to actually see something move as to be almost nonexistent. The spirits seem to like to shock us and do their moving of objects when they are out of our sight.

Sent in by Sandy Fuersich, Copyright 2010

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Tags: California, Ocean Beach, San Diego, Sandy Fuersich

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17 Responses to “The Jelly Bean Caper”
  1. AnNa says:

    how do you know when the spirts dont like someone in the place?do they like any of your boyfriends?i think there lonley and they want someone to play with.sounds weird i know but thats probably why they move things on you.like hide and seek.if you cant find it they will bring it out when you dont notice it.thanks for the story again.

    • Sandy says:

      Nothing ever happened when someone else was in my place, so when something did happen, I couldn’t point to anyone they might not like. The psychic said they gravitate to people who will interact with them, and I think they took great glee in seeing my reaction when these strange things happened.

  2. Pat says:

    WOW! At lesat they just snatch your snacks but do nothing scary! I wonder if the last tenants had the same thing going on or maybe the spirits just like you and have fun fooling around with you in a good natured way!

    • Sandy says:

      Pat, a psychic told me that I had two spirits that had been following me around for years, and that one of them liked to play tricks on me. I began to look forward to seeing what would happen next!

      • James D. says:

        Do you really belive in psychics?

        • Sandy says:

          James D — the psychic whom I consulted told me things that she couldn’t have known on her own…she reported that the male spirit who had been following me was telling her those things. Back then, computers were kind of new but she now has a web site. According to the info there, she has many impressive credentials and helps the police with investigations. To me this is evidence that she is legit.

  3. chantelle says:

    haha! Great story! that must be good fun & maybe a little anoying too? :)

  4. spud says:

    sandy im havin the same sort of trouble but with lighters i always put them on my bedside table and they seem to dissapear , though i havn’t been to a pscychic , i know whom is doing this , a small boy around the age 8-9 i have seen him only in the cornr of my eye and not very often ,my girlfriend has also seen him maybe these spirits of yours may be children or child and carer when sitting in your living room do you notice anything a dark shape or even somthing moving around ? iv had this “friend” around me for a few years now and nothing bad has happend so i shouldn’t worry about it , just see them as children paying and feel proud that they have chosen you as a play mate XD

    • Sandy says:

      Spud, I think it’s terrific that you know that your spirit is a child. I think child spirits like to play tricks on us, and I think they get a kick out of our reactions. I have never seen a spirit, so you are one up on me. As the psychic told me, spirits usually haunt places, and it is unusual that they follow a particular person (unless of course they are relatives), so that makes you and me members of a very special club. P.S. I hope your child spirit doesn’t start a fire with your missing lighters.

  5. big barney says:

    you probably are in a snack induced coma and dont know what you are doing!

  6. maddy says:

    Sandy, I found that story very scary, my advice is to try and block these ‘feelings’ out and try to ignore it, if you can’t try to ignore the ‘jelly bean spirits’ and live your life, you don’t want a life full of misery knowing that there are spirits in your house
    I hope I helped

    • Sandy says:

      Maddy, actually I haven’t felt threatened or scared by anything that’s happened as the spirits haven’t harmed me or any of my possessions. It seems they are only teasing me. However, that would all change if they did something dangerous like turning on the stove or interfering in my life by hiding my car keys.

  7. Jennifer Mills - Young says:

    I can relate to this totally, the ghost in my mother’s house took clothing and diamond ear rings ; never returned the clothing but did eventually return the ear rings…..like yourself, not where my mother left them and in location she had already searched previously! We thought ours may have been a cross dresser. LOL

  8. Sandy says:

    Jennifer, that is a very funny story! Long ago a neighbor said she put a laundry basket full of dirty clothes on the washing machine, then when she came back later it was gone. A couple of weeks later, it was back on top of the washing machine but containing clothes she had never seen before. However, she didn’t say whether they were male or female clothes — your mom’s cross dresser might have been getting around….actually, now that I think about, maybe my neighbor got your mom’s clothes!

  9. Neko says:

    That’s a sweet story. In many ways. Perhaps they are looking out for your long term health and trying to say “Jelly beans are bad!” Maybe start eating a bag of raisins and see if they hide them. If they don’t then you know they just have your best interest at heart.

    • Anonymous says:

      That happened many years ago, but I think I need them to return as my diet has been even worse lately. I don’t know if you read my accounting of when I was driving not too safely and I felt two taps on my shoulder…so yes, I believe you are right…they are looking out for my safety and health.

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