The Haunted Log Cabin

Posted on February 10, 2008

I live in a log cabin in Bell Subdivision in Monticello, Kentucky. I don’t know what year the house was built, but it’s pretty old.

The first time I ever experienced anything was when I was about 10 years old. My mom and I were laying in my bed one night and we were both sound asleep. I woke up because I needed to go to the bathroom. So I sat up in my bed and all of a sudden I heard what sounded like a harmonica playing and it sounded like it was coming from the living room. There was no one else in the house but me and my mom at the time, so needless to say, I was pretty scared.

The next day I talked to one of my mom’s friends and she told me that her kids grandpa had died in my house and that he had died in my bedroom. She also said that he had always played the harmonica for his wife before she died.

A few days later, one of my friends stayed all night with me. She slept in the living room and I slept in my bedroom. I woke up about 3 am to her crying. I mean, she was hysterical. I asked her what was wrong and she told me that she had heard someone walking around in the bathroom and it sounded like someone wearing heavy work boots. Let’s just say that she never stayed all night with me after that.

Then I had another friend stay all night with me about three years ago and she was asleep in my bed and she told me that she woke up to see an old man standing over my bed just staring at her. Talk about creepy.

I’ve also had my mom tell me that she would be at home by herself and she would hear footsteps walking up and down the hallway. I haven’t heard anything for a long time and I hope it stays that way.

Written by Casey Jennings Copyright 2008

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39 Responses to “The Haunted Log Cabin”
  1. nicolle says:

    This is a weird story. Its certainly creepy!!! I hope you are ok and you do not hear from the ghost again.

  2. Farhan says:

    I think it’s creepy because these things don’t happen very often. I hope that you are fine and don’t hear from that ghost

  3. RON PRICE says:


  4. mae says:

    how exciting is it huh??? if i were in ur shoes id rather tell my parents to evacuate that house…it is indeed so scary that i couldnt imagine my self lying on that room…weeew…hopw ur ok now…

  5. bob marley says:

    ghosts arent real, anyone could make a story like that up! i used to believe in them, it was just until my friend made me realize, most of them are actually fake or set ups!

  6. Christine says:

    Hey Casey, I just wanted to tell yea the , They say 3:00 Am is called Dead Time. So maybe he was calling Out for Help, If this is Not a make up Story. But did this ever happen again, since the time?

  7. Jason says:

    Well Casey u said that the old man stands and walks around ur house and that he played the hemonica before his wife died. He is still there because u or ur mom reminds him of his wife and he is making sure that nothing happens to u two or any other ladies that enter the house. So there is no reson to be scared. I used to have that happen to me.

  8. Glory Zuniga says:

    when I read this story I felt very sad and scared.
    Sometimes if you hear or see things like that they could be signs that he is warning you of a great danger.

  9. anna says:

    omggg this has like happened to me b4 but it was an elf! it was terrifying he danced around my bed at night pokin me so i couldnt sleep! he kept on makin me get him marshmallows or else he would kid nap me! so i sooo no wat uve bin thru! maybe u shud get an exorcist!

  10. Charlotte says:

    OMG you must have been so scared! i once had this pixie in my room and it kept making creepy noises i told it to go away but it didn’t, so i told my mum and she just shrugged at it, i saw it again last night, i see it everywhere i go, it’s haunting me!

  11. diana ibra says:

    that was totally un cool and not freakey i have experienced freakier. my car stoped in the middle of a rail way trak and it moved by it self to the other side, now thats freakey

  12. Korynn Roberts says:

    hmmmm idk about this. :)

    Its kinda weird, and a little bit hard to believe.
    Should i believe it or not? Im stuck.

  13. alycia says:

    I love ghosts! Ghosts are so cool!

    I think it is so cool to see ghosts. Ghosts are so cool to see. I always wanted to see a ghost but I didnt that would be so cool.

  14. sammy jo says:

    i think that it could have happened, it sounds pretty creepy and i hope that everything is oki doke for you now. i have had things happen to meand let me tell you i know how you feel. you should try being in a hospital and it happening to you and it is people that you do not know from adam it is not very nice and it is very scary. :)

  15. Jason says:


    If u want to c a ghost, come down here 2 Kentucky and go to the old T.B. hospital in lewisville.

  16. emma says:

    OMGGG! anna i soo know what youre on about. An elf keeps comin in my bedroom when im tryin 2 get 2 sleep. but i get rid of it by flowering my room with cauliflour, that elf never showed its face agin! hahahahahaha!
    stupid elf thinks he can mess with me!

  17. GiGi says:

    The rumors are around my neighboorhood is that my house is haunted. Well, Its true actually. An old blind man and his two dogs had died in my house. Everynight I usally see two large poodles that are a baige and white color, I’ve seen a person in the corner of my eye before.

    I was with my mom in her bedroom, She was fast asleep and I was wide awake. My mom has a bussiness chair, that makes this weird clanking sound once you sit down on it. And it clanked very loudly 2 nights ago as I was watching TV, ready to go to bed. I turned my head and my TV in my room, turned off then back on again. I noticed by the long blue light coming on after it was completely dark.

    I know I saw something in the corner of my eye, But I didnt dare to turn my head. So I just looked at it with my eyes, I blinked and it was gone. Then after all that, I was hearing bumps in the night. Trust me its very creepy, but intresting. I dont like being in my house alone anymore because of this. I feel safer in the day then at night.

  18. Coney says:

    Surely you made that story up, I don’t believe that at all.

  19. christen says:

    wow thats creepy my boyfriend passed away a couple of years ago and well i misss him ive always wanted to c him agian but i dnt know i havent yet!!!

  20. Laura says:

    wow i know how u feel. i have heard many things in my cabin when no one was there with me. so i looked around and i saw a young girl looking at me a she said some thing to me but i could not hear her creepy right?

  21. Lindsay says:

    when i was on i read this story about an irish stonemanthat had died in what is now room says the yaou would see hands coming out of the mirror,the screams of a man doming from the ceiling it just really creepe me out. if you dont believe me go to and in the search bar type in the crescent hotel ghost. it will give you 2 whole pages about it.

  22. listen to hillary betancourt says:

    I have heard lots of storys about this. it mostly happends to everyone. it had happend to me and to my friends so i would just say this is scary!! ALICIA i want to see a ghost to. i want to get frighten so much that i would scream.

    ive seen one,but i want to see an other one.

  23. sandra says:

    i think its really scary cause i get scared easily i would never sleep in that cabin

  24. Lori says:

    It seems that the entities aren’t interested in hurting anyone. They loved the life that they led in that house and that is where they are happy. leave them be. Think of them as guardian angels.

  25. Madi says:

    I think that that’s cool. I mean, most of these people dont think its real, but I do. There’s this house in my neighborhood called “Hetfield House”, and supposedly, there is a ghost living there. My friend knocked on the door and they claimed they saw ‘something’ coming down the stairs through the window. And, her boyfriend cursed at it and they allegedly ‘saw’ or ‘heard’ something or someone tapping on the window and nobody lives there. It’s vacant and haunted. I didnt believe that, but this is just creepy.

  26. Reese says:

    well, thats scary enough, but i’ve also experience this kind of situation.
    mine was worse (believe me) . I SAW MY BEST FRIEND (WHO HAD DIED DAYS AGO).i’ve always told him, i wanted to see a ghost and we used to scare each other. he used to say that if he died, he would come back to haunt me but i nevr believed him until he was a sudden death and so sad, but he kept his promise and now, i nevr had a good night rest.


  27. CJ says:

    Yikes… Listen, there are no such things as ghosts. Once you die, you are sent either to Heaven or to Hell. These things you are experiencing are most likely either your imagination or Evil Spirits from Satan sent to scare you or to contact you and get you to believe Satan’s lies. Evil Spirits are only capable of entering the dwellings of non-christians.

  28. maxwell says:

    This story is true because the girl who lived in that log cabin was my cousin.
    i submitted this story onto another website to i was the secondd one to submit it(her bro was the first).
    so if you ove house DONT move to that log cabin on the ege of the woods.

    and every night before sleep:
    check under the bed
    check the wardrobe
    be quiet to listen for noises
    sweet dreams

  29. maxwell says:

    by the way the ouse was built in 1873

  30. nicole says:

    there are so such things as ghosts they are people that have died and have unfinished buisness

  31. maggie says:

    i am pretty freaked out myself i feel really bad, maybe next time you should sleep in the same room at your friends house or maybe move to china. nothing bad happens there. . . well. . . . i think so

  32. rAyNE says:

    if i were you,, i will my parents to leave the place as soon as possible,, who would have want to wake up seeing a ghost and hearing weird things inside the house,,that’s crazy!!!! good for you those intities are not bothering you again.

  33. vechong says:

    Wow an interesting story that helps us to know better in paranormal stories

  34. boliversox says:

    i totally dont believe the story about the elf and pixies , theres no such thing

  35. Salliyah says:

    OMG This is the scariest story I have ever heard. I hope she is blessed that there is no more ghost near her.

  36. casey jennings says:

    well im glad that i havent heard anything since then…im older now and truthfully im not really that scared anymore because i think that maybe he was just trying to watch over us but it’s still scary when you see or hear someone that you know is not supposed to be there…so thanks guys i appreciate your concern and for all those that don’t believe then you have no idea what you’re talking about

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