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The Haunted House On Chestnut Street

Posted on December 15, 2008

The year was 1991 when I first moved into the little house on Chestnut Street. My wife had lived there with her two sons for a short period before we started living together. The house, at first, seemed to be like any other small town home. Dickson, Tennessee is a small town on the edge of I-40 in between Nashville and Jackson, TN.

I’m sure by now that most people that are interested in ghostly encounters have heard the story of The Bell Witch. Well, I had never really heard of The Bell Witch until I moved to TN.

This story really started late one night as I and my wife lay in bed. Our two boys were asleep in their bedroom only a few feet from our bedroom. I was reading the original book about the Bell Witch. My wife had been sleeping by my side for some time. When all of a sudden I could hear the crying of a small baby. I listened intently thinking maybe it was a neighbors house close by or by a loud TV in the neighborhood. It didn’t take long to realize that the crying was coming from inside our house.

I got up to check on the boys who were soundly sleeping. After I realized that the sound was coming from inside the house I woke up my wife and asked her if she heard anything which she replied no. I continued to hear the sounds off and on for the rest of that night. Well, to make a long story short things escalated from there.

My wife who had gotten sick had been to the doctor and received vital medicine that needed to be taken every few hours. The medicine was set at the head of the bed. When it was time for her medicine to be taken we could find her medicine nowhere in the house. We searched under the bed, in the bed, in the floor, everywhere we could imagine it could have fallen or we could have misplaced it. When we were at wits end the medicine appeared in plain view on top of a dresser just a few feet from where it should have been. No one had touched the medicine and we had searched there several times in the course of trying to find it. It was not there one minute then the next it was.

At different times sounds could be heard in the house-someone would call your name or you would just hear voices that you could not explain. Once, me and my wife were talking and were wondering if the boys had ever seen or heard anything strange. We made it a point to not talk about the strange things that were going on so we knew if they heard or seen anything that we had not planted it. Our oldest son said he had heard someone calling his name when he was alone in the house and the youngest son had heard similar things.

Once my wife and her best friend decided they were going to make a Ouija board and bring it into the house to see what would happen. Bad idea. The Ouija board started talking strange things and stated that were seven different ghosts that haunted the old house. One of an old man and one of a teenage boy. The teenage boy stated through the board that the old man did not like anyone and resented anyone living in the house.

The Ouija board told my wife’s friend of a traffic ticket that she would receive in a couple of days and like clockwork two days later she did.

Another incident happened late one night in late fall. We had the bedroom window propped open. My wife getting cold asked me to shut the window. I leaned over the bed shutting the window and as I kneeled over my wife to get back in bed a loud boom took place right outside the window. Needless to say, trying to catch my breath I and my wife were very frightened. We searched around the house outside the window and could find no explanation for the loud boom. It was so loud it shook the house.

Weeks later a friend of ours who was having a spat with his girlfriend came to stay with us for a few days while they worked things out. He was in the bathroom early one morning shaving when he looked into the mirror and standing behind him was the face of an old man. Needless to say, he packed his things and left.

After he told us that story I thought to myself that could explain the loud knockings on the door when I would occupy the bathroom and no one would be there. At the time we occupied this house we had two cats. These were our prized family pets. My wife and I started noticing that they never went near the kitchen. No matter what you did to entice them into the kitchen they would not go. You could pick them up drop them in the middle of the kitchen floor and they were off like a rocket. They hated that kitchen.

Late one night my wife and I were lying in bed. I told her I wanted a sandwich so I went to the kitchen laid out all the ingredients on the table. I was standing where my wife could see me. There was no one else around me. All of a sudden something pushed me. Just like being in a crowded room and someone pushes up against you and you have to take a step. Thinking one of the boys had to make a late night run to the bathroom I looked around. Nothing. The boys were sound asleep again. Walking back into the bedroom I must have been white as a sheet. My wife asked what had happened and I told her that something had pushed me. It took me 45 minutes before I returned to the kitchen to finish my sandwich.

After investigating further into the houses’ background we found that a former tenant had stated that she had been picked up and slammed against the wall. There were still several strange things that happened after this but too many to mention here. Needless to say, we left the house on Chestnut Street. Checking the other day all of the houses that were there then were torn down to make room for a parking lot. We have often wondered why us and what those spirits wanted. And do they still haunt the parking lot on Chestnut Street.

Written by Bill Pearson, Copyright 2008

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9 Responses to “The Haunted House On Chestnut Street”
  1. Jesse Williams says:

    Sounds particularly scary…

    Often, if your house is occupied by malevolent spirits, the best thing to do is to get it blessed or move out. The chance a malevolent spirit could harass you to the point of death is always probable as depicted in the ‘The Bell Witch’ haunting.

    Anyway, take care :)

  2. Jeff says:

    This story is scary.
    Do you know who the spirit in your house?
    Ouija board is true or not?
    Some one told me the Ouija board has a person in it.
    That person will tell everything you wants to know, but if that person come out to tell you. He don’t wants to go back again.
    Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Carly says:

    o god..thats just scary. if i was to get shoved and nobody was there…i believe i would have peed myself or something.

  4. Vivian says:

    Wow. Took u 45 minues 2 return?? Well I surely wouldnt have!!!

  5. baileyy :) says:

    this is creeepy..
    I wonder what they want.

    Very Scary though


  6. Willz says:

    The Bell Witch was a Poltergeist. It seems you just had an extremely haunted house. They might just have been unhappy with you occupying their space.

  7. Patty says:

    I’ve never lived in a haunted house, but know people who have. Glad you didn’t take the spirits with you when you moved

  8. Lu says:

    Creepy, very Creepy!
    What an angry ghost that is.

    I also lived in a haunted house many years ago, but whoever died in that house scared us.

    You could just feel the spirits there. Still getting shivers down my spine.

  9. brandy says:

    thats so scary if i would hear sounds by the seconed day i would be out of there again thats so scary and take good care of your family make sure that the house you are livinig in not haunted b-y-e

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