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The Haunted Flower Shop

Posted on July 4, 2010

A few year’s back I was employed at a local flower shop as a floral Designer/delivery person. I noticed, very shortly after my employment began, that there was “something very strange” going on in the shop. It was summer time when I worked there; and I would wear shorts to work most of the time. The first strange thing I remember happening was while I was standing at my work station one day. I heard fast paced footsteps behind me. I could actually feel a breeze on the back of my legs whenever I would experience these footsteps passing behind me. I found this very peculiar.

I asked some of the other women I worked with if they had ever had the same experience. Most of which,  had, and knew exactly what I was talking about. All accept the shop’s owner; who tried to make excuses for the occurrences. She said that it was people next-door in the neighboring business, walking around.

Well, my curiosity got the best of me one day, and I paid the neighboring business a visit. Upon entering the establishment which was a Cellphone Store. I was astonished to see that they had hardwood flooring through out the store. The footsteps I experienced at work were the type you hear on carpeting. And our work area at the shop was carpeted. I experienced several other “strange Things” while I worked there as well.

Three day’s per week; I was responsible for closing the store. And there were a few hours on these days that I was alone in the shop. We had a stock room located in the back of the store and you had to cut through this area to get to the restroom. One afternoon, while there were no customers in the shop; I walked back to go to the restroom. We had a large wicker basket in the stock room that contained Decorative Lawn Flags. The type you use to decorate your yard or garden. When I came out of the restroom those Flags were scattered all over the stock room floor!

Another day while alone in the shop, I walked away from my work area to go get some supplies. Upon returning there was a Lavender Votive candle sitting upright on a bar stool that sat next to my work table. I found this a “virtual Impossibility” due to the angle of the bar stools legs. No way could the candle have fallen off of the shelf, and landed dead center of the seat like it did. It had been strategically placed there by “something”. And there wasn’t anyone else in the store but me. I was sorta frightened to say the least.

It also wasn’t uncommon to hear strange noises etc. while I was employed there. We had a shop showroom and I would hear wind chimes we sold “chiming”;  thought I heard the flower cooler doors open a few times by themselves too.

But the scariest thing I guess that happened was the day I was making a local funeral home delivery. I had opened all the doors on the delivery van to place all the floral arrangement’s inside. We had a nice late model mini-van that we used for deliveries. After I finished loading everything up and shutting all the van doors  I climbed into the drivers seat and shut the door. No sooner than I shut the door… all the doors on the van locked by themselves! I knew that I had not touched the key chain lock button, or the lock button on the door. This really freaked me out. I actually told “whatever” this entity was… “I guess your gonna tag along with me today? Well,  alrighty then! Let’s go.”

I explained the malfunction with the van to my boss… and once again… she commenced to making excuses. She said she thought the van had an electrical problem and she followed me to the shop to drop the van off to have it looked at by a mechanic. Upon returning to get the van the next day we were told by the mechanic that he couldn’t find anything wrong with it!

Now I have personally never seen a ghost… but I don’t doubt their existence. And I truly believe that shop is haunted. The area which surrounds the shop at one time was farm land. My assumption is that the footsteps I experienced were that of a small child. But possibly the child was not the only entity there.

Sent in by Marlaina, Copyright 2010 TrueGhostTales.com

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11 Responses to “The Haunted Flower Shop”
  1. AnNa says:

    MARLAINA—–maybe theres more of the story then what you think.maybe the owner had a child that passed away or just a family member in general and she didnt want to talk about it.i think its lame that she said it was the other story thats why you felt a breeze on your leg.anyways did you tell the other workers what had happened to you and did anything like that happen to them?thanks for the story.

  2. Marlaina says:

    My daughter has Psychic “abilities”..they have been proven thru “events” time and time again thruought the years. Its an “inherited”. Gift from her fathers side of the family. And she has seen ghosts; and can feel there presence. I took her in there with me one day to pick up my pay check. And as soon as we walked in she said “I can feel there’s somthing here..its deffinantly haunted” she assumed from the “vibes” she got that it was the ghost of a young boy..arround the age of 8 or 9

  3. trolldoll says:

    cool experiences! now i call these classic and you get to be in on them!! it doesn’t seem to bad, just a little shocking. don’t worry about the boss, your fellow employees agree with you! thanks so much!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    wow thats creepy…ive had alot of expeirences by the paranormal…

  5. Marlaina says:

    No AnNa, my Boss and her husband had no children. She was just one of those “closed Minded” individual’s. The footstep thing was expeirienced almost on a daily basis. And it didn’t really matter if other people where there or not when it happened. 2 other women I worked with had expeirienced it as well;.so it wasn’t in our imagination. The owner just didn’t want to believe it was actually happening.

    • AnNa 14 days til my b-day says:

      sorry i just thought.when you said it sounded like a kid so i just figured.

  6. chantelle says:

    what a work place! lol i wonder why the boss is sooo quick to dismiss the ghostie happenings, maybe shes had something reallly scary happen and is in denial lol either way theres too much evidence to ignore it. As long as its not hurting anyone i guess its just extra company at work!

  7. Marlaina says:

    While I worked there: I had seiriously considered contacting the Louisville Ghost Hunters Society. They are a non profit orginazation: that specializes in proving/disproving paranormal activity. I would have liked for them to have checked the place out. But My manager probably would not have allowed them to investigate.

    • chantelle says:

      yeah i think you would have gotten some really interesting info from a search team like that, bummer the manager isnt a little more open minded

  8. sydney says:

    cool story. ;) I’ve never heard of a flower shop that was haunted. ^ – ^

  9. Ella says:

    what a g8 story!

    thanks for that :D

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