The Glowing Eyes

Posted on November 10, 2010

As a small child (maybe 5 or so) I had an encounter that would change my life. I had a bedroom that was pitch-black, just as I liked it.� One night I found myself laying in bed in the middle of the night, as if I had just woken up. I was on my back and I had an urge to look over to my left, where my entire room was, including the windows on the far wall. (My bed was against the wall on the right.)

So I looked over and in the darkness, I saw two glowing eyes that were watching me. They were orange or golden. There were no pupils or details that I saw; they were just two glowing golden shapes of eyes. They were large, and much bigger than human eyes, which are tiny in comparison. I could only see the eyes and nothing else in my dark room.� At the moment I was frightened, so I turned over to the right, facing the wall, and I stayed there for a few minutes, frozen in fear. Nothing happened at all, no noises or anything. When I finally looked back over, there was nothing there, just the dark room.

After all these years, it strikes me that my reaction was not very strong actually. I was a small kid, and I didn�t scream or run out of my room. I only turned away and froze that way for a few minutes. I didn�t even leave my room after it was all over. My reaction seemed quite muted, as if I wasn�t very frightened after all� just a little.

I have remembered these eyes ever since then.� I can still remember them vividly in my mind. When I was young I figured I had seen a ghost, but over the years I�ve wondered about a connection to different kinds of beings / life forms, maybe �aliens.� However I also always felt there were many spirits in that old farmhouse that I grew up in.

One other experience is worth mentioning, although the eyes are the major paranormal experience of my childhood.� This second experience seems like a glimpse of a memory, perhaps. As a kid, I never took it seriously, and I considered it a dream. If this is a real memory, however, then it is only a tiny glimpse, because I can�t remember what happened the next moment.� I was in bed.� I saw a hand moving up over the side of my bed, a huge hand, similar to the classic description of the hands of the grey aliens.� It had only four fingers, not five like us. (A thumb and three fingers.) All of its fingers were very, very long and skinny, maybe 12 inches or 18 inches, wrinkled and grey. Like I said, as a child I considered this a dream, but now I�m not so sure.� I can only remember the image of that hand rising over my bedside; nothing else.

Mostly I am curious about these eyes which actually seemed beautiful, if not loving. I would like to hear any suggestions for who would have such eyes, and why. And don�t tell me negative stuff, because I know it was not an evil presence, no way. It really seemed quite positive.

Sent in by Miles Prower, Copyright 2010

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28 Responses to “The Glowing Eyes”
  1. Anonymous says:

    This sounds really scary… Thanks for sharing

  2. Miles Prower says:

    ^Thanks for the reply. It’s actually great to have this story reach people outside of my closest family members, for the first time in my life.

    I was afraid when I saw the eyes, but my reaction was surprisingly calm for a little kid. I think I sensed that it was a good presence. The image of the eyes is clear in my memory after so many years, and even in my memory, the eyes seem NICE. lol I think they seemed beautiful, kind, and loving.

    As for the hand that I saw, I don’t remember feeling afraid, but the image of the hand is just a glimpse, like less than a second.

  3. Madison says:

    OMG! When i was 5 i saw eyes to. I was in my play room and i saw them through the dark window. The eyes were red a deep bloodish win colored red, and i screamed, to scared to move kept calling for my mom as i couldn’t take my eyes of of them. I told my mom 6 years later that i wasn’t over exaggerating and that it was real, she then told me people were telling here they saw a black figure walking around our house. I’m scarred of the dark now, and ever since then i will never forget the sight. i think of them when ever its dark or when i go to bed.

    • Trevor says:

      i was not a child , but when i was diagnosed with schizo affective disorder….some of the nurses were walking shadows with golden glowing eyes,…..not all of them seemed like they wanted to hurt me but at the time i was “talking in my head to angels and demons” also when someone with otu glowing eyes would try to convence me of something…the ones with the eyes would come in and the person would come back different like the others…and had glowing eyes…also i heard chiors singing you can’t always get what you want, but you get what you need….i saw that act 2 :17 all ppl will ahve visions and i was told that because i have less teeth than others…it is considered evolutuiion cuz we do not need all the teeth or as big a jaw because of this…so maybe schizophrenia and other mental disorders are actually evolution and something not wrong but in the process of changing…supposidly i use over 5% more then other peoples brain cappacity….so around 13% also i would recive answers by blinkin eyes or my muscles twitching 1 for yes 2 for no 3 for yes and 4 for no………..or 2 for serious and 5 for just kidding….i have been tryin to write ideas down and other things that happen to me…also they said that they wanted me to be in charge…because i did not want to be incharge and that is why i did not want to control others….there is much more if you would like to find out more about my experiences let me know…and about the golden eyes i read that most signified power of supernatural orgin….i basically recived instructions over that 3 year period of how not to lose my soul….also when in the hospital i looked up and i didnt have eyes…like in the bob wier song about grace…also i would be able to make my heart almost strain or pulsate….and then after i stopped i would get a reply in a feeling in my spine…….it was me pooring my love on others…and i asked some ppl that iw as thinking about if they felt anything at a certin time…and they did if these are coincedence…..then it continually happened for 3 years or more and that is what drove me crazy lol but i feel in control and i still have love for all even the evil ones because that is what they need to experience….plz let me know if u have any info about m story.

  4. Gemma says:

    I think it’s a bit odd you don’t find it negative? do you really believe it to be alien or something?

    I’ve seen a reflection of eyes that were bright red from something standing behind me when i was 12, this was a negative energy. I’ve also seen a large ghost hand/arm come out of nowhere once.

    my experiences were negative because i could sense it, I’m extremely sensitive to energies from people and other things. How come you think yours was positive? just be careful okay because other entities (including evil ones) are very intelligent and can present themselves in any form and give off any emotion or sense they want. Be careful.

    • Miles Prower says:


      I agree it’s odd that the eyes never struck me as negative. LOL

      Do I “really believe it to be alien or something?” Well, quite possibly. lol

      I tend to conclude that the eyes were from a life form that is quite different from humans. As a kid I considered the eyes to be a “ghost,” however, these eyes were so very different from human eyes. So if the eyes really were from a “spirit,” I really don’t think it would be a spirit from a human…..

      I tend to think it was an advanced life form / entity that could freely appear in my room, and also vanish, without a trace and without a sound. Maybe it was the spirit or astral projection of a different life form? Maybe an entity that can pass freely between dimensions or something?

      Thank you for the response and the wishes for me to be careful. As far as I could tell, the eyes were just very beautiful, and I even thought they seemed kind and loving……

      Gemma if you want, please describe further the eyes and hand that you saw… Especially the eyes. Were they huge glowing shapes of light, like what I described??? Did the hand just seem like a ghost from a person? (The hand I saw was very distorted compared to human hands…………)

  5. Miles Prower says:

    NOTE: I sent in a revised version of this true story today; correcting the typos I noticed, as well as making the whole thing less wordy and more readable… I hope this original version can be replaced with the revised version I sent today. (The story itself doesn’t change.)

  6. Miles Prower says:

    Thanks guys for all responses. :)

    @ Madison: Wow, thanks for sharing. Interesting that you saw eyes THROUGH your window. When I saw the glowing eyes, it appeared that the entity was IN FRONT of the window, or close to it — hard to say exactly when the room was pitch-black.

    Actually as a kid, I wondered if I had possibly seen the eyes from behind my curtain (which was orange), in which case, the eyes could have been outside the window and glowing through the window and orange curtains. Although I did wonder that, I mostly concluded that I saw the eyes INSIDE my actual room, as the eyes were very clear and bright……..

    Madison if you want to, please describe the eyes that you saw further: Were they huge eyes like the golden eyes that I saw? Compared to human-sized eyes, the glowing eyes were MUCH bigger than ours… Huge glowing almond-shaped eyes, with no pupils or details to be seen, just huge eye-shapes of golden light…………………

  7. Miles Prower says:

    NOTE: My revised version of the story did indeed replace my first submission, so thank you to the moderators. This revised version fixed the typos and reads better, while the story is exactly the same.

    ALSO this is my first time sharing these childhood experiences on the web, which is a great feeling.

    Now that the revised version is up, maybe people will rate it higher? I’m not very familiar with this site or its rating system, but I promise this is all 100% true; these are the two most important paranormal experiences of my childhood. 100% real so I would have expected good ratings. lol

  8. Anna says:


    Could it be that maybe your an abductee? Have you had any strange “dreams?” The hand you described certainly sounds like one from a Grey (the most common alien people describe when abducted) You should try hypnosis. If you feel like the eyes weren’t malevolent, then maybe you are in some way connected to them. I wanna say more but I don’t want to offend you.

    • Miles Prower says:

      @ Anna:

      Thanks for the great response. :)

      Yes I do believe myself to probably be an abductee… And yes I’ve had a handful of strange “dreams” involving Greys, experiments, spacecraft, etc.

      Never tried hypnosis yet, but maybe someday. (I guess I’ve been hesitant to give one other person so much control over my mind, for a hypnosis session…)

      I definitely NEVER thought the eyes were negative in any way. I was frightened at the moment, but besides that, I’ve always thought of the eyes as beautiful, watchful, and probably loving. So yes, maybe I’m “in some way connected to them.”

      If you would like to say more, then please do. :)

      Don’t worry, I’m very open-minded, and I will NOT be offended by anyone or any responses. :)

      In fact I’m very interested to hear any and all responses / suggestions, and that’s a big reason I wanted to share my experiences…

  9. aimz says:

    thats crazy 4 a kid 2 react in the way u did u did really well if it was me i wud of screamed the house down lol great story thanx 4 sharing

    • Miles Prower says:

      Thanks for the comment. :)

      Yes it is surprising how calm I was when I saw the eyes; I was so young and the only thing I did was face the wall and freeze for a few minutes. I finally looked again and the eyes were gone, and then I just stayed in bed. I really can’t believe that I didn’t freak out. lol

      I think I was so calm because I sensed the eyes showed a NICE presence… I just had the feeling it was a GOOD entity watching me… though very mysterious!!!

      Also in my childhood, I had the CONSTANT feeling of spirits around us ALL THE TIME. It was the normal feeling, especially in my bedroom, so that’s probably one reason I didn’t freak out completely, when I saw the eyes. lol I always had the feeling of being watched every second, already. lol

      • aimz says:

        wow thats mad, its a good thing u got a good feeling from the eyes huh, i told my friend about ur story and she said the same as me that she wud of run screaming lol ive had a few experiences wiv spirits i wrote a story on here called the shadow lady, and ive wrote another 1 just waitin for it to be put up…again thanx 4 the story

        • Miles Prower says:

          Thanks for the response. :)

          Indeed, my LACK of reaction is one of the most interesting parts of the experience. :)

          Thankfully I had a good feeling from the eyes, which were beautiful. The entity only showed me eyes, but the entity seemed to be a positive presence, watching me in my bed……..

          I think the eyes seemed kind, if not downright LOVING towards me….
          The eyes were just beautiful :)

  10. Jerry says:

    The eyes can mean anything, it was not stong enough to do anything, you were lucky… think about it…………..

  11. Carri says:

    The eyes are evil. I know because in our haunted mobile home we saw glowing eyes. but usually a demon was attached to them. The hand thing also was seen in our mobile home. The hands were pale white. but were claw white hands. I asked my daughter who kept seeing things she said the hands were claws trying to drag us to hell. If you hear chains it is demons trying to drag you to hell she said.

  12. sharayah says:

    funny you would think glowing eyes are ok what where you waiting for,for it to grow teeth and bit you. some of you need to open up a bible and read.

  13. Miles Prower says:

    I just realized there is a story on this site, which is almost exactly the same as my own childhood experience. Check out this great account by Elke:


    ^I hope no one minds that I posted a link to his story; To me it�s just amazing how similar our experiences are.

    Also, I wrote a response in the comments for Elke�s story, so be sure to check that out, if you�re interested.

    Truly one of the main reasons I submitted my story, was to see if people out there had any similar experiences, and I�m very interested to hear any and all responses.� :)

  14. bpotter says:

    I had kind of the same thing happen to me as a child but the eyes were red, I did feel that what was watching me was evil. I can still feel how I felt and the fear after all these tears don’t trust it often evil will come to in a harmless way and get worse as it gets more control of you pushing and taking til it has your trust and control

    oh yeah you can read my story on hear its called the red eyes

  15. Jerry says:

    Again, I have said this once before, its a game, nothing more – smoke and mirrors, thats it…..Don’t give them anymore power than they have, FEAR is their NO. power over us just do whatever reg. you are (and most are good) and you will be fine……..

  16. MADISON MYERS says:

    It happened to me too when I was 8.

    I’m just brushing my teeth looking at the mirror and suddenly this hand comes out of the mirror and i ran away.

    I hope things are well for you! :)

    • Miles Prower says:

      What? It came out of the mirror! Terrifying! lol

      I’ve always been slightly leery of looking into mirrors at night, when it’s dark….

      So what did the hand look like, that you saw? What do you think it was, a mischievous spirit?

      Thanks, things are well for me; I hope things are well for you too! :)

  17. Anonymous says:

    i saw a ghost girl in my room when i was bout nine like the grudge two years later i still have nightmares and iv seen her again recently. im stiill scared of the dark and my friends have started to see her its really creepy and i have to sleep with the light on !! stupid girl.

  18. Jessica R. says:

    Wow..This is real creepy for me to explain. Well, I just Googled glowing eyes and found your story, right after I just experienced seeing the glowing golden/yellow eyes. Let me tell you! I have never! Never! Never! Experienced this in my whole life. Let me give you a little back ground on myself. I’m 21 years old and I think I’m very sensitive to spirits in general! I am also a Christian- so obviously, I believe in God, angels, demons, satan, and spirits.. However, I can’t seem to believe in aliens. Lol.. Well, anyways.. its my day off from work & I have been awake since about 2:30-3:00 am.. nothing wrong with that.. lol but I been awake just watching t.v. in my room. I had my sister and nephew laying with me in my huge bed. So, I saw what I would describe as an orb in my peripheral on my right fly from my ceiling and across my room and saw the glowing eyes stop in my open closet. I looked and didn’t see anything so I continued watching t.v. I then saw another orb fly from my left peripheral into my closet, right along with the golden glowing eyes. This time they stayed! And when I turned my head to look, they were still there in pure darkness of my closet. I just couldn’t believe they hadn’t moved. The eyes were 2 big golden circles just blinking. And when I saw that it wasn’t leaving, I started freakin out! I woke my sister from her sleep with my panic fear. When she finally woke up enough for me to explain to her what happend, I saw another orb cross my room. I wasn’t about to stare into those big glowing eyes again, so I just shoved my face into the blankets crying hysterically. I have never been so scared for my life or my sister and her sons life. I had to research this for closure. I never felt so alone in my life. Like if no one could possibly understand me. This is a very scary feeling.

  19. Miles Prower says:

    Wow thanks for the story! :)

    It sounds similar to mine, at least the described golden/yellow eyes! Please tell me more what the eyes looked like, and what size were they? The ones I saw were HUGE, meaning MUCH bigger than human eyes, many times bigger! They were huge almond shapes of golden light. No pupils or anything. Just giant shapes of glowing light!

    So, I am most curious to hear you describe your sighting in more detail, if you’d like.

    Also it’s interesting that you mentioned them blinking! I did not see blinking, just a steady golden stare.

    When I had the sighting as a young child I was scared, and turned away in fear; then nothing happened. Aside from my fearful reaction at the time, I’ve ALSO always felt that the eyes I saw were beautiful, kind, and loving towards me. :)

  20. Melissa says:

    I’ve had the same experience but I was older….about 16 or so. The eyes were yellow/gold like other’s are describing and were seen on my bedroom wall. At the time I tried moving my curtains, moving objects that might be reflecting the moonlight and even rearranging the room. I tried having friends by and would watch the walls but they never appeared when people were around (which only made me feel crazy lol). They were larger than human eyes and did not have any detail.

    To this day I have no clue what they were but did not get a positive vibe. The apartment that I grew up in had a great deal of negative activity and this was just one of the many examples. It started from when I was a very young girl until we moved out at 19.

  21. Michele says:

    I have been periodically trolling the Internet looking for stories that have similar elements to mine. I can�t believe I stumbled upon this. I don�t feel so alone anymore.
    I have been disturbed by odd sightings and beings since I was a very small child. I am now over 45 years old. Unfortunately, it is hereditary � my grandmother and father (both Native American), brother, and my children have all been unwilling participants in a supernatural game.
    My first instances with supernatural beings came when I was about 4 years old, and lived in an apartment in Flushing, New York. There was a man who occasionally came to sit on my legs at night. He was dressed in a blue uniform. He was always eating � a hoagie, a donut, some fried chicken. He was a little chunky and heavy. But he never said a word to me, and I wasn�t really afraid. He�d just sit there and eat until I fell asleep. After we moved to Baltimore, he never bothered me. I assume that he was attached to that apartment.
    At this time, my little brother and I shared a room. The Hungry Man never bothered my brother. He did not begin to experience these strange happenings until he was a teenager. The next episode began my lifelong acquaintance with what I call The Silhouettes.
    One morning I awakened to find that my brother was still asleep. That NEVER happens. The sun had come up and was streaming through the orange curtains in our room. I wondered what time it was that I was awake and he wasn�t. I turned my head and could see down the hall, past my parents� room, into the bathroom. No lights were on in the hall and it was dim, but I could still see. Suddenly, my mother appeared in the hall. She was fully dressed in pants (pedal pushers) and a top, her hair was done, and she was smoking a cigarette. But she seemed to float instead of walk. And her entire bodily form was blacker than the blackest black. The only color I could see was coming from the tip of the cigarette. Alarm bells went off in my head and the hair stood up on my neck as I realized that what was coming toward me was not my mother. It came into my room and sat at the foot of my bed. I was looking at it in profile now in my room lightened by the sun. Still pitch black with the orange tip of the cigarette. I could see no facial features at all. I was TERRIFIED. I watched it through slits in my eyes, pretending to be asleep. After some time passed, I fell back asleep. When I woke up and it wasn�t there anymore, I knocked on my parents� bedroom door. My mom answered, still in her nightgown, rollers in her hair, and her trademark cigarette.
    So years pass where very odd things are going on. I moved back to New York from Baltimore, and lived in my grandfather�s haunted (so I found out) house. We had ghosts laughing and running down the halls, talking to us, and calling our names � it was wild. One day I am in the kitchen making dinner, and my daughter runs past the doorway and down the hall to her room. As she crosses my line of sight, I see a huge gray hand reach out to grab her. Weird thing was I could see right through it. It had long, long fingers, about 12 inches. I couldn�t move for a second. Then I screamed. I went to make sure she was OK, and she was. Never saw it again.
    A couple of years pass, odd things still going on, but we move back to Baltimore. Unfortunately, the NY ghost comes along for the ride. We were staying with my in-laws for a little while. Now my in-laws are having their names being called, they�re being talked to, the rowing machine rows by itself � etc. My father-in-law named him Herman. He�s still there to this day.
    One night at my in-laws, my husband is on a business trip, my oldest daughter is asleep with me, and my youngest daughter is in a crib across the room. The room is lit by two 100-gallon aquariums with lights. I can see perfectly well. I was awakened by the sense that someone was watching me. I opened my eyes to see The Silhouette of a Child standing next to my bed. Blacker than the blackest black. It stared at me, and I stared at it. I think it was a boy of maybe 4 years old. I was trying to talk to it, but all I could do was mumble. All of a sudden, he ran behind the TV stand. He seemed afraid. I followed where his body was turned toward and where he appeared to be looking. He was looking toward the crib. And hanging over my baby�s crib was a huge pair of red glowing eyes. Bigger than any animal�s or any human�s. The eyes looked like they were on fire. No body, no head — just hanging there in the air. I was becoming more awake by the second. Once I realized I was FULLY AWAKE, I said to the eyes �I can see you. I see you!� Once the eyes realized I was talking to them (and not just mumbling), their expression morphed into a bone-chilling, hate-filled malice. I sat bolt upright in the bed and started screaming at it to get away from my baby. My oldest daughter sat up too, but as she sat up, the eyes started to fade. They didn�t move, didn�t appear to flee; they just faded. I stayed awake all night and brought the baby in the bed with me and my oldest daughter.
    While I�ve never seen they glowing red eyes again, my hauntings and visitations continue.

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