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The Ghost That Tore Apart Our Family

Posted on June 4, 2008

Hi, our names are Jenna and Kara Michaels, and we’re 15-year-old twins. We both felt strongly about writing this memoir down and posting it, because we think people should know how badly a spirit can ruin your life.

It was mid-August,2002. Jenna and I were 9 years old. Our parents were going through a divorce, and our Mom was moving into a new house. Due to issues with our father, my mother had won custody over us. As the day came more and more closer for us to move, we dreaded moving out of our once peaceful home. But we couldn’t help but feel at peace, because all of the bad memories of our father coming home drunk and our mother breaking things would be left behind.

At first the new house seemed perfect, it was big enough for each of us to have our own room and the kitchen was immaculate. But then one night, when Jenna and I were watching TV, we heard our mother scream from her bedroom. Although she was screaming, she was fast asleep, but crying for help from God. Jenna and I, at the time now 10, were completely freaked out. We had no idea what to do though, so we resolved ourselves thinking she was just dreaming. But then the nightmares got more intense. At first she had them only once a week, but it soon turned into every night.

Once Jenna found claw marks on her bedroom door that had not been there the night before. Whenever we would ask her about her nightmares, she would stare blankly into space and say she couldn’t remember.

Then the entity started to attack me. It would mess with my head, and as I got older it got worse. Once when I was 12, it made me have visions that my family was together and everything was OK. That’s why whenever Jenna brought up anything on the subject of our parents, I would get really mad at her and scream at the top of my lungs that I wish everything was back to normal.

Jenna and I went to stay with a close friend for a while, because we couldn’t handle staying in that house with that thing. Two weeks later, the police called the house saying that my mother had committed suicide. We thought it strange, because the day before we had visited her and she was fine.

When we went to look at the scene of the event, their was a knife by her side but no blood (which everybody found strange) and no wounds! The sheriff handed Jenna and I (now 13) “her” suicide note. It was written in scribbly, hard to read writing like a little kid had written it: nothing like our mother’s neat handwriting.

For the next two years, we were tormented with the question of how our mother died. Now, back living with our sober father, we deal with the pain today. Jenna and I personally think that the entity killed our mother because there were handprint marks on her neck. She was a wonderful woman who lived life to its fullest, and enjoyed every moment of it. We dearly loved her, and she would have never committed suicide.

The police are still looking for the “person” who killed our mother.

Sent in by Kara and Jenna Michaels, Copyright 2008

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7 Responses to “The Ghost That Tore Apart Our Family”
  1. Porsche Cheyenne says:

    Omg…this is really deep wow…Im sorry to hear this, I mean really it almost made me cry cuz its so intense wow….Im really sorry 2 hear that!

  2. Jackie says:

    I’m so sorry you have this to deal with, I hope you find out what really happened.
    I don’t think your mum committed suicide either from what you’ve said and it is possible to be attacked by a spirit, it happened to me (story is over in the ouija board section, it’s called, ‘get satan off my back’). I was lucky to escape whatever that was, I only know i sensed evil.
    God bless you both, xx

  3. kara michaels says:

    ya its okay really.. we just try nott to think about it and we don’t dwell on it like some people do. life is pretty good right now and my dad’s getting married to this really nice woman. thankfully we’re moving out of the state. we’re happy becuz the house my dad has is kind of crappy and it’s really close to the house we lived in w/ our mom. nothing spooky has happened so farr but we’ll write more if something else happens. i think that stupid ghost had its fun by ruining our lives… thanks for posting dat anyway..

  4. Jenna michaels says:

    sorry kara forgot to putt this but we think that the thing that attacked our mom could have maybe been our aunt.. she died before we were born but before our mom died she told us stories about her. our aunt and our mom did not get along at all becuz they were very different. our mom was 3 years older than our aunt, and she was a lot more rational and practical. but our aunt whose name was kelly was not like her. she was really wild and crazy, and really outgoing but would just about do any dare you dared her to do. when they were teenagers my mom would yell at kelly becuz she would come home from parties drunk and then kelly would yell at her and tell her to leave her alone. she was also very involved in witchcraft and even went to these cult meetings. we think it was her trying to get revenge on our mom… BTW, our mom’s name was Joanna and our dad’s name is Chase. sorry kara forgot to putt that.

  5. if anyone wants to email me about this, just hit me up at [email protected]

    thanks for all of your support!!! i love all of you

    luv always,
    kara michaels

  6. Warrior Priestess says:

    I’m sorry to hear about this, youre mother did NOT commit suicide, Someone or something might have entered the house, and youre mom had the knife to defend herself with. Youre mother may have had a heart attack, or died of fright. Also, youre Aunt is in Hell, thats where she’ll always be for doing witchcraft and for drinking and being crazy. Hell has no Exits for Human Souls to escape, theyre being punished for all eternity, they cannot leave even for a second, human souls in Hell cannot torment the living, they get no such priveledge. If there was a Demon of any kind that came after your mother, then apparently it was one that was already in the house. Demons and spirits are born from Bad energy that was created by Humans in their life-times, intense Hate, and Negativity can intensify and manifest, emotions have energy, and that energy doesnt just stay inside a person, we all should know this, because if someone is Angry, you know it and you feel it, its the energy that eminates from them. Energy is all around us. Energy itself is Alive, Solar, Electric, Static, Water, Heat, etc… Even rocks have energy, Jet-Stone has a lot of Energy, if you get it next to silk it becomes electricly/staticly charged. And we all know Magnets have Energy, both Negative and Positive.
    Was there an Autopsy performed on your Mother?

  7. SomeoneNotImportan says:

    Oh man. I’m sorry to hear about this.

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