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The Ghost Lady A Visit From My Grandmother

Posted on October 24, 2007

Submitted to us by by Krissy

When I was little my mother and I, who was only 18 when I was born, lived with her father in the house he and his wife, my grandmother, had lived in when she was alive. I’d never met my grandmother because she died two years before I was born. I had only seen pictures of her.

When I was about 8 my mother was making me lunch in the kitchen and my grandfather was in the back yard working on his garden. I was in the living room, playing and waiting for my mother to finish making my lunch. I didn’t “feel” anything, but I sensed someone was watching me. Kind of the way when you’re asleep and someone is staring at you, you can sense them standing there.

Well, I looked up and saw a woman watching me play. She had a sweet smile and looked at me with love in her eyes. She didn’t look like a person, but she didn’t look like a shadow either. She never really moved, she just sort of appeared and stood there. I smiled up at her and she kept the same sweet smile on her face.

I decided that the best thing to do was go back to playing. I was young and I didn’t know that I should be afraid. The lady seemed nice so I decided she wouldn’t hurt me. I honestly didn’t think she could. so I played for about fifteen more minutes. The woman never moved, never said a word, just watched and smiled as I played with my toys. After a while, my mother called my name from the kitchen, telling me that lunch was done. I looked up to tell the lady goodbye but she had disappeared.

Years later, I was going through some of my grandfather’s old pictures on a visit to his home and I cam across a picture of my grandmother I had never seen before. It looked exactly like the lady who had watched me play in the living room so many years before. I’ve told others this story but because they’d never had an experience such as the one I’d had they didn’t believe me. I, however, am convinced that the sweet lady had been my grandmother, coming to visit a grandchild she had never been able to meet in life.

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One Response to “The Ghost Lady A Visit From My Grandmother”
  1. Ama Nazra says:

    Hi again Xenia,

    I think I just wrote to you from the Allexperts.com site.

    Yes, we can connect to our guardian angel. Every person on the planet, and all lost souls, have a guardian angel, often more angels, and humans-in-spirit who act as guides for us. We can ask them all for help when we need it, and we’ll get it, as long as it fits in with the plan of our lives – the one we chose before we came into the world, which is not always the one think we have at the moment. They will only act for Love, not for anger. They teach us to trust ourselves, to seek peace, and to look after ourselves better .. and to do the same for other people .. when we listen.

    How do we connect? Keep it simple. Start talking to your guardian angel, who always stands behind your right shoulder. Say good morning to God/Spirit and your angels and guides each day and TELL them you want to feel them, see them and hear what they have to say to you. Give them permission to help you with this. Then Trust your gut feeling, your intuition, about situations in your life. If something ‘feels’ perfectly right, do it. If you have a moment of doubt .. don’t do it. Pay attention.

    Angels communicate with us through our hearts – through love and trust and our feelings (heart chakras). Human guides work on the same energy, but we usually feel it more through our gut reaction (solar plexus chakra).

    My angels. My guardian angel is named Michael, because when he introduced himself (and 11 other Michaels at the time) he didn’t say I could choose a name for him, or that he’d chosen one for himself, which they sometimes do. The other Michael’s I work with all answer to that name, but their leader is Mica .. and she’s fascinating .. but that story is for another time. Their energy is always red in colour to see. The Gabriel I work with, who stands behind my left shoulder, is Meyer. She’s all about creativity abd inspiration. The coiour for her group is orange. In front on the right are the Healing angels, Raphaels. I have two Ruth and Martha. One is my personal healer (and we all have them too) and the other is for my work with other people. Their colour is green. And at the front on the left is the position for the Uriel, mine is named Peter and looks a lot like Santa Claus (short, round and jolly). The first time we ‘met’ he literally levitated a candle .. it was burning at the time. I told him to put it down .. and then I asked who he was. :-) The Uriel are our spiritual teachers, among other things. Their colour is blue. I do not have human guides, but most people do.

    If you think about where the angels are standing, you will notice that the Michael (our spiritual protectors) are watching our backs, as are the Gabriel; the Raphael and the Uriel are in front clearing our paths forward through life. We are surrounded and well protected, and constantly, unconditionally loved.

    You might find you communicate best with one or another of your angels. As I told Xenia on the other site, I work with the Michael and communicate most clearly with them, but Meyer and I often do most of the talking. The Gabriel can be very chatty sometimes.

    Trust your feelings. Ask to ‘hear’ (its called clairaudience) clearly, and then DECIDE that you can. Give yourself permission to hear your guides and angels .. open your heart to their wisdom … change your life for the better. You have to work on it. We all work on being negative. It is so much easier to be angry than happy .. which makes no sense to me at all .. but just look around you at the world …..

    Know you are truly loved, and believe it. Let that be the key that opens the door to communication with your heart, with Spirit, and with your spiritual helpers.

    Love & Light

  2. J.M. says:

    And you have your divine Father and Mother and the spirit with you too.
    You can ask your mother particularly to free you from those bad feelings, when ever you ask with faith, Xenia – they also protect you from the dark side, just ask them for their help – because they respect your free will.

    Ama, do your Guradians always hold their ‘position’ – I’m just curious on how to interpret this picture of statically bound helpers that i have atm the moment, somehing’s not looking right there to me :p and I thought everything floats.

    And another question, if it’s allowed, did you decide to ‘hear’ them audibly (or mentally)? – Does it really work?
    Since a long time I’m wishing to hear them, but I don’t know on what to listen….
    …I search for a fixed point to listen to…somthing to recognize as surely ‘the right voice’ and not my mental thinking voice. It would help a lot with communication and avoids misunderstandings which I still have sometimes.

    bless you and peace to you all

  3. A J Ryder says:

    Hi Xenia

    Firstly, I’m sorry you often feel depressed sad and lost. There are a multitude of ways to help you overcome these horrible feelings, from prayer to meditation o,r from talking your problems through with friends, to keeping a diary of how you are feeling each day – both happy days and sad ones.

    I find trying to bring a good memory to the fore everytime I’m feeling down works for me. Something which makes me smile or even laugh out loud. If that fails, I will sit quietly, close my eyes and imagine being consumed with brilliant vibrant light. But just because those things work for me, it doesn’t mean it will work for eveyone – we are all different after all. So please try to find a way of pushing those negative thoughts out of your mind whenever you feel life is getting on top of you, by replacing those thoughts with something positive. Its not easy but you will find your way to overcome your anxieties.

    Now onto spirit guides:

    The guide most prominant in my group is Benjamin (although, just to wind him up, I sometimes call him Ben’amin – haha!). Benjamin’s job is to protect me in all matters of a spiritual nature, including alerting me when unknown entities are about and protecting me during exorcisms.

    When I first ‘discovered’ Benjamin (years ago now) I naturally wanted to converse with him all the time – there were so many questions I wanted to ask, and so many answers I seeked. But, Benjamin discouraged idle chit-chat. He actually told me that God warned guardian angels against such actions and, although it was not strictly forbidden, it was frowned upon and actively discouraged. The reason was because guardian angels are there to do a job and nothing more but, when the living and the dead start holding converstations, the spirit guide risks getting too emotionally attached to their charge – which can lead to complications.

    This may sound harsh, but I see Benjamin’s point. His job is to protect me from unclean spirit and, although he is definitely a father-figure and quite protective of me in many ways, the boundries are clear cut and so I can trust him with my life without interfering with it. That said, I still occasionally tease him, by calling him Bena’min just to wind him up though – LOL!

    So, bearing the above in mind, I would advise against non-essential communication with your guide. But what I will say is this, when you are feeling lost or sad, sit down somewhere quiet and ask your guides to send you healing. Your guides would be more than willing to assist and you will feel a warm glow gradually consume your body which in turn will make you start to feel at peace.

    As for the spirit you can feel in your home – if it makes you feel uncomfortable then chances are, it isn’t one of your guides. If you’re feeling uncomfortable about its presence, ask it to leave. If it doesn’t, it definitely isn’t one of your guides. At this point, ask your guides to escort it out. If it persists to annoy you, then it may mean moving it on perminantly by having your house blessed or, as a last resort, an exorcism – although troublesome spirit rarely hangs around long enough for it to be exorcised.

    I hope all this has helped in some way?

  4. Ama Nazra says:

    Hi JM, who are you?

    Divine Mother and Father .. do you mean God? Spirit .. Holy Spirit? Are you a Spiritualist? Divine Mother is possibly Mother Mary to me, an ascended Master, it might be Quan Yin to a Chinese person. She’s gorgeous energy. I’ve met her once or twice, and many guides from Mother Mary’s group.

    The angels, when they are working with you, remain in their assigned areas (but are not bound there) … there are unlimited numbers of other angels within each category to do the work we ask of them. When I ask my guardian for help, he sends other Michaels .. and Mica’s group is a ‘phalanx’ which is either 100 or 1000 strong (depending on where you research the term) of other Micheal angels from all the different types within the group called Michael. And each group is one being, they all know what each other knows in many different ways. It’s utterly fascinating to try and fathom the structures.

    The angels hold their position to help people identify who they are. My own experience, and everything I have read over the years since, has placed the guardian angels behind our right shoulders. So its not just me saying this.

    Human guides are not bound in place. They come and go to suit themselves, so do the Uriel angels. Their position around us is in the front at the right, but they are usually only there when we are going through profound life changes. I love Peter (my Uriel) but when he turns up I start expecting my life to turn into a rollercoaster. :-)

    I am not sure what you mean by ‘floats’. The angels are bound by the structures that God/Spirit created them within. A Michael is a Michael .. s/he doesn’t change to a Uriel for a while etc. They have no free will the way humans do. They are not robots, but they are bound to follow orders – God’s first, and then those of the people they are assigned to, within the guidelines we choose, just as we chose the angels ourselves before we come into the world. They are a collective consciousness, as I said. They are one being in many parts, just as we humans are one being in many parts, and all of us are part of God.

    Making a choice to hear them, and I hear them in my head, and with my ears, and get visions and sense them, sometimes all at the same time (LOL), does work. You have to give yourself permission to do so, and then remind yourself that you HAVE ALREADY MADE THE CHOICE. Our ego will then step in and tell us its not true. What you are trying to do is to change your thought patterns, and you can do, everyone can. Decide you can, and hold that decision, and you will. We are all capable of hearing our angels and guides in some way, we all do it subconsciously all the time, and when we sleep .. but what we want to do is hear them consciously … and often do without realising. Have you ever heard your name called somewhere unexpected, and then looked for the caller and found no one you recognise although you ‘feel’ you know the voice, and you know for certain someone was called ‘you’ specifically. That was a regular supermarket experience for me for a few years. In the end I would have a quick look around, then check out the shelves for what I had forgotten to buy. LOL Sometimes when I hear them they sound like me, but the voice doesn’t ‘feel’ like my voice .. sometimes .. well, I describe the Michael’s voice as dark chocolate. They are usually very deep, even the ‘female’ looking ones. The Gabriel generally have a smile you can feel behind them, a sparkle of sorts. The Raphael are so kind, you can feel it in your soul when they speak. Uriel .. is old and wise. .. you might notice the word ‘feel’ a lot here .. The angels speak to us through our hearts. When an old friend asked to hear his angels they answered ‘listen with your heart’. We didn’t understand it at the time, but I do now. Open your heart to Love and God in whichever form you invision God to be and let him/her speak through/to you (I am not talking about channelling). The Gabriel are God’s voice among the people. While I recommend people speak first to their guardians, because they remain with us forever and understand us best, while the other angels might change (one Gabriel for another), depending on what you are doing or learning, the Gabriel are the most chatty .. they are the angels of communication and inspiration.

    You can ask whatever questions you like JM. I’ll answer if I can. It’s my life work – answering questions, busting ghosts and unsettling demons.

    Love & Joy

  5. Ama Nazra says:

    Hi AJ,

    Good answer. I should have commented about idle conversations .. it might sound like Meyer (Gabriel) and I do that, but we don’t. I missed that bit .. so I’m glad you covered it so well. Thank you.

    Love & Joy

  6. A J Ryder says:

    Hi Ama

    Trouble with what we are and do, there’s way too much information to cover, in order to get it all in, in just one answer – lol!

    I’ve read a few of your replies now and you always come across as a wise person, connected to the spirit world.

    Its good to meet you.

  7. Ama Nazra says:

    Thank you for the compliment, AJ. You are right, there is so much information to cover, and so many knots to untangle in what people ‘think they know’. So my answers are usually LONG!!!! LOL

    Nice to meet you too.
    Love & Joy,

  8. Kev says:

    I am not a church Goer and do not follow any particular religion. I keep my beliefs to myself. Recently my partner and I have endured the most testing times where stress is concerned. To cut a long story short, my 18 year old has been put in remand by a misunderstanding Police Force. Anyway to cut to the chase, I have turned to my beliefs and recently have begun to speak to any Guardian Angel that would listen. I have to say without a shadow of doubt they or something to the equivalent definitely exists. I am making a connection with someone or something. The effects of this connection are what I read about regularly and 7 out of 7 my guide for better of a word has responded to my private prayers. If you have or can find your faith, trust me as an ordinary bloke in the street, whatever you want to define it as, does exist.

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