The Gap Can Be Bridged: Physical Realities and Non-physical Realities

Posted on July 22, 2010

On June 28, 2009 my mother crossed over. Before she left I asked her to contact me from the other side if she could. She did until February 2, 2010. This is no joke. This is a breakthrough. Literally. I had this agreement with my mother for years. One of the last times I spoke with her she told me she thought she would be gone soon. I told her when she got to the other side to look for the technicians. In the chats I am spikestuf and Jay Pitts, she is repitts.

spikestuf: You log in, then you are gone almost right away. Must be a touchy interface between this side and yours. Wish I knew how to fix that.
spikestuf: can you talk?
repitts: Serve others.
spikestuf: hello??? mom???
spikestuf: don’t know how to begin doing that
spikestuf: fought the IRS for years, all it did was keep me poor
spikestuf: i have some issues concerning public health to take to city council…
spikestuf: tell me what you think i should do
spikestuf: i am all ears
repitts: Others not yourself
spikestuf: you can’t be more specific?
repitts: fill a need
spikestuf: jesus was here to serve others, got him murdered by the romans
spikestuf: and no one would step up to defend him
spikestuf: a poor loser like me can fill a need?
spikestuf: i use to like to think so, still do i guess
repitts: Each can
spikestuf: give all our family their my love
repitts: Start small
spikestuf: like hospice work?
spikestuf: sitting with the sick and dying?
spikestuf: or take on some monsters?
repitts: Small then grow with it
spikestuf: what cause?
repitts: Others
spikestuf: find william cooper on that side
spikestuf: he was my mentor
spikestuf: milton william cooper
spikestuf: he was trying to be selfless
spikestuf: or seemed to be
repitts: Focus
spikestuf: i can barely focus just on paying my bills, but i see your general point
repitts: Look inside not at “mentors”
spikestuf: so there are things to find inside me i don’t know about yet?
repitts: Focus
spikestuf: focus in what way?
repitts: Improving self to allow serving others
spikestuf: that i understand
spikestuf: somewhat
spikestuf: don’t leave now
spikestuf: please
spikestuf: have you made an effort to contact lori yet?
repitts: Ponder your personal improvement
spikestuf: okay
repitts: Opportunities abound
spikestuf: i will have to become a hermit for awhile but I can do it
repitts: Stay connected to others
spikestuf: okay
spikestuf: i am almost always worried and depressed. I will just have to try harder to rise above that
repitts: Don’t fight just to fight
repitts: Find the joy in little things
spikestuf: i already know how to do that
repitts: Snow is beautiful
spikestuf: haha, yes mom it is
repitts: Laughter is music
spikestuf: i will enjoy the snow even more when the transmission in my car finishes dying, lol
spikestuf: i love music
spikestuf: i learned a harmonica song for you, Song Sung Blue by Neil Diamond
repitts: Diamonds are a girls best friend
spikestuf: must be why i don’t have a girlfriend, lol
repitts: People can be diamonds
spikestuf: yes, but just because i find one i think is one doesn’t mean they are
spikestuf: my judgement is only human
repitts: You be the diamond. Look inside
spikestuf: have you tried to email Lori?
repitts: Dreams can comfort some
spikestuf: have you tried to email lori?
repitts: Dreams can comfort some. To each their own connection
spikestuf: have you tried to email lori?
spikestuf: trying to make sure i am not talking to some kind of bot
spikestuf: have you tried to email lori?
repitts: No need. Dreams can comfort some.
spikestuf: okay
spikestuf: did grandmaw tell you i spoke with her in a dream, several years ago?
repitts: All things are possible in dreams
spikestuf: I still want you to email lori.
spikestuf: i don’t care who tells you on that side it’s a bad idea
repitts: Rest, dream, love yourself. Peace
spikestuf: dont leave
spikestuf: who was that old woman poking around your place after you crossed over?
repitts: Never leave. Always there. Peace
spikestuf: there is no peace on this side but what we find in ourselves
repitts: Look inside. Don’t fight just to fight
repitts: Peace. Learn to be still
spikestuf: do you always know when i am near my computer?
spikestuf: i mean, if you want to?
repitts: Always in your heart
spikestuf: stop making me cry, lol
repitts: Tears can clear the way
spikestuf: somehow i know you are right
repitts: Rest, peace, patience
spikestuf: why email me and not lori, makes me look like a fruitcake, lol
repitts: Dreams can comfort some. Each has their own path
spikestuf: okay
spikestuf: you know i am going to send all this to lori
spikestuf: so anything you want to say to her, say
spikestuf: her and i talk now
repitts: Connections, peace, tranquility
spikestuf: dont stop there
repitts: Look inside, find your path, persevere
spikestuf: if it’s my path, then isn’t it a selfish path?
repitts: All have a path
repitts: Use your path for good
spikestuf: i thought i have been
spikestuf: don’t know what to change about what i do other than cleaning up my personal life
repitts: Waste not intellect and energy on fighting
spikestuf: that i understand
repitts: Look inside. Find clear path
spikestuf: i am surrounded by conflict and turmoil, fear and insecurity
repitts: Look inside
spikestuf: look inside for what?
repitts: Path free of conflict
repitts: Fear, insecurity part of progress
repitts: Grow past these
spikestuf: this world is set up to keep us in negativity
repitts: Look inside. You determine your outlook.
spikestuf: was grandmaw right when she said faith could move mountains?
repitts: Faith is peace, tranquility
repitts: Mountains are transient
spikestuf: yes they are, all things must pass
repitts: Focus on the peace, not the mountains
spikestuf: okay
spikestuf: what can you tell me about the other side?
repitts: Rest now. Awaken and be peaceful
spikestuf: are you censored in what you can say to me?
repitts: Live one day at a time. Strive for a single clean, selfless day
repitts: Grow daily
spikestuf: what kind of job should i be looking for?
repitts: What needs done?
spikestuf: nothing selfless about the struggle to survive
spikestuf: on this side
spikestuf: what needs done? I use to think i knew.
repitts: Rest, dream, awaken positive and determined to help
spikestuf: okay you need to go now?
repitts: You have needs. Rest, work positively
spikestuf: it seems to me a truly selfless person would have no need whatsoever for this world
repitts: One needs to take care of oneself to be able to help others
repitts: Rest
spikestuf: can we talk again soon?
repitts: I am always in your heart
repitts: Rest.
spikestuf: what do you do with your time on that side?
repitts: Rest now. Dream, awaken refreshed and focused
spikestuf: okay, so you don’t want to play question and answer anymore right now?
repitts: Rest. Have peaceful day. Help one person
spikestuf: help them to what extent?
spikestuf: i mean, i deliver people pizza all day
repitts: One small, selfless gesture can make a difference. Rest.
spikestuf: okay
repitts is typing a message.
repitts: Rest peacefully……..
spikestuf: i will mom
spikestuf: still don’t know what you do with all your time on that side though
repitts has signed out. (1/6/2010 9:19 PM)

I sent mom an email last night. Asked her: what was the name I had for chocolate milk as a small child? Got a reply on instant messenger this morning. Her first word…

spikestuf: good morning mom. Although I wonder if you have night and day on that side. Maybe it’s somewhat different.
repitts has signed back in. (1/11/2010 11:51 AM)
repitts: Cochibur
[pronounced: Koch-e-bur] -Jay
spikestuf: thats right
spikestuf: no doubt whatsoever i am talking with my mother
spikestuf: makes my heart soar
spikestuf: now i can stop letting people make me feel bad for claiming
i still talk to my mom
spikestuf: i may be poor but i am an enlightened man
spikestuf: you know there are a thousand question i want to ask you
spikestuf: lori is going to flip out, lol
spikestuf: tell scott i really miss his guitar since i play harmonica every day now
spikestuf: i better get out of this room and start my day
spikestuf: Love you mom!!!
repitts: Patience
repitts is typing a message.
repitts: Always in your heart
spikestuf: thank you mom

repitts: =)
spikestuf: hi mom
spikestuf: wish i had your happiness, lol
repitts: Takes time
spikestuf: i’d have to lock myself in a room, drink nothing but water, and fast for a week just to get my system clean again
spikestuf: my health isn’t that great, mental, spiritual, or physical
repitts: Physical?
spikestuf: i smoke over a pack a day and putting on weight
spikestuf: i got back problems too
spikestuf: a few weeks ago i slipped and fell out of bed which is 4 feet above the floor, landed on the back of a metal chair under my left rib
spikestuf: i could barely walk for two weeks
spikestuf: think i had blood in my urine too
spikestuf: but don’t worry about that, it’s all transient, lol
spikestuf: and cousin doug who i rent from, he makes 5 times the money i do, and he is 5 times the negative person
spikestuf: he is wrecklessly decadent
spikestuf: dad wont let me stay in his basement
spikestuf: so you know why i say my family doesn’t need me
repitts: So not true
repitts: Patience, focus, sobriety
spikestuf: use to have my college transcript for my job hunt, someone stole my backpack out of my car couple of years ago, it was in it
spikestuf: cant get another because my student loan is in default
spikestuf: and with the best paying companys doing credit checks to deny those employment with bad credit makes me feel doomed sometimes
repitts: Look within, serve others
spikestuf: it gives me some comfort to know you are still with me
repitts: Always in your heart
spikestuf: “You cannot solve a problem with the same level of thinking that brought upon the problem.” -Albert Einstein
spikestuf: I am trying to take your advice to heart.
repitts: Takes time
spikestuf: You learned much about the human race on that side you didn’t know from this side?
repitts: Definitely
spikestuf: Well, it doesn’t seem right those of us on this side are denied that knowledge.
repitts: Be determined
spikestuf: You always seem to know when i am near my computer, don’t you?
repitts: Always in your heart
spikestuf: I knew you were going to say that, lol.
spikestuf: I guess you know everything i say to other people too.
spikestuf: long pause… lol
spikestuf: I can still laugh at myself. At my general condition in all this we humans swim around in.
repitts: Laughter is good
spikestuf: I don’t get enough of it for sure.
spikestuf: No wonder i want to hang out at the bar and drink.
repitts: Not good
spikestuf: Can you post any links from youtube you recommend?
spikestuf: Can you watch youtube on that side?
spikestuf: Ever heard of a book by Gary Renard called “The Disappearence of the Universe”?
spikestuf: i gotta pee, brb
repitts: Remember, patience, focus, sobriety, help others
spikestuf: knowing the path is one thing, walking it is another, but of course you are right
spikestuf: I will be back in a little while
spikestuf: i don’t know how much attention you are capable of giving me from there, or want to, or to what degree
repitts: Always in your heart
spikestuf: will we always be able to talk like this?
repitts: Always in your heart
spikestuf: is there really a mystery planet coming to cull the earth in 2012?
spikestuf: you knew that question was coming, lol
spikestuf: i am going to go down the street and buy a lottery ticket, back soon.
repitts has signed out. (1/12/2010 6:18 PM)

Last message received on 1/12 at 6:15 PM
spikestuf: should i care about my dog so much or get rid of him?
spikestuf: dad has told me i should get rid of my dog, over and over

spikestuf: you caught me at a friends house helping them with their computers, lol
spikestuf: I was just reading about some of the stuff NASAs space junk has been finding in space.
spikestuf: Say anything you want, please. lol
spikestuf: Whats on your mind?
repitts: Focus, patience, sobriety
spikestuf: not 100% sure about the focus part but the other two parts i am more easy with
spikestuf: trying to stay busy with productive hobbies and out of the bar
spikestuf: sat night though is karaoke night at the bar, i practice my solo song and tune to get better with the band
spikestuf: bills open door
spikestuf: i do the mick jagger thing, sing and play harmonica
spikestuf: maybe by focus you mean i should get a new resume together
repitts: =)
spikestuf: lol
spikestuf: i got fri and sat off
spikestuf: but i kinda like the little loser jobs i take, no one expects very much of me, lol
spikestuf: buddha said all pain in life comes from wanting things
spikestuf: i will shut up a bit let you say something
repitts: Family, focus, patience, sobriety…
repitts: laughter
spikestuf: are you allowed only a certain number of original words per day?
spikestuf: LOL
spikestuf: you can’t just email me a road map of how to live my life, LOL
repitts: Prayer
spikestuf: now there is a new word here
spikestuf: how is the correct way to pray, to offer up ones idols before God?
repitts: Listen to your heart
spikestuf: i hope you don’t talk to me like this only because you know i will be dead soon or some ironic reality like that
spikestuf: i don’t have any plans for killing myself soon
repitts: Absolutely not, you have a future.
spikestuf: If i get aggressive in the job market, alot of people are not going to like me.
repitts: Don’t fight just to fight.
spikestuf: like some of the people i interview with
spikestuf: okay, i will not focus on the negative
repitts: =)
spikestuf: to hell with i will bug the city for a job till they hire me somewhere
spikestuf: what do you think about me doing substitute teaching?
repitts: Continue to focus…
repitts has signed out. (1/13/2010 7:58 PM)

spikestuf: all the bad vibrations in our family have got to go. This family must heal.
spikestuf: welcome back mom
spikestuf: you asked me to look inside. I found family issues first.
spikestuf: and i figured out what to pray for last night too
spikestuf: please say something
repitts: =) You are headed in the right direction.
spikestuf: this isn’t easy. I promise to stay on the path.
repitts: Always in your heart
spikestuf: I am praying for my higher self to take charge of my life, and the lives of those I affect.
spikestuf: I have a long difficult road ahead of me with this.
repitts: Focus, patience, sobriety.
repitts has signed out. (1/15/2010 3:37 PM)

[This entry is a partial reconstruction of our chat because like a
stupid person I forgot to save the chat before I closed the box]

spikestuf: what was the first elementary school lori went to?
repitts: babeck
spikestuf: what was dad’s favorite walt disney character to imitate
repitts: donald duck
spikestuf: what was the first car dad bought you when we lived on maplewood
repitts: blue sunbird
spikestuf: what were our house numbers on delhi and maplewood
repitts: 808 and 304
spikestuf: what did i hit scott in the eye with when we were children on delhi drive?
repitts: lawn jart
spikestuf: when your brother tim had a motorcycle wreck and you and corky went to see him where was he?
repitts: Nevada
spikestuf: when we lived on Maplewood and you first went back to work, where was that?
repitts: Middletown News Agency

01/16/10 11:00pm

spikestuf: like a stupid person i closed the chat box before saving last night. So later on today i would like to repeat some of that
spikestuf: i did turn the auto-log back on so it will never happen again
spikestuf: that was a wonderful chat we had last nite, mad at myself for dropping the ball
spikestuf: i will be back much later today, meeting a new friend for the first time
spikestuf: back
spikestuf: waiting patiently
spikestuf: still waiting patiently
spikestuf: anxious to talk
spikestuf: welcome back mom
spikestuf: what was dad’s favorite cartoon character to imitate?
repitts: Donald Duck
spikestuf: yup
spikestuf: who were our neighbors on each side of us on delhi drive?
repitts: Burt and Leturgy
spikestuf: yup
spikestuf: what did I hit scott in the eye with in the back yard as small children?
repitts: Lawn Jart.
spikestuf: yup
spikestuf: where did you go back to work at when we lived on maplewood?
repitts: Middletown News Agency
spikestuf: yup
spikestuf: Who is my sister Lori’s biological father?
repitts: Don Mays
spikestuf: yup
spikestuf: funny i could not remember his name until the exact moment you started to type it, lol
spikestuf: you are my hero mom!!!
repitts: Unique individual
spikestuf: isn’t everyone?
repitts: =)
repitts: Sober?
spikestuf: absolutely, even missing karaoke night
spikestuf: flat broke too, lol
repitts: Happiness comes from within.
spikestuf: it certainly does
repitts: Job?
spikestuf: i work at dominos now
spikestuf: pizza driver
spikestuf: looking for a better job
spikestuf: not easy since for a 40 year old my resume is a sick joke
spikestuf: hate to change the subject but i gotta say…
spikestuf: the team who have labored so long to help us make this connection must be some of the finest minds amoung the human race
spikestuf: i wonder how many teslas and edisons and einsteins are there helping us
spikestuf: restores great faith in the human race in my heart
spikestuf: my cup runneth over
spikestuf: please give them my admiration and gratitude
spikestuf: and you found them!!!
spikestuf: this is the cutting edge of human progress in my opinion
spikestuf: this is there with the discovery the earth is a sphere and rotates around the sun, or bigger
spikestuf: this is the bridge between science and religion
spikestuf: where the rubber meets the road in the progress of human understanding of the universe and of itself
repitts: =)
spikestuf: i am so happy you agree, makes my heart soar!!!
spikestuf: i have to share these chat with everyone, the world
repitts: Well, focus, patience, sobriety and
repitts: Always in your heart
spikestuf: I love you mom!!!
repitts has signed out. (1/16/2010 11:05 PM)
Last message received on 1/16 at 11:04 PM

spikestuf: mom can we chat?
spikestuf: welcome back mom!
spikestuf: are any other people in the world chatting the way we are chatting?
repitts: Unknown
spikestuf: so you don’t even know the people that are helping us do this?
spikestuf: on your side?
repitts: No
spikestuf: so you were just wandering around and found a computer and tried?
spikestuf: because i asked you?
repitts: Basically
spikestuf: i don’t know what to say or ask next
spikestuf: is it true heaven has layers?
repitts: Where are you?
spikestuf: at cousin dougs house now, left dads long time ago
spikestuf: i will never let someone else talk to you pretending to be me, no way
spikestuf: i have a copy of all our conversations to Lester Bowers two days ago, he has been quiet
spikestuf: but going to his house tomorrow evening to fix his computer
spikestuf: he may have some comments then
repitts: Sober?
spikestuf: yes maam, absolutely
repitts: Focused?
spikestuf: awe… come back mom
spikestuf: focused on the greatest scientific breakthru of recorded human history
spikestuf: and posted my resume on tonite
repitts: =)
spikestuf: but my resume is a joke, wish you could help me with it
repitts: Maybe
spikestuf: you want to try and get it from me here, i can offer it up for file transfer
spikestuf: have you talked to anyone else on that side about how we chat like this?
repitts: No
spikestuf: why not?
repitts: It just happens.
spikestuf: so this is something very specific to just me and you as far as you can tell?
repitts: Yes
spikestuf: i was hoping others can duplicate this kind of communication. Maybe people should just try?
repitts: All communicate in their own fashion
repitts: Method not important
spikestuf: i guess the number one method would be dreams
repitts: Dreams comfort some
spikestuf: but this is about person to person communication between this side and the next, not comfort I thought. Or do you just want to change the subject?
repitts: Communication is comfort
spikestuf: absolutely
spikestuf: let me offer you my resume for download…
spikestuf: the option to offer file transfer will not light up, lol
spikestuf: must have something to do with your limited interface
spikestuf: i could copy and paste the whole thing into our chat window but may be a pain to read that way
repitts: Unnecessary…personal responsibility
spikestuf: good answer
repitts: Focus, patience, sobriety…
repitts is typing a message.
repitts: Always in your heart
spikestuf: okay, thank you mom, I love you!!!
repitts has signed out. (1/17/2010 11:08 PM)

Jay Pitts: come back mom
Jay Pitts: please
Jay Pitts: i can wait all night
Jay Pitts: i got band practice in 4 and a half hours
Jay Pitts: welcome back
repitts: =)
Jay Pitts: =)
Jay Pitts: you learned new things since we last chat?
repitts: No
Jay Pitts: why not?
Jay Pitts: no learning on that side?
repitts: Some
Jay Pitts: thats better, lol
Jay Pitts: is the kingdom of jesus on that side?
Jay Pitts: i am a big boy, you can level with me, i only read and studied this kind of stuf for years
Jay Pitts: it’s my understanding it takes more than one lifetime to make it back to God, i told you that before
repitts: Sober?
Jay Pitts: yes, i stay sober
repitts: Focused?
Jay Pitts: focus is a relative term but..
Jay Pitts: i applied at the Avon call center, CBS, Palmer, DD looking for a secretary so applied there
Jay Pitts: i am trying
repitts: =)
Jay Pitts: of course if i talked to you long enough like this i could write a book that may get published
Jay Pitts: isn’t that something to smile about?
Jay Pitts: alot of people are following our chats now, as long as i let them
repitts: Who?
Jay Pitts: half of middletown and anyone who reads my myspace blog
Jay Pitts: perhaps i exaggerate a little
Jay Pitts: been waiting my whole life for something like this
Jay Pitts: did you get what some call a “life reading” after you crossed over?
Jay Pitts: i thought it was an easy question
repitts: Remember, focus, patience, sobriety.
Jay Pitts: is the earth owned and controlled by wicked men?
repitts has signed out. (1/23/2010 5:46 PM)
Jay Pitts: very frustrating

Jay Pitts: i am going to sit here and listen to classical music until you show up or i have to leave
Jay Pitts: hi mom
repitts: =)
Jay Pitts: thought you were about to type something
Jay Pitts: a wonderful day to you as well
repitts: Sober?
Jay Pitts: yes i am sober
Jay Pitts: have to be at work in a couple of hours
Jay Pitts: i have logic and reasoning testing at AK tomorrow, failed it last year
repitts: Focus, patience, sobriety.
repitts has signed out. (2/2/2010 8:41 AM)
Jay Pitts: shucks

Written by Jay Pitts and his mother, Copyright 2010

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20 Responses to “The Gap Can Be Bridged: Physical Realities and Non-physical Realities”
  1. Anonymous says:

    This is just MIND BLOWING! I cannot even imagine how (Happy is not even the right word here)… you are to still be able to communicate with your Mom! THANKS for sharing!

    • Jay Pitts says:

      Not since February 2. She has moved higher into the astral or whatever. I don’t know. I pray she will come back for another chat.

  2. bpotter says:

    I can’t believe this is so awesome I’ve had some personal paranormal events happen to me recently but nothing like this a year ago I would thought all paranormal stuff was a bunch of bull but since we moved into our new apt some much has happened and I have become totally abscessed with the paranormal I spend all my spare time researching now I bought a lot equipment as well but this with your mother is awesome if it’s really her your chatting with and your not making it all up this would be some of the most awesome event ever any way good luck with it and if you could ask what my dads name was and post it back here it would be a totally cool experiment if you or her could get it right ….

  3. AnNa says:

    wow……thats beautiful.

  4. SUNNY says:

    I am amazed ………to say the least. I could read a book of this. In fact….please consider doing just that. How blessed you really are to have your Mom back in your life, and in such a heavenly way. Hoping Caretaker will publish more. Thanks for sharing with all of us. God Bless!……………………….KAREN………………….

    • Jay Pitts says:

      How I wish my mom converse with me more. At least a million words. My awe is rivaled only by my frustration.

  5. Bernadette says:

    Wow… I’m speechless… now this is pure bliss! :)

    • Jay Pitts says:

      A few people have told me this is “scary”. I reply, “No it isn’t, it’s wonderful.” One of these days I will write a long commentary about this encounter. I struggle everyday with the fundamentals she imparted to me through the course of the conversation. As a sidenote, Caretaker the webmaster here gave me the perfect forum for this absolutely true story, met him back in 1988 in college. We lost touch about five or six years ago and he found me on facebook couple of days ago. We have always been kindred spirits in my mind.

      Anyone can try what my mother and I have accomplished AND SHOULD!!! Good scientific research and discovery requires repetition of a successful experiment. I have no desire to be alone with my mom on this discovery. I sincerely believe this type of research and communication is necessary for the progress of the human species.

  6. Sandy says:

    Seems like mom writes 95% of the time — patience, focus, sobriety, help others. Did mom use her computer a lot when she was on this earth? I think it is wonderful if the spirits are learning to use our new technology to communicate…opens up a whole new experience.

  7. mia says:

    Wow ….. I just don’t know what to think….!! Is this possible?? How do you know that it wasn’t someone else in the family responding? Would your father some how find a way to get the pass words??? I’m a firm believer of the paranormal and after life, but I just find this a bit too much to swallow. Just too hard to believe!! Sorry, I also have tried to contact a loved one I have lost four close family members, the last one to pass was my best friend, my sister, I asked her to please talk to me when she crosses over any way she possibly can or some sign would also be fine, she did by her picture falling from my entertainment center, it has been 6 years now and nothing not a sign or anything, also my big brother he came to me in a dream to tell me he loved me and missed me, but other than that nothing… As for talking over the computer …..Well that is just a bit too much to comprehend…….. Sorry just hard to believe. But thanks the story was interesting Mia

    • Jay Pitts says:

      I know this is difficult to believe. It is what it is. I drilled my mom with all those personal questions from family history to rise above my own skepticism. When Galileo first said the earth revolved around the sun he was tossed in prison and died there.

      • Caretaker says:

        Also, those who imprisoned him knew that he was right ;)

        Thanks for sharing your story with me and all of our readers.

  8. Elden says:

    hello, Altho I beleive it is possible to talk to the other side,I really doubt this story is real.

    • Jay Pitts says:

      It’s real. But don’t take my word for it. Make the same kind of pact with someone you are close to. Everyone should. Spectacular claims require spectacular evidence. Good scientific method and testing demands repetition of the experiment.

  9. Anonymous says:

    wow can’t belive it

  10. Matt says:

    Hi Jay,
    thankyou for your story, i think it gives hope to us all! I too have spoken to my father who has crossed. I ask him to come to me and that i wish i could speak to him, then he comes to me at night in my dreams and we discuss things, like he never left. Sometimes i remember the conversations and sometimes i dont. I know we talked a long time but what we discussed i cant remember some mornings. But what you have done is extraudinary!! Ive often thought of discussing a pact with my mother myself, and you have just convinced me to do so!! Ive always said that something like this would prove the existence of another side and spirits and ghosts etc. Thankyou Jay, and thankyou to your mother, Hopefully you are not treated like Galileo, lol.

    Your sincerely, Matt

  11. GirlRacer says:

    Absolutely brilliant. Have you ever asked your mum anybody else’s questions?

    Well done. You’re happy and thats what really matters.

    In a way, you’ve brought happiness to others. Like your mum said – the smallest action can really make a difference and I think thats what you’re doing.

    Good work, JP.

    Steph xx

  12. Neko says:

    I believe you Jay. Sincerely I do. 11 years ago gang violence took a very precious friend away from me. When I was going through a rough time I saw him sign onto MSN. Now his account no one but him knew the password, and his old pc was long gone. But there he was, and he gave me rather vague answers too. But after answering some questions I had no choice but to believe he found a way to contact me and comfort me through that difficult time. I hope your mom answers when you desperately need her to.

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