The Evil Ouija Board

Posted on September 16, 2009

At least a year back in the summer of 2008 I was living in a little house in north west London. When I’d first moved in in 2005 I did not notice any presence in the house expect maybe a slightly cold and empty feeling, friends often said that although my house was cozy and cluttered and still felt empty and it didn’t have a sense of home. I ignored these comments, But some nights I couldn’t help but a hear a little movement in the loft, the loft had previously been my sister’s room but she said she didn’t like it she couldn’t explain why so it became the junk room really, but I could often hear heavy objects being dragged and little taps and knocks, almost foot steps. When I would go up to the room the next day it would be different, some of my picture would be turned facing down and just clothes thrown on he floor. Again I ignored this.

It was no until the summer or my eighth year when I had started messing around with Ouija boards. Probably half to do with boredom and rebellion, but me and a couple of friends would go into the loft at night and bring along old Victorian dolls or old photographs, anything that we thought may attract spirits. We were naive and would not do the Ouija board in a sensible manor and laugh and mock the spirits that came, we’d ask personal questions and not say thank you, basically we would be a little disrespectful and I think this welcomed evil spirits into my home.

There were two spirits that came to the board that I didn’t particularly like. The first was a spirit that claimed to be a three year old girl, I straight away knew there was something wrong because this spirit has excellent spelling. Anyways� I carried on communicating with the ‘little girl’ and came to find that she had apparently lived in Liverpool and had been drowned by her father. I stupidly asked the question of if she was lonely or scared in the spirit world and she replied “Its ok, I have you.” that sent an instant chill up my spine and instantly knew to leave the board, I politely told her I had to leave and she replied “no” with a sense of anger in her strong push on the pointer, so strong it flew from me and my friend’s hands. The whole of speaking to her I had a funny feeling in my stomach.

The Second strange spirit that came to the board was a time when we had a very old china doll present, one that a friend of mine had found it a park when she was a young girl. This spirit was strong that the glass movements were quick.The conversation started with the spirit saying “Help” I asked what was wrong and it claimed to be trapped within the doll. We asked if there was anyway we could help the spirit and it said “join me”. We instantly left the board.

For I long time I lost interest with Ouija boards as well as being frightened of them but then strange things started to happen.

One night me and a friend where just chatting in my living room. Everyone else in the house was asleep, randomly during the night the radio turned on to the news, and they were talking about a raping that had happened near to me recently. Then the lights flickered and a chill ran through our spines at exactly the same moment.

Other incidents like this continued and the movement in the loft became a little more sinister as sometimes things would randomly break in there and things would go missing. This carried on until jus before Christmas when I suffered the most frightening experience of my life, One night when I was with a friend a fire broke out in the middle of the night, apparently the cause of fire were the candle I had lit earlier that night but I am certain I blew them out.

I guess its almost been a year but I’m moving into my old house soon and I’m not looking forward to it. I don’t want to tell my mum or my sister because they won’t believe me.

Written by Irma, Copyright 2009

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18 Responses to “The Evil Ouija Board”
  1. raven says:

    i think that you either get the house blessed or find some way to aplozied to the spirits. i am perrty sure that they hate being disrepected. i

  2. tabbycat says:

    cool story! i think that you should tell somone about what you have seen it helps a lot trust me. i dont think it would be wise to play the board again in that house please tell me if this is yousfull.

  3. Karen M. says:

    What would you have done if the spirit went into the doll, and it got up and started dancing or something? I wonder why nothing ever happend when I tried to play the ouija board, maybe spirits don’t want to talk to me!

  4. Karen M. says:

    P.S. Can I just ask again why no one votes? I’m the 3rd to comment and the only one who voted! I think it makes it more interesting I like looking in the top rated stories and see which stories are popular!

  5. DarStarr says:

    Karen M.,
    You are just too funny! All I can picture in my head is that doll dancing around to Thriller!!!

    As for wondering why nothing ever happened when you tried the ouija board, there can be many different answers to that. When my friends and I played with it, it didn’t work for certain combinations of people. It was weird, but then when my boyfriends brother sat down with me, that thing started flying. So I sometimes think it’s the certain peoples energy or connection or something. But who knows.

  6. Karen M. says:

    DarStarr, Me too I think it depends on the person, my brother played a ouija once in the house that we grew up in, and it just kept saying “close the window”, I have no idea what that meant!

  7. Pat says:

    Karen, I don’t even know you could vote let alone how to…anyway, I agree with raven- get the house blessed before you maove back in! Leave that ouija board alone too…very scary stuff going on with you and your friend…

  8. Caretaker says:


    At the bottom of each story, for example on this one you will see a row of stars with number of votes, average: points out of 5 beside it. All you have to do is click on one of the stars and rate it on a 1 to 5 scale. Stories with the highest ratings show up in the right hand side bar below “Top Rated Stories”

  9. DarStarr says:

    Karen M.,
    That is kind of creepy. When we played we had some really weird stuff happen and we went to this Psychic Church and talked with them and the minister told us that certain people just connect and that they are dangerous and should NEVER be played at all let alone by yourself. She said to bury it. Not to throw it away or it will eventually find it’s way back to you. Just not worth the chance. I haven’t touched one since.

  10. Karen M. says:

    OHHH DarStarr, you know that’s how the girl in the exorcist got possessed, with that captain howdy guy, who pretended to be someone that he wasn’t ! I’m glad the board never worked for me!

  11. DarStarr says:

    Karen M.,
    You aren’t kidding!! She told us, that is when someone is most susceptible, when they use it alone. She said they will start out playful and helpful and you become more and more addicted to talking with them, then they will weaken you. It is some crazy stuff. This woman was soo helpful, I often wonder if that Church is still there.

  12. imaghost says:

    cool story… u should appoligize to the ghosts… the little girl u didnt rlly disrespect but the other 1 u kind of did when u just left it… either way try to get their attention again… bring everything the same with u and do everything the same…

  13. Alisa says:

    Wow I can just picture a china doll facing to thriller tehe r.I.p mj. Anyway I think u should apologse and don’t ever touch anoter one agian.hope u get through ur experience ok.

  14. Alexander says:

    I think you shouldn’t even apologse and just stay away from using the board, infact get rid of it.. burn it or something, it’s not a thing you should be playing with, these a demons that are interacting with you, not good spirits. They might disquise themselfs as good people, like a family or a friend that has passed, but thats not the case.

  15. Alaetra says:

    Tell your mother immediately! Because this could get worse because there might be a demon or demonic entity trying to harm you! You might want ot get a priest to help you out! The O-board is nothing to play around with it is can open doors that are hard to close and may lead to you being harmed! I am praying for you!

  16. sabrina.r says:

    well its simply ovious ouija boards are nothing to mess with i got one it says to only use them 1-2 hours a week how long a weeek have you used it?

  17. Kuva says:

    Yeah man opologise to the spirits an get the house blessed. toss the ouija board its bad news. U could also command the spirits to leave your house in the name of Jesus Christ. Maybe try keeping religious objects near you. All up to you man theres some great suggestions here. ;3 Take care, and God bless. Kuva \|/

  18. Ellen May Jones says:

    oh my.. Such a chilling tale. You should never try to contact spirits! Such tomfoolery!

    hope everythings peachy as sweet apple pie and that you are snug as a bug.
    :-) .

    Yours Sincerely.

    Ellen May Jones
    Paranormal Investigator

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