The Evil On The Farm I Grew Up On

Posted on December 4, 2011

I recently submitted a story that had happened a few years ago. This story is much older and it’s the most terrifying things that have happened to me. I have also stated my beliefs about people rushing to claim ‘Paranormal’ experiences when I believe if thought out in a calm and detached way (if it’s something that happened to you), then sometimes logical explanations can be found. I’m not claiming by any means that you or someone you know hasn’t experienced what you claim. I am merely suggesting to rule out all possibilities of it not being paranormal. Then if you’ve checked things and circumstances thoroughly and still have no answers, then and only then, should you begin to contemplate something paranormal could possibly be an option or answer.

My parents divorced when I was 9 and my mother, sister, and I moved to a 36 acre farm owned by my mother’s then boyfriend’s father (he’s now my stepfather and has been so for over 20 years).

My mother had my little brother when I was 11 and we were living in a trailer on the property while my grandfather was having a house built for our growing family.

The farm used to be an egg farm with 3 building still standing (and they even had the remains of the chickens in the cages). The chickens caught some kind of disease or something which killed them all off, effectively making my grandfather close the egg plant down.

There was a house on the property which my grandfather lived in with his family. I have done some research, but I could never find out any information about this house, not when it was built, nor any previous owners. There was also a well located beside the house, which was filled for the safety of the children. I’m still not sure of the details behind the house fire that burned the house to the ground. Thank God no one was hurt, but the house was rubbish and beyond repair. So my grandfather had a second house built approximately 1/3 mile from the house that burned.

The reason I’m telling you all about that house is that the house that was built for my step-father and our family was being built on the foundation on the previous house. This house did have a basement that I used to play in as a child and I even hurt myself in that basement, needing 9 stitches in my pinky and fracturing it.

On with the building of house on top of the foundation of the house that burned to the ground. I have no idea who thought it would be a good idea to fill in the basement, but they did. Which thinking back many years later, I concluded that they trapped something when the basement was filled in.

I had always felt uneasy anywhere on that property at night. Of course the screech owls terrified me as they sounded like a woman screaming in the woods. At least I was told they were screech owls. Walking the lane at night was terrifying. When I was 12 I babysat for a woman who lived at the beginning of the lane, but the lane was about 1/2 mile long with trees on both sides and no lights, unless you counted the moon and stars. I had to walk to her house at night so I could earn a few bucks babysitting and depending on how inebriated she was when she came home, I would walk home more times than I received a ride.

There was always the feeling of being watched, hearing footsteps beside me in the woods, and a few time I saw what looked like red eyes outside the windows or at the edge of the woods.

When my brother was old enough to talk, he’d tell stories of things in the trees lining the lane closest to the house watching him. Then the night terrors began for him. He’d wake up screaming and running through the house trying to get out of the front door or the sliding glass door. On one occasion he ran out the door, running up the lane towards our grandfathers house screaming, “It’s gonna blow! Oh my god we have to get poppy out!” He was 4 years old. Another time he came screaming from his room saying there was an African American (not the word he used) standing above him with a machete. And the final straw for him was when he came screaming out of his room saying there was something ugly and scary outside his window trying to kick dirt over him. After that he refused to sleep in his room. He did still continue to have night terrors and one time we found him trying to climb into the well that had been sealed.

My mother and I had a major falling out and she kicked me out when I was 15. But whatever was on that property didn’t let people go so easily. When I was 18 (right after I had my identical twin daughters) I dreamed of that farm. In my dream I remember thinking it was my step-fathers home, but the interior was completely wrong. I remember 2 men in the kitchen and as odd as it seems, they wanted to get in the basement. The stove was right next to the basement door and they had to move an iron skillet to get the door to open (I still have no idea what this means). They took turns running up and down to the basement. While I watched in a detached way from the ceiling. Then finally one of the men comes up from the basement with a burlap bag tossed over his shoulder. He said, “I have it, now let’s go.” Then everything went dark and I heard a very large gate close from the outside of the house and a voice that said, “Now you are condemned to live in hell and darkness.” That scared me awake. I asked my grandfathers ex-wife about the house that had burned and described the house in my dream. She showed me pictures that I’d never seen of a house that burned to the ground 25 years before I was born. The house from my dream, even the location of the basement door.

The second incident I had with that farm was when I was 27. I had a dream that bodies were being buried where the oil tank was that was next to my grandfathers house. The bodies were not being buried length wise, but side by side in a row. This was 10 years after my grandfather passed away and 3 years after the farm was sold. Then I saw something strange on my way to work the next day. While traveling a back road in broad daylight I saw 2 big dogs playing with something big, tossing it into the air and such. I slowed down to see what they were ‘toying’ with and it was a dead baby deer. This is odd behavior for dogs. After work, I had a hunch about the word deer. I checked the phone book and under the last name Deere was the address to the house I used to live in. I was afraid they were in danger and possibly asking for help. Though I could not be of any use of them, I had no information as to what I experienced and that place terrified me. I never went back.

Since then I’ve had no more dreams about about that place, nor do I want to.

Sent in by Vonnie, Copyright 2011

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3 Responses to “The Evil On The Farm I Grew Up On”
  1. antonio says:

    that sounds scary about the red eyes in the wood i hope i never see anythinglike that

    • Vonnie says:

      That place changed people.
      My step-father who didn’t drink and treated my mother well became an abusive alcoholic.
      When they moved away from the farm within a year he sobered up and the abuse stopped.
      I used to roam the woods as a child and even in broad daylight I felt like I was being watched and followed.
      I remember on one occassion while I was visiting my sister (who lived in my grandfathers old house at the time) someone thought it was a good idea to play with a Ouija board (Not me). They were trying to find out what was there.
      The board told them it was Legion, then it said “Here comes the (word that rhymes with witch)”. Immediately after that my aunt walked in the front door.
      Also another time when I was visiting my step-father’s brother (he’s 2 years older than me), again at the same house. I was there with my children”s father who was a non believer. He had no idea which bedroom was my grandfather’s (it was a big one story house with 5 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms). He pointed to a door and asked what room it was. I told him it was my grandfathers bedroom, then asked “Why?”
      He said that I probably wasn’t going to believe him, but he saw a a thick mist form in the dining room, then it went right through the closed door.
      There were times that I had an irrational fear to put my feet on the floor (of the new house, the one where the basement was filled in). For some reason I felt as if I walked across the floor or let my feet touch the floor something bad would happen.
      Many times I heard doors closing in the back of the house when everyone was asleep, late at night. And sometimes I could’ve sworn I saw distorted shadows.
      But like I said before, I wasn’t certain as to what I heard and saw, I thought at the time it was my fear and my mind was playing tricks on me. Until one night when I was up all alone. I was watching T.V., when for reasons I couldn’t explain at the time, the hair on my neck and arms tingled and then I felt someone breathing in my ear. Once again, I wrote it off as my fears causing a physical reaction.
      The eyes though, the red eyes, was harder for me to dismiss. I knew of no animal that had red glowing eyes. One window we all saw the eyes looking in (me, my sister, and my step-fathers youngest brother) was situated so high that if a grown adult stood underneath it outside there were still several feet before they were even with the window. I think I remember when we mentioned it we were told if someone was looking in the window they’d have to be at least 10 feet tall.
      My mother also told me of one occassion when we were living in the trailer waiting for the house to be finished. My brother who I believe was 2 at the time slept with my mother and step-father. She said she woke up one night because he was being pulled from the bed, from the foot of the bed, someone was pulling him from the bed. She said she woke up and grapped my brother, pulling him closer to her. When she looked at the foot of the bed, there was a little boy standing there. Still half asleep (thinking it was my cousin who lived on the same property) she reached for him. She said he gave her a look like “You can’t touch me.” Then he slowly fell backwards and faded away.
      Another time when we lived in the house she said she saw a headless man walk out of the wall in her bedroom (again at night), when she looked at the foot of her bed, she saw his head.
      I have a distant relative who is very sensitive and even has visions. She wouldn’t even set foot on the lane, she refused to be anywhere near the property.
      Then she told me that she had a vision of fire and I was trapped, no matter how hard she tried she couldn’t reach me. So she recited Psalms 23 and she was able to free me from the fire. She said whatever was there wanted me and I should always wear a cross and recite Psalms 23 every night.
      I’m sure that with more time to think, I’ll remember more incidents that happened there, and I’m also sure that whatever was there 30 years ago, still is.

  2. AJ says:

    I got chills just reading about your experience… One of my closest friends grew up on a haunted farm also, and I remember hanging out there and feeling similar things that you did, things watching from the woods and such.

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