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The Evil Ghost And The Handy Man

Posted on February 9, 2009

I’ve been in construction for over 20 years, have had a few paranormal experiences and embrace the fact there is a spiritual plane. What happened at the house in this story I don’t want to repeat.

About three years ago I was doing property maintenance, and was sent to a rental house to do some repairs. When I arrived, I went to the backyard where two other people were working.  After talking to them about what needed done, I felt like someone was watching me out the bathroom window. I asked the workers if the tenants were still living here and they said “no one lives here, the house has been empty for a month”. Ok, so I went inside and got a material list and left.

Next day about 5:30 pm I show up to work, the tile guys were coming the next day so I had to fix the bathroom floor, after doing a few other thing I noticed the pungent smell of stale cigarettes. There was a sickening smell in the air,  I just couldn’t put my finger on it.  8:00 pm I’m fixing the floor and it got really cold, so cold I could see my breath, not thinking anything about it I got up to close the window and noticed the air blowing in the window was warm.

I froze in my tracks, I could feel her behind me, in my minds eye I could see her behind me, surrounded by a black fog,  you could feel the hate, the anger, she was choking my very soul. I wasn’t scared, I felt like she was killing me from the inside, I just wanted to leave. I packed up for the night and left.

When I got home I told my wife, she thought maybe the house spooked me, come on now I’ve worked on houses at 3 am in bad neighborhoods with a shootout going on. So I went back the next day. I could feel her presence, a cold spot in the house. I didn’t stay until dark this time and every time I left I would feel a relief, a peace.

The third day I went to the office for an update on the house. I asked the foreman what happened at that house, he said “nothing why?” but he never would look up. I knew something was up, I asked one more time. He told me a story about the people that lived there for years. They would binge on crack and a month before that’s what they were doing. The husband sat in the living room, she went and laid down and overdosed,  it gets better,  he sat for six days smoking away and left her in the bedroom with the door shut.

Their daughter came over, where’s mom? She went in to the bedroom and found her decomposing body, he was arrested. That’s what that smell is. The next day I took my wife with me, still she thinks I’m nuts. She said maybe she doesn’t like you, maybe you remind her of her husband, huh. The house is almost finished and someone is going to move in. I have to do one more thing; replace the cabinet pulls.

I show up the following day at the house at 10:00 pm to get a count. I go to the back door and I already have a bad feeling somethings going to happen. I could feel her by the door, the air was freezing and I could see my breath again. I went to unlock the door and the key would only turn a little, like someone was holding the other side. I began to shake, she was becoming aware of what she could do and becoming excessively more hateful. I was so mad and I wasn’t letting her get the best of me. I yelled at the top of lungs, let go! The door unlocked and I went inside, I knew she was at the end of the long hall watching me. I got my count and left.

I get a call the next day from the foreman, “The carpet guys said the key wouldn’t unlock the door”, huh, so I went over to fix it. When I took the deadbolt apart, it looked like something had crushed the guts of the lock, my hair stood on end. That was it, I told the foreman if anything goes wrong over there, send somebody else, I refuse to step foot in that house again.

Remember emotions are an energy, how we use them in life, they become more powerful in death. And if you don’t pass to the other side, you get a long time to figure out how to focus it. That’s why, the older the spirit the stronger it is. The definition of demon is an evil person. I hope she doesn’t ever hurt somebody.

Written by Robert Harris, Copyright 2009


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6 Responses to “The Evil Ghost And The Handy Man”
  1. Ryan says:

    This story makes my hair stand up on end, I’ve been in a similar situation. Hope nothing followed you home. Do you know how the new tennats are doing?

  2. Moya says:

    oh man that is sary. My husband too is a contractor an he has to go in and do what you do and he also had some what of an experiece like yours, he went in to remodle this one house and the whole time he was there he could feel some one looking at him and he would here voices and would see black shadows moving from one room to the next. he was always seeing things move and his tools being misplaced after he had just used them.

  3. Mama's chick says:

    Hi Robert,

    Your encounter with this house is very unnerving!
    You were very brave to continue to go back there and finish working at that house.. I know for a fact that there was no way I could of done it..no matter how many people accompanied me!
    It’s hard to say why this spirit took such a disliking to you.. maybe you did remind her of her husband..
    I’m just glad that you weren’t harmed in any way..
    Thanks for sharing your story with us!
    Mama’s chick

  4. Alpha says:

    wow…the spirit you encountered must have been really strong, in order for it to have rendered physical strain upon you.
    I think an exorcism or a blessing should be performed at that place. Out of good will (cause you seem like a really nice person :) ) you should go back to the place and inform the tenants of the house. Who knows what evil this spirit could cause.

    Take care

  5. Dolores says:

    1st , when you encounter a presence anywhere , Pay your respects. Tell the the spirit why you are there and that you do not wish to cause it any harm. If your doing a job tell it you will finish as fast as you can, so not to disturb it to long. I have found this works. They just want to be reconized. And forgive them for being angry, THEY ARE DEAD,
    with unfinished business not completed. It is VERY rare to run into a evil entity. These
    spirits were people at one time…….and some day we will be like them. So please just try to be respectful and talk to them. If that still does not do it…LEAVE.

  6. Rae M. says:

    Demons are not human nor a spirit. It is not the definition you prick. Do some research.

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