The Dorm Room Spirit

Posted on November 21, 2011

My college is rather old. It was founded in 1722 in historical Leicester, Mass. This area is known for it’s hauntings as well as its historical legacy. The minutemen originated from this town; George Washington lead his troops across our very campus. There’s a graveyard up the street dedicated to civil war heroes. The list goes on.

My college’s history is a little more vague. The house next to mine was once used as a morgue; three children died in that building and are said to haunt it to this day. The morgue is still intact downstairs, though closed off. Every now and then, maintenance will leave the door unlocked and curious students steal a peek at the body freezer, a look at the autopsy tables. The whole nine yards. Of course, the stories are always exaggerated. You never do know what to believe in college. Except that dorm is open for paranormal investigations once requested. But I don’t live in that dorm, so my stories don’t relate to the building.

I live in the building next to the ex-morgue. When we moved in, the Resident Director told us of a spirit that was against smoking. She said hers and any student’s cigarettes would go missing overnight, and turn up somewhere else. Well, neither me or my roommate smoke, so we never had to worry. Right? Wrong.

We were in the kitchen one day, baking chicken. Behind the kitchen is a bathroom that no one likes to use; it’s cramped and eerie. As we were cooking, my roommate turned to me wide-eyed and asked me if I saw that. I asked her what, and she pointed to the bathroom door. It had opened itself, and as we watched, it closed itself and re-opened. This went on for what felt like ten minutes, but in reality was only a few seconds. After the door stopped opening and closing, it settled on a partially-open position and began humming in place. We freaked out, left our meal and went to find some other girls to come witness. They blew it off; they went into the bathroom, looked around, closed the door and left. With that, me and my roommate were left to eat our chicken and watch the door in amazement, afraid to go up the stairs back to our room since we’d have to go by that door.

We told the house cleaning lady about what happened. She simply smiled and said that she’s always had experiences in the house. For one, it would be colder and uncomfortable in certain areas in the hallway. When her daughter came with her, she described a girl in the house, though she said it wasn’t frightening. The maid said the girl followed her for a bit, and activity would always follow where she went. Now, I’m not sure how creditable her story is, but it sure did make me and my roommate think.

A couple months later, my roommate was doing laundry. When she came up, she told me that the dryer door had slammed shut and the dryer had turned itself on, stayed on for five minutes, and then shut itself off. She said the timer didn’t turn itself on, either, which it automatically does once someone pressed the on button. We put that in the back of our mind as to another strange thing about this ancient house.

The next encounter happened to me. I always sleep with my stuffed horse – his name is Buckshot. When I woke up, he wasn’t in my arms. I figured I had dropped him on the floor and proceeded to make my bed. Once my bed was made, I couldn’t find him. I looked between the bed and the wall, under the bed, under the pillows, under my roommate’s bed and through all of our stuff. Couldn’t find him. So I decided to do laundry, go to class, and come back to look for him later. I took the pillowcase off my pillow and put the pillow back on the bed, and put the pillowcase in the laundry. When I came back from class, I picked up the laundry and went to my room. As I picked up the pillow to put the pillowcase back on, I realized Buckshot was under my pillow. My roommate came in and asked why he was there; neither of us could figure it out.

The next day was our Thanksgiving feast. I know, Thanksgiving hasn’t happened yet, but my school let’s us home for Thanksgiving so ours was last Thursday. As we were leaving, she said she forgot her student id, so we went back to our room to get it. We left laughing about how we were like a married couple, and rather enjoyed the feast. When we came back, we opened the doors to the dorm building. On the inside doormat was her toothbrush. We both just kind of stared at it for a while, and then she said “Oh my god. That’s my toothbrush. I lost it a week ago.” We went to check our door and it was locked; only she and I have keys to the room. We still can’t explain the toothbrush or Buckshot.

I’m a student ambassador, which means I give prospective students tours of the campus. My last tour was yesterday; as I showed them through my dorm, we walked past the cupboard. As I passed it, the door slowly opened. So my tour wouldn’t notice, I quietly shut it again as I passed. The odd thing is, almost every day between 11 and 12, that door will be open. This was the first time I had actually seen it open, though. When I returned my tour to the admissions office, I went back to my room only to find that my door was still locked but ajar. Odd; I’m always the last one to leave the room during tours and I always make sure I shut it. Maybe I didn’t that day. Maybe all of this can be explained.

But last night, the night that lead to me asking about this, is what solidified my belief that the room is haunted. My roommate went home for the weekend; I was alone in the room. I invited a girl down the hall to come play xBox with me and watch movies. The window next to the TV has letters saying “trick or treat” and little candy decorations around it. My roommate and I were too lazy to take it down yet, plus the letters fascinate us. Every morning, they’re in a different position. Well, while we were watching TV, we looked over to find that the letters had been rearranged. The t in treat was upside down, the candies were moved, and, weirdest of all, the blind had been pulled down though it was crooked and uneven. The girl I was watching movies with had pointed it out to me. She left, believing my room was haunted. I got ready to go to bed. As I lay there in the dark, I kept hearing noises. I’m rather afraid of the dark. So I decided to sleep with the lights on. I was alone after all, so my roommate wasn’t here to mind. When I woke up this morning, though, the lights were all off. This confuses me; did I do it in my sleep? No one else could have, my door was locked and no one else has the keys.

I’m here posting today not to ask for ways to get rid of the spirit, if it is indeed a spirit. It’s my fault it’s here, if it is. I was researching ways to draw spirits in, I was interested in communicating with them, but I never tried. If it is a spirit, it may have been drawn in by my desire to communicate with it. I don’t want to punish it for that. I don’t mind the spirit living in my dorm room, and I don’t think my roommate does either. I just want to be able to live peacefully with the spirit, to not be afraid. I want to be able to tell people yes, my dorm room is haunted, and no you may not do anything to try and abuse the spirit to get it to leave. It isn’t harming us, it can stay. I’ve always been interested in the supernatural; if it has chosen our room to stay in, so be it. I just want to live peacefully and calmly with it. Any advice?

Sent in by peacefullyfrightened, Copyright 2011

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15 Responses to “The Dorm Room Spirit”
  1. Honest person :D says:

    I think you should be friends with the ghost. I believe it’s just doing all those things cause it wants a friend, have attenchen or just traped

  2. Excidera says:

    Try speaking with it, and tell it what disturbs you, then ask it to stop those things. Explain that you don’t mind it being there but don’t want to be frightened (or have others frightened a way.)

  3. Stephie says:

    Umm Im not sure its a very good idea to want to share living space with a Ghost. I just hope that it isnt something that is sinister or harmful to you and youre roomate. If you are not frightened then i suppose no harm. Hope all works out for you for the best. Thanks for the story, and please keep us updated on youre resident ghost. Good Luck!

  4. yumi says:

    You know what you want to do, you told us the story, say you dont want rid of the spirit, you like it and then ask for advice?
    What exactly do you want advice on?
    If the advice you want is how to learn more….
    I say keep a journal, it makes things like this fun. Plus, if you get your friend/room mate to write in it too when things happen to her, you can compare it later. Perhaps things will happen to you both at the same time in separate places?
    Buy a toy and announce that its a present for the ghost, if it is indeed a small girl, she will like it, i find using a ball is best, makes it fun to interact with and you might see it move. Use a soft tone as if speaking to a child. If you get reactions, likely it is a child.

    Do be caerful though, that upside down ‘t’… suspicious. You may want to look up meanings of objects being placed upside down…a t can look like a cross, and thats NEVER a good sign.

    • KidNature says:

      I know what the upside down ‘t’ means. Its like an upside down cross which, most of us should know, means “Anti-christ”. So yeah, the spirit mught seem nice, but you should probably watch your back.

  5. SnowWolf says:

    Sounds like you’ve been living with this entity for quite some time now. Although it’s always wise to be cautious in interacting with the paranormal, a negative entity would have most likely revealed it’s true nature by now. I think your haunting is probably nothing to worry about.
    Chances are good this ghost has always been there, but chose not to reveal itself until you began researching communication. The ghost may not have felt you were approachable until that point.
    Keeping a journal as yumi suggests is a great idea. Write everything down as it happens, with dates, times, weather conditions, etc. Looking back over the journal later can sometimes help you to pinpoint “triggers” to look for, times when activity is more likely to occur. Although some ghosts do appear to be completely random and not follow a pattern. At least not any pattern that makes sense to the living.
    Leave the stickers on the window, as the ghost seems to have chosen those as something it is comfortable manipulating. If you have any magnetic surfaces in your room, such as a small refrigerator, maybe put some magnetic letters on it. Your unseen rommate may take to those as a form of play or communication.
    I would strongly advise not trying to directly interact with this entity. Leave stuff around that the ghost can manipulate, try EVPs if you are comfortable with that, but avoid Ouijia boards, pendulums, and automatic writing. Those things can invite in other entities, not all of which will be anyone or anything you want to interact with.

  6. Honest person :D says:

    I agree with yumi on the upside down cross. it would seem like it isn’t a good sign. could be something wrong inside the house or there might be another ghost that you don’t know of. Or it’s an anti crise. (just saying out there. you can never be to careful)

  7. Stephie says:

    Great Ideas with the journal! It would be very interesting to read that journal here someday..

  8. sunny says:

    There is still not enough evidence to attribute these incidents to ghosts or spirits.
    There is perhaps a more trivial explanation to them.

    You havent mentioned much about yourself or your present circumstances – its possible
    that you are under stress for whatever reason which is affecting your short term memory.
    You are being forgetful and might be misplacing things yourself.
    There is a second possibility – someone in the house who has a key to your room is playing pranks on you.

    You seem to like the supernatural and have a tendency to associate these incidents with ghosts or spirits.While there is no problem in believing the supernatural you must know where to draw the line.You seem to be worried about it of late otherwise you wouldnt have shared your story with us here.This is an indication that your beliefs and ideas have started to affect your general well-being and its time that you exercise some control on your thoughts.

    I suggest that you take a break from your paranormal pursuits and concentrate on your studies.

  9. peacefullyfrightened says:

    We’ve just come back from vacation, I didn’t have access to the internet until I came back today. I was surprised by the feedback I’ve gotten; thank you guys, it’s been a pleasure to read.
    Since we’ve come back from vacation, the letters were changed around a bit. Nothing severe, just the candies were rearranged. In the time I’ve been back, the only thing I’ve noticed was that as I was vacuming, the printer again turned itself on. Before we left, we did have a few more incidents. For example, I was rearranging the letters on the window to put them back to the way they were before. When I finished, the curtain fell off and hit both me and my room mate. We found it funny, but we didn’t want to be alone in the room. Of course, the explanation behind this could be that the pressure on the glass displaced the curtain from it’s holders.
    I’m not worried about anything being unfriendly; we’ve all decided that it doesn’t mean us harm. The girls seem to think it may not like me, as most of the activity occurs when I’m around. I suppose that it could mean that, or it could also mean the spirit’s more comfortable with me around.
    As far as the failing memory goes, that could be true I suppose, but then my roommate wouldn’t have stories to tell either. As I mentioned above, no one but my roommate and I have keys to the room, so someone else playing pranks on us is impossible. Our keys are always on us, as they have the keys to our cars and our student ID’s on them as well – we always need them. When we do leave our door open, the other girls do play pranks on us like turning everything on but it’s always so obvious. The things that happen that have lead us to believe in the haunting are subtle; we never come in to our room with the tv blaring, the iPods raging, our laptops open and the lights on. We come in and as we’re in, the printer will turn on. A little while later, the printer will turn off. We’ve come to accept it and it doesn’t scare us as much anymore. It used to, true, but it’s something we’re getting used to now. Almost like little reminders that we have stuff to do – essays to print, books to read, etc. Oh – another thing we’ve noticed. Whenever I draw a horse on a whiteboard anywhere in the house – other people’s or my own – the head will be erased the following morning. Just the head. We love the idea of a journal; I’ll start one right away. Would you like it updated monthly or..?

    If you’d like to learn more about me, so be it. I’m a pre-vet student hoping to go to veterinary school; I’ve been in this dorm for one semester, as well as the college. I’m Roman Catholic though I have tampered in other denominations of Christianity as well. I have friends of all religions; wiccans, atheists, jewish, presbyterian, mormon. The list goes on. I’m a horseback rider and my passion is my horses; I own two and train five. Chief and King are mine. Chief is the love of my life, the horse no other will replace. I’m single. I’m nineteen. I lost my grandfather to cancer when I was in middle school, I still miss him terribly. I have a fascination with the supernatural, as does my mom and dad. Before I moved away for college, we ventured into our state’s most haunted cemetary and explored it. Nothing extraordinary, unfortunately. I love shows like Ghost Hunters and the Haunted, even though the dramatization of the Haunted drives me insane most of the time. I have used a ouija board in the past and have thought about using one again, but odds are extremely likely that I never will. I have a 3.98 GPA; school’s always been easy for me. Biology is my favorite subject. Anything else you would like to know or does this suffice?

    • SnowWolf says:

      When you said things mostly seem to happen when you are around, it made me think a poltergeist, rather than a true ghost, is a possibility.
      Since you seem like a paranormal buff, you probably already know this stuff but I like to ramble.
      A ghost is the surviving intelligence/energy of a departed human. A poltergeist however is a much more chaotic type of energy. There are several theories on exactly what a poltergeist is, some people think it is an outside entity that feeds on a person’s stress, other people think the poltergeist is not an outside entity at all, but a manifestation of a person’s emotions. I believe its a manifestation of emotion, but regardless of what a poltergeist actually is they only seem to occur where a person is stressed. They also center their activity on the stressed out person, the “host.” Other people may witness or experience things, but the activity is always most noticeable in the presence of the host.
      Poltergeists are always different from each other. Some are very loud and obvious, slamming doors, moving objects, and so on. Others are pretty subtle and don’t quite fit the “noisy ghost” perception. But they always center their activity on one person. If you are under any stress or tension, you may have spawned a poltergeist. If that’s the case, trying to remove stress from your life can help get the poltergeist to fade away faster. If this is a poltergeist, at least its one of the subtle ones.
      Your experiences could well be a regular ghost, but you triggered a theory lol. Never hurts to consider all options.
      Btw, if you like the Haunted, check out Paranormal Witness. I’ve only caught a couple of episodes but it doesn’t seem as overly dramatic as The Haunted. The stories pretty much speak for themselves without all the cheesy dramatics.

  10. bushra says:

    just dont bother them and they wont harm you i think they are good one and like you being there with them and dont forget they were there long before you came in to stay good luck

  11. peacefullyfrightened says:

    Last night one of the girls reported hearing a male voice talking in the room next to her at approximately 4:00am. She asked the girls who’s room it was if they had been watching tv or listening to the radio last night; the girls said no, they passed out around 11-12. We think it may be a male haunting the building, if it is indeed a ghost. One of the girls told me she heard a child’s voice in my room while we were playing xBox. Is it possible it’s a dual haunting; an adult and child spirit? We would like to find out the spirits name(s) if we can. Does anyone have any suggestions for this?

  12. Jim says:

    I liked your story and I believe you.One thing,if it is not hurting anyone enjoy the weirdness.Things like this make a great story.Another thing is that all the evidence that has been captured on evp’ digital cameras ect. does not answer the fundamental question,What are these THINGS!All the experiences I have had don’t answer questions they just create more.
    have fun!!Jim

  13. Anonymous says:

    good attitude and good name…peacefullyfrightened…Don’t get rid of the spirit as long as its not harming you…i know a girl here who has the same experience as you, but the difference is she called an spiritist to get rid of the spirit..the spirit gone for a short and angerily came back..maybe the spirit is just there in your room because when that thing is alive, that room is its favorite place to stay with..that room has a sentimental value fir him or her.

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