The Dark Man Shadow Creature

Posted on February 22, 2008

My sister and I and a friend of ours stayed the night at a mutual friends house. My sister took the couch, our friend James took the other couch and our mutual friend took a bedroom and I took the other bedroom “alone”.

I was wide awake and could not sleep, I was in there for about maybe 30 minutes when I saw a man entering the bedroom. He looked about 6 foot tall, well built and muscular and the blackest color I have ever seen. It was like a solid black shadow (exactly to put it). I thought it was my friend James so I sat up and said “James, stop trying to scare me.” The man kept walking toward the bed, I repeated myself.

He walked to the end of the bed and turned around as if to sit down. He had his hands settled on each knee.

I sat up to kick him. When my feet went right through I screamed. Everyone came rushing to the bedroom. I explained what happened and they laughed. That night I had my sister crawl in bed with me because I was so scared.

Three weeks later the person that originally lived in that bedroom came back from vacation knowing nothing of my experience. It was said that he had the same encounter and told everyone about it. He said he just rolled over and went to sleep.

I was 15 at the time, I am now 34 years of age, and to this day I still sleep with the covers over my head because of that night. That experience has NEVER left me.
They are well alive and living. It is we who walk this earth that are the shadows of the walking dead.

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52 Responses to “The Dark Man Shadow Creature”
  1. mark hurst says:

    the dark man visited me when i was 8 yrs. old. he stood beside my bed and then he left.then he came back in and looked over me before he left.

    he is very real indeed !!!

    i must mention that i am now 49 yrs. old and it was something i will never forget, but he is the blackest of black…light cannot illuminate or escape from him..or it?????

    what the hell is he ?????


    • LarryD says:

      First of all..i don’t think the shadow would tell anyone who or what it is, as I read a previous comment lol. But I’m 31 right now and I can tell u that thing is truely frightful. Almost 10yrs ago I exsperienced the samething, my cuzzin was in his room and I in mine, my cuzzin started making noise(he had already told me something had been attacking him at nite) so I went to check on him and before I got out of my bed this tall shadow came out ofthe black curtain I had on my doorway (my door was missing so I had just a curtain there), it didn’t come from around it or under it but thru or out of it. I asked it or what I believed to be my cousin at the t%me, “Nig u alright?”. It started to move closer to me slowly as if it was seeing thru me, as it crawled to ton the edge of my bed it was pure black. I don’t remember any face/eyes/mouth but it had an expression, an evil one, I was feeling so afraid but what could I do but just submit to its will. I couldn’t move, speak, scream or anything, but seconds later I could see myself fighting with it and losin. I manage to say, “Lord! Please wrapped your arms around me”.
      I just fell asleep and woke the next mornin not scared, but curious. I guess its true “people fear what they don’t understand” cuz more and more now these days i’m getting scared. Ive read some post that said it appeared repeatedly and attacked, but apparently they lived and some said it came once attacked or not. What is it looking for and is it only one. Just last month it appeared but as smoke..i wasnt afraid this time, but it held my head down (bout to break my neck), it didnt attack, tho, more like it was studying me. I still love horror movies, buffy, charmed and supernatural.

  2. Demonhunter says:

    you should not be scared you should not worry with it research the houses history and find out what you can email me on your reasults and the ghost wasn’t harmless so no need to shiver there are worse things in the dark than the black shadow man

  3. KinguNoKin says:

    well don’t be alarmed … Demonhunter he is not an ghost btw … his name is sadly Satan thats what he claimed he is ……….. some of us ppl are sensitive to satan and think it’s and normal ghost well low chance 2 be sensitive 2 him like 1 of 10.000 ppl can sense him if they can at all …i’m not lying … didnt sleep well 8 years now because of him … when i was 6 he imitated boogeyman and boogeyman was the caracter that scared me the most at that time i still remember the cold voice he had and i know he is satan because an year ago on summer i meet him and i sayd what is your name then his voice pierced my skin and almost made my ears bleed he sayd loud Satan! from then i’m scared like hell and i have some questions … What does he want from us humans? … and i think i know for an fact that he touches only the pure hearted i had an pure hearth now i think only evil stuff killing people and dooing nasty things … i’m tired 2 tipe anymore and im scared 2 say anything else i was shaking whriting this cuz i know he will be back again on summer this year.

    oh i forgot how he exactly looked like mark�s comment – mark yes thats exactly how he looks he is black , tall as an door , big muscules , loud creepy voice , wearing an black suit like at an funeral �

  4. Krystal says:

    Holy crap.
    i hope I truly never ever see the black man… Satan, or whoever…

  5. patrick says:

    Hello people!
    I have a story to share with you all, In all my years living on earth never! would i thought this could be possible, and much less; know why the events took place. I hope sharing my story here today might reach others who have shared the same type of experiences and Eventually hear from some of you’s with some understanding of the matter.
    I’m 33 now but at the time I was 7 or 8 years old, my parents had baught a new house a few months earlier. Me and my younger brother of 2 years were sharing the same room. we had a bunk bed, me on top and my bro on the bottom :) It was a sunday morning around 6 am; i jumped out of bed to go 4 my early pee, my brother was awake and small chatting with me while i was heading outside of the room to reach the bathroom, Before i could put i foot out the door a tall dark (black but see-throught entity) he was sort of hiding along the ledge of the outside wall waiting. So like i was saying! I had too pee so im heading out the door when suddenly this huge arm ( long strong and dark black and see throught), it was the first thing i really noticed and frighten me…the fact that you saw the wall and the floor throught his arm was crazy! , I sort of froze; then he moved his arm in a movement to try to grab me, i saw his movement and i moved my body back when his arm passed centimeters from my stomach. I turned around and saw my brother’s mouth wide open and speechless. I ran back to my bed and stayed there until i couldnt stand holding it in any longer, so i screamed 4 my mother; she eventual shows up; i go 4 my pee, tell my mother the story; look everywhere for any signs of break ins; even the attic was thorowly checked out- nothing! my brother is a living witness of these events.. And almost everytime we see each other he keeps telling me about it. (as if i forgot) So thats it folks…i hope to hear from someone soon.. after all these years keeping this story to myself, I think it’s about time i try 2 put some light on the matter. please do feel free to send me e-mails with your thoughts .

  6. joe says:

    Hey all
    I havent seen this thing myself.
    My brother has however.
    In a woodland area he described it like mark did.
    Pitch black and had no texture (i.e. fabric)
    He didnt say that it was see-through though, and he saw it at Mid-day so this goes against some of the other stories ive read about it possibly being a sleepy hallucination

    He was walking with his mate when he say it walking towards him but just thinking it was a man walking his dog in the distance. He eventually came within about 4 metres of it as it hid behind a small branch (which is perculiar because unless it was incredibly dumb it would have realised its attempts to hide behind a small branch as futile). Now he said that his mate didnt see the figure HOWEVER when my brother turned around his mate said he saw something black darting around with incredible speed which lead my brother to believe that perhaps as soon as my brother turned his back it tried to run at an unbelievable pace.

    The other weird thing is that (now this is going to sound really dodgy) but when i was a kid i used to go in a pub with my parents which was situated parellel to the woods. I remember wanting to go into the woods one night until the daughter of the woman who owned the pub said that there was a naked black man in the woods and she’d seen it. Now to the mind of a small child thats what she probably wouldve interpretted it as. I realised a while after my brother told of this story the simarlarity between the two tales.

    I’d like to ask. Did anyone see any local UFO stories around the time of these black figures?? Because it happened within a year of my bro seeing something like the infamous Black Triangle UFO.

    My brother said he was left with this really unusual feeling that he wil never see anything like that ever again. In my search to try and find a visual for it this is the best i can come up with.
    Follow the link and take the video to 02:59. Does it look like that?


  7. some die of sickness,others die of a broken heart says:

    your not the only one i always see dark hooded figures tall shadows anything that is tall and the color black i have seen them all well take care it is a cool beans story

  8. Anonymous says:

    my brother my fiend and I all saw the dark shadow man with a top hat many times as kids he only seem to come around in are darkest sadest hours. I also saw him as a adult in the middle of the day running across a main road I had just left my duaghters father who cheated and was doing drugs I was heart broken. One of my darkest days. I am 33 years now and still remember as a kids us three kids chasing the dark shadow man with a log and throwing it right threw him another time we chased him down the street throwing rocks ay him. My friends kids were playing hide and seek and saw him there closet. He isn’t the devil or he wouldn’t run and he never spoke to us. He is very tall I thoght more like 7 foot. Ruth

  9. Brett says:

    just wanted to confirm all this.
    Since i can remember the “darkman” has been all around my house, most often the basement. I was never too scared of him because like i said since i can remember he has always been here. My sister has seen him hundreds of times aswell. So obviouslty this is something you tell people so I did just that. told storis about it in class all through grade school. to this day everyone jokes about never going in my house because of him. everyone i have known since a small child still makes jokes about it. to me it is as real as the air we breath, but to be honest I just assumed it was me… not everyone else. why were me and my sis the only ones to have seen him. So once i got into highschool, I started to see him less and less. i was used to him watching me play with my toys for hours when i was a kid. soo i just convinced myself that maybe he was never real, maybe he was just my imagination.. either way, it was still a god spooky story to tell my friends and family. im 25 now, and a few months ago i was watching the show “peranormal state” and there was this family that was haunted by what they called “the darkman” WTF!!!! I freaked right out…. but maybe just a coincident….. so i hit the web, and then started finding hundreds of people who have sen him,, all over the world, for hundreds of years. So i brought this new info to my grandmother and mom who have heard me rave about this darkman since i could talk, and they finally fessed up that when they were young he would always come around them too. Sooo…… this whole time i have been told that this isnt real when…. it clearly is…???? why…. and how does this not change everything…. My whole world.. maybe now god is real… maybe the devil is real… in any case there is more to this world then we all know.

    The darkman is something i live with. not from time to time but every minute of everyday. He doesnt come when you sleep in the dark. he came to me everytime in the middle of the day in broad day light. most of my friends have seen a bunch of the stuff on the net since i came across it and it blows their minds. how is some story i’ve been telling since i was a little kid the same as the storied of hundreds of other people?? and a shadow figure is pretty vague, but a shadow figure that is solid black and wears a top hat?? what are the odds…

    I know how you others must feel… confused… scared. why is this not known to the public…. why is this still looked at as something stupid, and with such disbelief??? you would think thousands of people reporting the same thing would get some attention. nobody has seen mars but we all belief it is there, so why not the darkman. I hope that one day the world uncovers it, becasue as far as im concerened, it means there is some place after this life…

    Keep a clean soul and you wil fear nothing.

  10. Kitty says:

    I’m 16 now. I was 8 when I saw the shadowman. I was alone in the church next door to my house. I was keeping myself occupied by drawing on the chalkboard in the teen room when all of a sudden a figure appeared on the wall. He was really tall and he was wearing a top hat. He swung his axe at me but I ran away. I haven’t really seen him since but I have heard a few voices in my house…….

  11. dan says:

    I saw something similar when i was around 6, solid black but with like cats eyes and VERY tall almost to have to duck under a door tall. im on here to find out what he/it is. my friend, who is uffering from narcilepsy lately and is very depressed has seen this twice in the last couple of months but with the eyes, outside his door. does anyone know anything??????????????? any sites or legends to go with this?
    Any help would be awesome!!
    Good luck guys

  12. Dan says:

    Was talking to someone I met for the first time today who told me about seeing ‘a tall black man’ when she was eight. Thought I’d check out the net and – there you go, something in this one to be sure.

  13. ANN says:

    I too have seen him when I was a little girl. We were visiting my grandma in west dallas
    around 8pm when my mother gave me something to eat and told me to stay n the kitchen and eat it while she and everyone else went into the front room. I was scared so I hurried and ate my food and put my dish n the sink, I looked outside of the window for there was no curtain and seen him. the black tall shadow man with the black hat tilted to his face. I could not see his eyes but i knew he was looking at me. I screamed for my mom but never told her what I saw for I knew that adults never believed us children when we told them of such things. I am now 32 yrs and wondered if anyone has ever seen him. I know other people have seen him because when my father was a teenager
    he seen him too, also my cousins have too. I just pray to God when i think I get scared.

  14. ANN says:

    I know it sounds crazy to say that we adults too get scared, but now that i have children i have to be brave for them. I pray every night for my home, and family and believe we are being looked after by the Lord upstairs. There are weird things out there but we have to be strong spiritually. I ignore voices and sightings and seems to have worked for I know what it is.

  15. Antonio says:

    Hi Dan,

    My name is Antonio. I had an experience similar to yours. I awoke one night to see this man standing in front of my bed, charcoal face, green eyes like a cat and a top hat like those that people wore in the fourties or fifties with a trench coat.
    I couldn’t believe what I was seeing so i got up on my knees on my bed and looked closer. It was staring at me plainly and thoroughly. I only know of another person who described what i saw to a T. He was also awoken by the presence of this figure.
    I read some of the posts and someone said that it was the devil but i don’t believe this to be so. I believe I’ve seen this spirit in different form at different times, both I was awakened from my sleep. Another time i was awakened because I felt again like something was staring at me.
    This time what i saw was a shadowy black ball of a figure, close to the ground. It almost looked like a cat but it was completely round. This figure had incidentally the same green eyes that dark man in front of my bed had.
    In “Bon” the indigenous religion of Tibet it is said that there are creatures that form bonds with practicioners that last many lifetimes. The hairy round ball with green eyes that i believe I saw that night is named by the “Bon” tradition as a Namthel. I did not run into this knowlegde until years later when I would practice some of the rituals of this tradition. While it could have been many things, it was interesting to read that a tradition had described what i saw very clearly.
    Anyway, thought i would share my experience.

  16. benito says:

    i too saw this figure, when i was a child, i am 36 now.only i remember i was a sleeping when i felt a feeling of dread that woke me up.i opened my eyes and there he was reaching for me. i jumped to the other side of the bed and his arms seemed to grow longer almost reaching me before he turned around and jumped thru a boarded window without breaking any glass. (window was boarded because we were expecting a hurricane).no one belived me and thought i was having a nightmare.years later in my teens i moved in with my mother and had a small bed i a 1 bedroom house by the kitchen. i woke up around 3am to pee when i saw a figure of a woman dressed in white run into the bathroom. i had thought it was my mom until she walked by a few hours later to use the 36 now i seen a person standing over my bed watching me sleep then jumping on the bed to jump out a closed window.every night i see small black shadows around my bed resembling a beetle the other a spider, the rest i cant make out, but they are all bigger than a man’s hand and vanish when i stare at them. there are no such things as ghosts but i know demons exist. but thats a story i keep to myself.

  17. Tris says:

    Well i saw something kind of like this just last night. I live in southwest Ga, and I have heard from a couple of other people seeing something similar. My husband, two sons, and myself were at some of my husbands friends house. We were about to leave and myself and my kids were already in the car waiting for my husband to come out. I was just looking out the window at nothing in particular, when a movement caught my eye. Note we were in a small trailer park, and I looked toward the movement, and there was what appeared to be a very tall(6 1/2 – 7 foot) skinny man. He wasn’t muscular, but had very broad shoulders and got narrower. To me it appeared to have a small head, but reading some of these, the possibilty of a hat could be there. I called for my husband and told him what I saw, he and his friends went to look for him/it. About the same time my husband came out, a man from a trailer a few traliers up came walking down and said his dog was going crazy, he lived in the same direction that this thing went. My husband then told me that several of his friends have seen it before, but they have seen red eyes, I didn’t see any eyes. All accounts were at night. So now I know I’m not crazy!

  18. Shane says:

    The tophat man is a thing that i saw several times, even up until i was in college. It was always in the basement, always after midnight and he was always at the foot of my bed staring at me. The first time it happened i thought it was a dream. But the second and third times, i thought that it could be real and the fourth and fifth times I made sure that I was awake. i would blink multiple times, make sure i could look around the room and be thinking, “okay, i am not asleep”, but i was so filled with dread that i couldnt move any of the times, except for the last, when i was so fed up with him that I sat up and told him to f—-off and he was gone. My youngest brother saw him before we even began talking about our experiences in our old house (and there were many), but he described him exactly the way i knew him. Tall, black figure, with a top hat, standing and not moving. We couldnt see any features though. I saw 4 different figures in that house over the 25 years we lived there, and was bothered so often by them that I refused to sleep in the basement from when i was 19 til we sold it 10 years later (with the exception of a couple times).

  19. Les says:

    Hey all I just goggled shadowman, demon, devil in church and got this forum. Yesterday morning a friend of mine saw this thing, in church. She got there early and the pastor asked her to go up stares. When she went up there she could here a noise in the main room of the church. And decided to look through the windows in double doors instead of walking in it. She said she saw a dark figure with a head, hands and feet sitting at the piano, playing on it, but beating it hard. She says something, god, told her to not to go in or to turn on the lights. She saw it but it didn’t see her. Aside from us praying how can we get rid of this and anyone know why it would come to a church?

  20. arlene says:

    since i was six year old i have experience alot of strange things i still don’t under stand, i would say an do things that alot of my family member would be weirded out on me, but it was somtin i couldn’t control i am now 32 yrs, by the age 14 my grandfather die from cancer then after i’ve seen a black shadow watching me
    my grandmother the only person i would till things to since i was six yrs about God and the person down stair who i could never say he name but only say ( the person down stairs) would til her things how you can see Hell throw dog eyes and how i could make it rain make wishes an have ppl come i showed my cousin i scared them later my grandfather told me that was the work of the person down stair he started showing me God ways, i started praying every day then i started having bad dreams of things trying to get me for a yr befor my grandfather died even after then my grandfather would protect me in my dreams the last dream since they couldn’t get me they touch the ppl in my town it got dark as night the cloud were moving fast befor i woke up i was told to be born again that moring thing was just like my dream every body in my town started drinking and going crazy an at noon it got dark as night thundering lighting i started praying hard my thought it was the end of the world my grandmother did have ppl from the church pray over me,
    that day the town ppl started getten wild it was like they were touchs
    then i did moved to anther town with my fav cousin who is like me til me the black shadow would harm her wake up with burn of a hand print on her arms
    since we lived together it has’nt bother her
    til our older cousin stared going crazy drinking shooting around trying to commit suicide my grandmother ask if we can go talk to him we went looking for him found him at the graveyard crying over his mother grave as we walk toward him we stop seen some thing standing by him holding his shoulder a big black shadow it stand over seven ft
    that we know our cousin six ft tall we call out his name bagging him to come to us we keep asking each other what is that over and over, with my heart was pounding we did’nt leave we keep calling his name told how we love him an that God forgive our sin then that was said the black shadow turn and look at us we’re terrify could see red eyes,
    still we kept calling him i started asking God for help my prays were answer our cousin turn around an walk to us soon as we got ahold of him we grab him we ran holding him took him to the oldest grandmother told her what we seen she got a white sheet put it on the floor told us to have him sleep on it i did’nt ask any question and
    could not forget that day and this is what i know about the shadow are of the person down stairs can be really deceiving an trick you
    to protect yourself ask God son into your life an for him to protect you must be born again that day God will know you.
    God be with you all in the holy war.

  21. Kels says:

    I too saw this thing in the church next door. Just recently I heard the voice of a women at my house when my mom and sisters were at the church. My brother heard the deep voice of a man at the church when me and him were over there cleaning. Sunday night I was talking to the piano player at my church and she said that she used to see shadow people in my house when she lived there.

  22. J. Honey. says:


    I just wanted to share a bit of a story with you. The reason I was touched off tonight is because I saw “Paranormal Activity” the movie. I wont spoil the film but it had something to do with this forum……………

    Read the rest at //

  23. Jazz says:

    Hey people, i’ve been totally amazed reading all these stories, i thought it was something that had only happened to me! I saw the shadow man about 3 years ago, he was very tall jet black with a top hat…..i was lying in bed with my son when i awoke to see this shadow standing at the side of my bed staring down at me, not moving or anything. this happened during the day and i saw it as clear as day, but i was suffering from sleep paralysis (which i got alot whilst living there) at the time so i just dismissed it, and thought i must have been seeing things. i remember i just closed my eyes tight and said to myself im going to go back to sleep and it better be gone when i wake up. what is also strange is i have a number of pictures with weird black shadows in it, these are all pictures of my son when he was a baby, taken on different cameras most while we were living in that flat i dont know if it could be linked? but from reading other peoples experiences it means it really happen….kinda scary but at least i know i really saw it. haven’t seen it since and hope i never do. not living in that flat anymore thank god.

  24. huzaifa says:


    i am 9 years old, i was sitting in my living room and all i saw is black man going past me
    it was so scary. i told my sister and my dad but thay never belived me.
    the next day i went down stairs to call my dad i said, hi dad but it was not him my dad was behind me.
    it was the black man he was standing on the shelf.
    i told my dad but he laughed he never belived me.

    hafsa bibi hussain

  25. Hossam Hamdy says:

    Hi Hafsa & Huzaifa:
    I can see your names.they are Islamic ,where are u from? I am from Egypt. Whatever the kid saw, you should take the subject seriously, you should read Holy Quran & especially Al Baqara chapters ,which prevents the devil or any evil entity to be in the house, the small Kid also should begin to pray & you should also listen to Quran through a recorder
    I wish that Allah will save you,Good luck.

  26. Anonymous says:

    I had that once but it was my great grand mother she was keeping me and my twin brother safe. She comes to tell use things, things that are going to happen and that were going to be alright.

  27. Anonymous says:

    My mom has seen this when i was only maybe 5 or 6 years old. She wanted to check up on me and when she entered my room she saw it. She said it was tall and all black with a hat. It freaked her out. Im almost 13 now and she still thinks about it. Of course that was at my old house and we had tons of ghost encounters 0.o

  28. Seabass says:

    When I was 6, one of my aunts came to my house and was staying over for a while. She told us that on the door of the room she stayed in she saw a black shadow about the size of a person. It was very black. Also, my great grand-pa once saw this man in a mirror. He was in his store, about to close it so the lights were off. He was washing his hands and when he looked up, he saw it in the mirror. He thought it was a burgular so he pretended not to see him. But then he felt something smack his back. He ran to turn on the lights but there was nothing and no one there.

  29. Darinbw says:

    When I was a young child I had visited my grandparents in Halifax, NS. My mother told me to stay out of the basement, but I went exploring anyway. While I was there I saw and was chased by what I had called “the black caper”. I recall that this ‘thing’ wore high boots and a cape, like a cavilier and was a black shadow that you couldn’t see through. I remember that he chased me around my grandfathers work bench. I ran screaming from the basement. My mother recalls me crying and I will never forget that incident. I am now 46 years old. I know that Halifax was settled around 1749, but I don’t know if there were people who dressed like cavaliers (somthing like a musketeer) in that area then or not.

  30. frans says:

    so m not the only one who’s seen the tall dark ghost with the tall hat??
    im 20 now was 15 at the time..this happened in mexico..
    so it was like 2 am n the morning n i woke up to use the restroom but it was too far so i for some reason went to the door to the street to pee n stepped out the house to a main road..something caught ma atention so i turned left of me n there was a light pole like 50ft away from me..there it was A TALL 6’5 TO 7’0 DARK ENTITY IT WAS ALL BLACK N DARKEST black I EVER SEEN..IT WAS JUST STANDING STARRING AT ME…I STARRED AT IT BACK FOR 2 MINS STRAIGHT..i wasnt afraid of it for some reason..the face was dark but it had cat eyes that were darker than black, a tall hat, abraham lincoln typewise n it had a suit that covered 90% of his body..i ran back to ma door woke up ma mom n ma brother who was 13 at the time n told them what i saw..i toke them back to the street road n there it was still just standing n staring at us..THATS ALL IT DID..IT DID NOT MOVE ONE mom told us get in the house dont come out n try to ignore it..10 mins later i pass out n never heard or seen the tall shadowy ghost again!so for 5 yrs i been trying to find out who it was that i exactly saw!i googled it n did research n 70% of the ppl who seen it say its a bad spirit or satan himself..i though i was crazy, and this is the first time i share ma story with the public! no one believes me so i keep it to ma self

  31. erica says:

    I have too seen him and as I called him when I explain him is tha shadowman because he is dark as night but you can not see his face only that he is wearin a trench coat and a top hat it is weird that other ppl have seen him I saw him for about 1yr when I was a kid about 8-9yrs old but only when it was time to go to bed I would stare at him till I fell asleep just to see if he would move but he wouldn’t me and my little brother saw him every night and once my dad had sseen him in front of his bed and I also told my mom that sometimes I would see him standin in front of there bed but he would only face me and watch me all night it was weird and I always wanted to know who he was!!!!

  32. juli says:

    hi there everyone,
    i’m here trying to get answers. my little brother has a dark shadow that he sees and he said that it is following him around where ever he goes. i want to know if there is anything he can do to protect himself from it. it’s a shadow that he sees in a distance but it’s there. we tried burning cedar but i don’t think that helps, another idea was sage but it is only to cleanse a house or a spirit that is lingering around a house. i need some answers for him. please if anyone can help me answer some of his questions that will be a great help to him and i. thank you.

  33. Anonymous says:

    wow im glad im not alone i saw a man shape figure next to my be i woke up with the feeling that some1 was looking at me i turned over ready to swing on who ever it was because no one should of been in my room when i saw what was there i froze it was like a 6foot plus muscle man was standing there looking down at me and he was blacker then black and i could not see thru him he stood there for 3 to 5 sec then turnded around and walked out of my room and closed my door a door that Always closed when i am in the room i could not get out of bed or move for fear he would just pop back up i could move but did not dare lol i saw this a few weeks ago and i am 31

    • bb says:

      hello , myself i have had two encounters with this thing darker than black too , once i thought it was my bf coming home from work , but it pulled my pony tail and poked me trying to get me awake , i turned around to see it wasnt my boyfriend,, not sure what it wanted from me , but after that i had a breathing problem and needed a inhaler i dont even smoke or had problems with this before, then i had another incident with it , it bumped my face to waken me and i seen it standing there looking down , tall broad shoulders blacker than black is right , i was terrified , i couuldnt get anything to come out of my mouth i was so scared next time if there is a next tme i will say jesus , i hope there isnt a next time , i believe it is the devil , and he dont like me praying all the time and reading my bible and came to scare me , which he did but i know he cant hurt me really .

  34. Cath says:

    I’m 35 now but when I was in my mid teens I remember a visit from what appears to be the same ‘hat man’ that you are all referring to. He was basically a solid 3D black silhouette of a man – darker than the darkness surrounding him. He was tall, had a top hat on and a cape and although he had no discernible face I could tell he was watching me. I was woken up in the middle of the night – completely awake – to find him watching over me at the end of my bed. He didn’t move, he didn’t say anything. I was totally paralysed with fear and I couldn’t even scream. All I could do was ‘shrug’ my face under my bed-covers in a stupid attempt to hide from him. I hadn’t looked at him long before doing this (too terrified) so I didn’t really get a chance to watch him back. After about 20 minutes of totally freaking out under my bedcovers, a strength came over me to emerge and reach out to turn my bedlight on. I did this in one foul swoop. He was gone – no sign of him. I looked in every nook and cranny of my room because I was still too frightened to go back to bed with the thought he was still around. I remember my initial thought was that there was a human intruder in my room and he was going to hurt me but then I quickly realised he wasn’t of this world. There was an overwhelming sense of danger about him, which is what caused me to become paralysed with fear. Anyway, I haven’t ever seen him since. I should mention the house I lived in was NOT old – my father had built it new on bushland, so it couldn’t have been haunted. It was in Perth, Western Australia. I have no idea what the thing was but it has never left my mind and I have always wondered who it was, what he was doing, and why he was doing it. I also fear one day he might re-visit. I hope not. I do believe though, that if you open yourself up to darkness, you will be visited by evil. I was stupid back then like many teenagers and was getting into dark things, reading a lot of Anne Rice, doing tarot card reading, oejee (?sp) boards etc…. I am not religious and haven’t been christened – not sure if that had an effect on the visit too.

  35. Len says:

    Hey guys I have been reading this and I almost had the same experience when I was younger but I dnt know if I could belive it. When I was around 6 years old I woke up at night to go to the bathroom. Every night I went out of the room I saw a black man figure in the passage no hat or anything just a man figure. He would stand in the passage with his hands in the top two corners and his legs going to the bottom two corners it never moved just stood there it felt like it was looking at me all the time. Are whe all talking about the same thing I just wanted to know and if not what am I talking about havnt seen it since though. could someone pls give a comment about this cause I have been thinking about this for the last couple of months and need to know thanks.

  36. bb says:

    Dark man has visit me two times that i know of , or was aware of , he was tall and darker than night black couldnt see his face not that i looked very long , he terrified me , pulled my hair and poked at me , and it was very depressing time of my life that is when i think he comes out , i think they are there we just cant see them unless the chose for us to . i am reading a book by jason offutt on this subject , it has helped me alot , called darkness walks , the shadows among us . i didnt realize how many people all over the world has see this thing . i dont think its a good think or it wouldnt be all black as for where there is light there is usually good . i said a prayer and he dissappeared , just wanted to know what he wanted from me or why he was in my room . bb

  37. Zach walls says:

    I saw this dark man when i was 5, have seen him since many times, it is the scariest creature i have ever seen in my life. His smile comforts me but his eyes strike fear into me. he took me to a beautiful place and i loved it, but since he has done nothing but scare the hell out of me, i have cried myself to sleep becuase of him, and i want him to go away.

    • Anonymous says:

      I had an experience where he took me to a beautiful place too! It was a pink sparkly farm. There was a Farmhouse, Barn, windmill, and I was walking on a fence. He was walking along side me. I loved it! I was 6 when he took me there, and I have seen him 3 times since. Never went back to the farm though.

  38. Anonymous says:

    the exact same thing happend to me! i was wide awake and couldent sleep. and i saw him paceing on the other side of my bed with his head down. i thought it was my cousin (who is a bit of a prankster) and said “ffs what do you think your doing??” it then looked at me and walked towards me waveing his hands in front of him as if to tell me to calm down, it then stood right next to my bed, i stood up out of bed and to confront it some more and after i said my next word , it disapeared. its been 3 years now and havent slept in that room since

  39. dan says:

    omg i cant believe it, i thought it was just me, but all of these stories are exactly the same as mine (more or less) i was laying in bed wide awake and couldent sleep. i was just twidiling my thumbs bored. i looked in front of my bed and a saw a 3D black shadowy figure paceing on the other end of the bed with his head down. i thought it was my cousin (who is a bit of a prankster) and confronted him saying things like “ur not fooling anyone, stop it” it then looked up at me and walked towards me waveing his hands in front of him as if to tell me to calm down. and then just stoped on the side of my bed and looked down on me. i stood up in order to try and confront watever it was (scared to crap obviously) and i noticed it was about my height, if not then taller, and it then just disapeared, i ran to the door and turned the light on, i then started to freekout and just sat down in the hallway and then slept in my grandparents room. i was 11 at the time and the halway light was on at the time (dont know why) so my room wasent pich black. im 15 now and havent slept in that room since.

  40. earth child says:

    can tell u all now it is not satan no matter how many time it want 2 tell u he his what i do know tho is that it is very real and he is not alone this is my story i was 16 when i saw him i was sleeping on the floor in my mums room in front of the window as was still waiting 4 my new bed 2 come as last broke the night befor still dont know y but anyways was fast asleep when i woke to a weight on my feet i thought it was my dog kizzy and was about 2 tell her to go 2 her bed as i opened my eyes i saw a very tall and big black figure standing on and over me then i herd the dog running up the stairs it turn 2 the bed room door then 2 me then made a quick escape out the bed room window the dog came running in the room grolwing and barking she ran over to the window and jumped up barking my mum woke 2 the dog and saw him leaving every sice that night 1ce a week atleast a lil girl vists me she has brown hair and a very old white lacey dress on like somthing from the 15hundreds and she tells me that the shadow man is coming 4 me when i asked y she turn and told me because he want me i then aske who he was she smile and said he is the man in the dark who plays with the shadows.
    as i said not satan thing people forget it that although satan is a fallen angel he can do man no harm he has no power over man and HAS NO FREE WILL. but this guy scares me and so does the lil girl iv seen goust since as long as i can remenber from my nan visting me as a child 2 my grandad who died befor i was born i dont claim 2 have the 6th sence as i dont see them all the time THANK GOD lol but know they are real and have seen and spoke 2 a few in my time some nice some i that i still hope was my mind playing tricks on me.
    i cant beleave that so many have seen him but none so far with a lil girl that follows i could finish tell ing about the lil girl but im sure a few fake will cliam 2 of seen her but unless they see her eyes and there colour i know the havent

    • Anonymous says:

      Hello everyone I too have just seen the black shadowed man and I’m 26 years old it happened July 3, 2010 at 12:15am I was having trouble sleeping that night and I finally started falling asleep around 11 pm something woke me up. During this event My wife was asleep right next to me. As I woke I was turned facing my wife and at the end of her side of the bed was I tell black shadow man which looked like he was wearing I hood or hat with has head down. As I looked at him I thought it was someone trying to Robb my house. Then the man started walking towards my wife and as it came close I made I move. I reached over my wife and swung not once but twice at this man and with rage I said as I was swinging mother f er get the f out of here and it went straight through the wall.When I missed for the second time I know then what it was. I told my story to my mom and dad and friends and one friend told me to research it that I’m not the only one that seen this big ass scary shadow

  41. Anonymous says:

    okay someone help me i have had the same thing but its more of 8 different dark men they know my name they fallow me and they tell me they been waiting for me when i try to sleep i feel them holding me down it get hard to breath its been happening since i was 5

    • Anonymous says:

      You have to pray and ask God to protect you with his white light ask God to surround you with his white light and say a orayer to keep ALL EVIL AWAY! There is nothing BIGGER than our God

  42. Mark says:

    i have seen the same thing but it is more of 8 black men like shadows since i was 5 they know my name and seem to fallow me every where i go if i try to sleep they will pin me down and i well feel this pulsing painful feeling it seems to be getting worst and worst

  43. Philmore says:

    I used to see the shadow man standing in my bedroom doorway when I must’ve been around 5 or 6. My mum used to say it must’ve been her or my dad going to bed but I knew it wasn’t. He was standing in a fully lit hallway but he was pitch black with no features. He never came in the room, he would just stand there staring at me till I gained the ability to scream for my parents then he would disappear.

    I’m 28 now and nobody has ever believed me and it’s only when I was watching ghosthunters with my nephew that I thought of googling the subject. Thankfully since then I’ve never seen him altho I did spend one very scary night alone and awake after feeling something climb on top of me and whisper “I know what you’re doing” when I was around 18 and visiting my parents house

  44. josh says:

    wen i was 7 i had the dream atleast once a week that 2 men in black triangle hats and long black coats would sneak in and put me on a stretcher and carry me away with out me waking up i could never see their faces and no matter where i am i never feel like i am alone

  45. Melissa says:

    Omg im so glad i found this when i was little around 10-15 this shadow used to visit me every night and just stand next to my bed and watch me, and I knew I wasn’t sleeping, my mom wouldn’t listen to me and one day he just stopped.
    i don’t know why.

  46. don says:

    Saw this when I was 4. Woke up to see tall shadow figure against or on the wall a few feet from foot of bed. I was in my older brothers bed where I would sneak to each night because it felt safe. I saw it, closed eyes a bit and it was still there. Honestly wasn’t afraid because my bro was next to me plus I was tired and well, it wasn’t that interesting to me lol so I went back to sleep! Never forgot it though, and fascinated so many people saw same thing!!

  47. Deborah says:

    When I was 8 years old, I was sleeping in my bed. Something woke me up as if someone was calling my name. That is when I saw this man dress in a long black coat with a black hat on at the bottom of my bed just standing there, it was so dark in my room I could not see his eyes. I jumped out of bed and ran outside screaming. There were some older boys outside in front of my house they asked me what was wrong. I said someone is in my bedroom. They all ran in the house to check and see if anyone was in the house. When they came back outside they said that no one was there. I no what I saw, I was so afraid to go back into my house I waited to my mother came home. She was at a neighbors house at the time. I never mention it to my mother because I was afraid I was going to get into trouble for letting some kids in our house.

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