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The Craft and My Sister

Posted on May 29, 2010

My sister was only 14 years of age when I lost her to the supernatural world [so I believe] she believed in all that kind of things she practiced it as if she really knew what she was doing, I always thought she was weird stupid and crazy. Me and her never really spoke because when she spoke, she would only speak of her project which was a self made Ouija board I would always think she was lying because she would talk about details that made no sense at all. One day I decided to ask her what did she believed in and why? Well she responded “I have my doubts about God and the Devil so maybe atheist”, then I asked then what are the symbols and stuff you practice for hours? she said “Craft”.

My sister didn’t look Gothic or acted like it with other people out side of her room, she was a Vegetarian and had an outstanding GPA. I would have never thought she’d become a monster in her inner personality. Me and her were like best friends when she was in the 6th grade, then again I’m older by 4 years and someone young was not in my interest. When she turned 14 she asked for money as a gift she came home with black shaded bags and said “Thank you” to my mom and dad. She ran upstairs happily and she didn’t quite shut the door like she normally does so I peeped in to see what she had bought, I saw a jar with blood and a small pet carrier box with a tarantula. I whispered “Oh!”, she turned around and told me not to tell anyone what I had seen and then she shut the door. I didn’t know how to react to that ,so I just nodded my head yes.

Two weeks later after everything had gone back to its normal being. Nothing Extra strange happened yet. Things were actually really calm lately. Friday came and my sister had friends over, she NEVER had friends over! they all looked punk rock and stuff. I got nervous and she came by me and whispered “I’ll protect you”. She ran upstairs giggling. That night she died along with all of her friends in front of the Ouija board.

I cried for hours and wondered why she did the things she did at her age. I went into her room and found a book sticking out of her bed, It was her journal. I cried the first few pages when she wrote about her change and why. I walked in her room and saw her playing cards with her friends the same day she died I felt as if she wasn’t gone.It’s been a year and every month on the day she died I can hear her giggle coming from her room.

R.I.P Jennifer M-B

Sent in by Jenifer Mateo, Copyright 2010

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42 Responses to “The Craft and My Sister”
  1. GypsyMoon says:

    wow what state did this happen is there a link to local paper? What did the police say?
    Is the case still open? I mean nobody actually believes a Ouija board or someone practising the craft did it. What did the coroners report say? What was cause of death officially?

    • papi sal says:

      Ca, I don’t know if there’s any link because I never really cared about that I payed more attention to her actions & I wanted answers. The case is no longer open so I been told. There was an Autopsy and there was nothing wrong but they found some type of black diamond or something like that.

  2. AnNa says:

    oh my.im sorry for what happened.but you said your 4 years older then your sister,why wouldnt you say anything to your parents?i know sisters dont rat each-other out but what she had in the bag that would of mad me say something.im not being mean about it.what did your parents say when they found out?so all of her friends died that night?thats scary.i would like to hear more about what happened to them.like what gypsymoon said is it in the papers?i think its not the ouija board maybe it was something else maybe they took something no offence.thanks for the story and sorry again if you have anyother information we would like to hear it.

    • papi sal says:

      I’m actually her brother. It’s not in the papers because we kept it under police cum(kee-Yoom) folders. Well she hated drugs, because of her personal experience so I don’t think it was drugs I don’t think they killed each other Because there was no sign of struggle & the only thing that was in the middle was the Ouija board, So my question to you id “What would you have thought then & there after trying to find a REAL reasonable answer that relates to this world”?

      • AnNa says:

        sorry.and i might of thought of the same thing after everything was ruled out.thanks for commenting me back.

  3. trolldoll says:

    sounds like a group suicide. i don’t think they were satanists, but they were into the dark arts. i am so sorry for you, this was such a sensless shame to have happen to your family.

    • papi sal says:

      If you want me to write another story about me & her using the Ouija board to communicate I wouldn’t mind taking the time.

      • Cristina says:

        wow i wud defenally would like to hear your story!!
        i promised i wudnt play w that but i would love to hear your story((:

  4. Rob says:

    so wait. both u and ur sister were named jennifer ???????????????

  5. voodoochild says:

    How did she die? And is there a newspaper link?

  6. Vzy4kat6387 says:

    I do believe it was a group suicide, and had nothing to do with the Ouija board. Which is real sad and I’m sorry you had to deal with that pain. I don’t mean to pry but how did your mother react & did the police come out to the house?

    Could your sister have been on drugs and not tell you do you think? Because I’ve never heard about deaths from Ouija boards.

    Again I’m sorry you had to go through this.

    • papi sal says:

      if you don’t believe what my experience was then ignore me & move on with your life, not to be mean but this is what I thought then and there, my sister was not a drug addict because her autopsy didn’t show anything besides a black rock/diamond/, & normal intestines.

      • Loe says:

        Here’s my calculations on this.
        First theory
        To me, I believe they indeed did not know what they were doing. It seems like they were trying to give a gift to who knows what to show that they respected it. I wonder was it a real black diamond? No demon would ever accept a fake one. It would only anger it…and even if it were real, most demons wouldn’t settle on just one. They would also only be attracted to a certain type of gemstone. Who’s to say that they did not like the gift. So for laughing at their stupidity, it thought of an idea as a real gift. How better could a gift to a demon be in itself than by killing everyone in the room. One soul is valuable. More than one soul is even more so. So it happens and your sister/everyone soul is taken away by the demon. What was left behind was a film that was set to play back that moment before her death?
        It’s either that or this is what your sister wanted. Perhaps she knew what were the consequences of summoning a random creature. She was willing to give her life in order to wander the astral plane for eternity.
        Perhaps she loved you so much that she’s willing to turn into a spirit to protect you from harmful things?

  7. Erin says:

    Your sister strayed far from God’s prescence, and all those thing she practiced attracted evil. You need to know that God is real and alive, and although your sister lost her life, you don’t have to do the same. Give your life to the Lord, and he will protect and guide you. He is good, and Satan, witchcraft, etc. are evil. Ghosts and spirits aren’t real, when you die you go to heaven or hell and pass under the judgement of God himself, the supreme being of the universe, the one who created it and all of humankind. Demons play with you and trick you into believing ghosts are real, when in truth, they aren’t. Demons can take many shapes and forms, even those of humans. Ask God to bless your home, believe in him with all of your heart while you do this. Go to church, and learn more about the goodness of God and who Jesus was. This will be your saving grace, and it’s within the will of your Father for you to be saved and live a life full of goodness, excellence, and glory, not evil. There is only one true God, and Satan and his demons aren’t it.

    • papi sal says:

      If you don’t respect supernatural world then you shouldn’t read these stories Obviously I’m not sure what to believe.

    • Pat says:

      I am a devout Christian too and believe, like you do, that God is almighty and the ruler and King of all…Satan tries to ensnare humans any way he can and without Christian guidance and belief it is so very easy to slip in to the enticements of the paranormal. However I have seen many things I cannot explain that make no sense in my belief in an afterlife in heaven or hell depending on what you believed at the time of your death…why spirits seem to walk this earthly realm after death is one thing I will understand when I cross over myself…theses young people were tragically taken through their naivete….very very sad and all their families have my deepest condolences…….

  8. GypsyMoon says:

    So the Coroner who did the autopsy said there was a “black diamond or something” in her throte but did not investigate what it was exactly ?
    A Coroner did not finish this investigation? Did he get fired? This is sounding really far fetched a Coroner would have determined what was in her throat.
    He told her family “A black diamon or something was in her throat I do not know?
    RU SERIOUS!!!?????

    • papi sal says:

      I don’t think you understand my point in the story I will not give full details across the web & also he couldn’t identify different types of rocks inside a human body. Where did you get that throat stuff from I said they found a black diamond or rock I never said where though.

  9. kim says:

    Ive read a book by mia dolan she is a medium and a good one at that. I recamend you all have a read (haunted homes) anyway mia mentions a time when she would visit south wales as a child.A couple of student were playing the ouija board and on this perticula night they sent there girlfriend to the pub and locked the doors and covererd the windows.The g/f came back from the pub tried the door it was still locked so they left and went to bed.Morning came and the door was still locked there was noway of getting inn with out breaking the door down i think they called the police and they broke in or the girls did.what they found when they walked in there Two bodies that looked like they had been minced blood every were.this happened in the 70s ive tried looking it up but found nothing

    • papi sal says:

      I apologize, what are you trying to say? by the way I like your statement about Mia Dolan

  10. coloradofelix says:

    ouji boards are not something to “play” with. I’ve had a very bad experiance..I’m so sorry to hear of your sister and i belive you because what i went through..Mind you when you open youre self to a ouji board everything comes through

    • papi sal says:

      I know that, It’s just I miss my sister & as much as I try to let go I can’t

      • AnNa says:

        i know how you feel.my uncle died 21 years ago and its still hard some days.so i understand what your going through.my heart goes to you and your family.

  11. kim says:

    sorry papi, im just trying to point out that the ouija board is dangerouse and anything is possable while using 1.

  12. Carlos says:

    I’m just wondering what that tarantula was for.

    • papi sal says:

      I don’t know.. She died, It would be kind of stupid to ask her through a Ouija Board.

  13. Mara says:

    i dont really know what to say except that im so sorry about your sister, it would kill me if i lost my little sis.
    i really hope other people learn from your story so no one else goes through it.

  14. Believer says:

    I’m really sorry for your loss, hope that you and your family are doing much better. It’s quite strange that your sister died the same date and month she was born.

    • papi sal says:

      Yes in many Legends it says that is most likely to happen when something isn’t HUMAN

  15. Pat says:

    THis has got to be one of the saddest stories I have ever read here. I am stumped. The only thing that makes sense to me is that they were scared to death; actually died of fright regarding something they saw on the Ouija board….she was obviously in way over her heard (into the occult)… I pray she has found her way to the light and the love of GOD…

  16. Big Chief says:

    Oh, so this is your story. Never seen it before as this is my first time seeing it. Strange story. Not enough details to make much out of it. Seems like a fill in the blank story with little to no hints. Strange indeed..

  17. *CC* says:

    Sorry, no disrespect meant ,but, I don’t believe this one,not at all.Good story tho, Thanks- = )

  18. *CC* says:

    Oh and Papi, maybe it’s just me here,but, why on earth are you so defensive when people ask questions or leave comments?Because ther’s really no need for it =) IF this story is true (and that is a big IF),I am sorry for your loss.On the other hand if it’s a complete fabrication, well then ;Shame on you !! There are many good people here, which I can surmise are truely caring and genuine.Ok,that said…I will now fade on out into obscurity- Peace-

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