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The Borden Ouija Board Incident

Posted on January 26, 2009

My senior year of high school in 199-, I used to spend almost half my day in the basement art rooms – the art teacher was extremely easy going, and my friends and I had three class periods in a row we could stay down there: crafts, study hall, and lunch.  Our favorite activity at this time was the Ouija board.  We used to make them of paper and use a tape roll as a planchette.  They were extremely effective and powerful.  During this period, I never used one outside of the school, or frankly, outside of those rooms in the school, so I’m still not sure to this day if it was the place or the people that was so attractive to spirits of all kinds.

I have a lot of stories from this period – especially about our experiences with the sad female ghost in the theatre of the school, but the incident that I’m going to share this time was the breaking point for me with the Ouija board, and may be a cautionary tale for others.

Generally there were four of us on the board, but we used it in all possible combination of those four people, and with other friends, and had equal success.  At the time, I was totally fascinated with the Lizzie Borden story- I had a theory about the murder, and was writing a play about it, based on an earlier monologue I’d won some awards for in junior high.

One day, I was sitting by my friends doing some stupid math homework while they were on the board.  They didn’t want to speak with anyone specific that particular day (we had several spirits we spoke to very often) and so they asked if there was anyone there who wanted to speak with us.  They got a yes.

LET ME TALK TO THE RED ONE, the board said.   I’m a red-head, but so was my other friend. Since I was not touching the board, she assumed it was her.  NOT YOU.  THE OTHER ONE. BITCH. And then it spelled my name.

Um, yeah. No thanks. It actually wasn’t too unusual for the board to acknowledge the absence of someone not actively touching it, asking after friends who were sick or gone.  But I was not about to touch the board with an introduction like that.  I refused, and the planchette became agitated, spiraling all over the board. I asked who it was, and it said, YOU KNOW ME.  BITCH.

I denied it, and it spelled out EMMA B.

OK.  I started to get a sinking, excited feeling in my stomach.  I don’t remember at this point what it said next, or how it let me know that it really was representing to be Emma Borden, Lizzie’s older sister, but that’s who this entity was claiming to be.

What you have to understand is that in the piece I was writing, I had turned the original story around and Emma was the person who actually murdered their parents.  (I still do believe that she was at least a co-conspirator- but that’s beside the point.)  From the stream of profanity and abuse that she spewed at me, I gather she was not cool with my version of events.  My friends on the board were totally confused by this whole conversation; none of them knew I was writing anything or had ever seen any of it.  I actually kind of got excited and started asking questions, sort of ignoring her hostility.


And this is when I started to really freak out. This statement was directly in response to something I’d written. She started quoting to me from the play. I didn’t know what to think.  Nobody’d ever seen it, I’d never even talked about it.

I WILL LIVE THROUGH YOU She says to me, and I’m so dumb that I think maybe she’s talking about the words I’d written.   Until: YOU ARE WEAK.  I WILL BECOME YOU.

So, now I’m begging them to stop this conversation, but she manages to say this a couple more times, insinuating that she’s going to take over my body.  They finally manage to get control enough to firmly say Goodbye and properly close down the board. Spirits had threatened to kill us before (a dumb, empty threat- really, don’t believe them) but never take one of us over; we were all shaken. We never used it again- if I recall, I soaked it in water in the paint sink until the paper turned pulpy.

For the next few days, I was nervous and paranoid.  Was I weak? What would happen? I was kicking myself up and down – I mean, I really should have known better than to get myself involved in the Ouija. I was explicitly forbidden by my parents.  The irony this time was that I wasn’t even USING the board!

I was really lucky, it proved to be an empty threat. It was toying with me.  But holy cow, did I learn my lesson.  I was really lucky to escape that period without serious repercussion. I think I wasn’t as vulnerable as some people – I was scared, but I didn’t give into it; I got mentally vigilant instead. I wasn’t depressed or imbalanced, and  My childhood home rejects negative energy- I grew up in a place that I do not think evil could tolerate. It radiates welcome. One hundred and twenty years of love and hospitality have soaked the walls; people walk in for the first time, raid the fridge and lie down on the couch. More people than those who grew up there call it home.  I knew I was protected there.

And here are my parting thoughts on this story: I’m not telling you that I really talked to Emma Borden- who knows what that entity really was?  They can tell you anything, represent themselves as anybody.  It might have been a chaotic spirit that was never human at all.  You cannot believe them.  What scares me to this day about it is that somehow, it tapped into my thoughts and knew such strange things about me.  I knew at this point that the spirits were capable of affecting things on a physical level- we’d often watched a spirit follow through on a promise to “make something happen.”   But I had not fully realized the extent to which they were capable. On the other hand, I’m not going to say that every entity I communicated with was evil, either.  But I don’t recommend it.

As you can imagine, I never did finish that play.

Sent in by “Honeychurch”, Copyright 2009 TrueGhostTales.com

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14 Responses to “The Borden Ouija Board Incident”
  1. Alpha says:

    Wow, sounds like an lucky experience

    Glad you are okay. I’ve personally never experimented with the Ouija board but fortunately (use this term loosely) i am able to interact with spirits much better then the average person. (It’s kinda like a thing, that’s been running in the family)

    I personally doubt that it was Emma B, but probably a chaotic spirit as you said. My friend had a situation similar to yours, where he and his sisters were attempting to communicate to their grandpa and he was about to go to sleep, when the ouija board requested his attention. The spirit pretended to be his grandfather and he spoke to it for at least 2 hours. He said as he went to sleep, he suddenly woke up and noticed this black spectre at his bed. (His bed is quite long). The spectre rushed towards him and before he could even scream, the figure of his grandfather came and punched the black spectre and disappeared. I believe him because his grandpa was a pretty famous boxer in the local county back in his day.

    Take care

  2. cherina21 says:

    that was totally freak! really! i used to write stories as well but i never tried to write the same theme as yours but i have plans… by the way iv’e changed my mind..

    it seems that your lucky enough coz she didn’t hurt you..

  3. Honeychurch says:

    I was extremely lucky, but I also think that people make things worse at times by overreacting and making themselves vulnerable. I was scared, believe me- for days afterward I slept with the light on. But I also really wasn’t going to give it power over me by panicking. I hadn’t invited that thing, either, and I rejected it the entire time, even as it tried to play games with me. And I do not and will not believe that every entity we spoke with on the board was negative. But it’s just not worth it, especially when you’re young and dumb and doing it for fun. Picking up a ouija without knowing what you’re doing is like trying to drive a plane when you don’t even have a driver’s license. LOL.

  4. Bre says:

    A spirit taping into what you think is your own personal and private thoughts is something that sparks a lot of fear. Not only knowing that you were near by the board, but knowing what you have written in private in the thing that would get to me the most.
    This is a wonderful story, and I hope that you did not quite writing all together because you obviously have some talent for it.
    I am very glad to hear that you are safe, especially after such an ordeal such as that.

  5. Jackie says:

    This story is good because you realise the dangers of the Ouija board. It’s also good that you came out of it OK and you realise the warnings and repurcussions, which could have plagued you and your family.

    I’d just like to say; when playing with the O – board…think of your family before going ahead. This ‘game’ does not only affect the player – but the family too!

  6. trolldoll1681 says:

    ok this one is one of the good ones since i’ve never heard of soakin a board you and your friends are very lucky don’t mess around you can and probably brought in bad spirits look up land history that’s a good place to start or there’s evp’s good luck i’ll be lookin forward to your next encounter

  7. Nicole says:

    whoa! Scary dude! It really freaked me out! I hope that you will be very safe, and hopefuly not stupied ( no offence) to use a Quija board again!

  8. angel34 says:

    Scaaary…does any of your friends still use it? Glad your okay.I’ve had experiences in my life and choose not to talk about yet. Rather comment.

  9. Seree says:

    yeah okay no board for you!

  10. Doom says:

    Ok first off I am a ouija board user sense i was 10, I could contect them without the board also. I came in contect with many good and evil spirtes. Spirts say things like (i goinging to take you over or your weak) to make u belive that. Feeling weak is what makes people weak and thats the ONLY time a spirte can take over a person, IF THEY THEMSELVE FEEL WEAK BUT OTHER PEOPLE COMMENTS. I read other people commets and stories, and if you made the spirte really mad, moving would do nothing, they will follow where ever you go. NEVER BURN the ouija board or try to get rid of it untill the spirte is gone. To make matters worst, spirtes from the ouija board are not the same as normal ones. the ouija board spirtes are summon from the depts of hell, so normal prays and exicisem WON’T WORK. I learn to deal with them by expariences. One way to get rid of them is to not show fear. the fear you show them is the key that allows them to hurt you. If you don’t pay attention to them then they will go away. Also if you know the dark arts (wicken) then show them who is boss. also, iadvise to set up seal papers all over the house is your being haunted.

  11. trolldoll1681 says:

    i still think excessive use of a ouija is a risky thing and by the way wicca is not a dark art!!!!!!!

  12. AN OLD USER says:


  13. Anonymous says:

    I agree 100% trolldoll!

    I also think that overreacting either way really makes you vulnerable. I’m not saying that all possessions or negative hauntings can be prevented by mental vigilance; but you cannot give in. They feed on fear. Just be balanced in your approach- I really think that saved me in the long run. I just refused to be vulnerable. I still really do not believe that every single entity we talked to on the Ouija board was evil or non-human. But it’s just not a risk worth taking, because many of them are. Be safe, people! :)

  14. ariana says:

    i agree wit anonymous. i dont think u should waste ur time even usin an ‘O’ board. nd u shouldnt become vulnerable….. that wat makes dem hurt chu nd cause harm to ppl u love or care bout. escpecially u! so i dont recommend u even think about one. nd i loved ur story……..

    take care ALWAYS. and may god bless every1.!
    love always, ariana

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