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The Blue Thing

Posted on June 29, 2010

Fifth grade year: top of the elementary school students, grandfather died, saw my first ghost/spirit, got my own room, got really interested in nature, oh, one more thing, spent every recess from October – November (indoor recess from December-January) February-June looking past the fence at the blue thing.

It all started as a joke from the fourth graders to try and scare the fifth graders around Halloween. They thought that I was the only one to fall for it. I was the only one who truly saw something.

My best friend at the time (still good friends, but not best anymore) was a year younger then me. Her and I would keep our foreheads pressed on the fence trying to see something in the background of the woods. One day, while surrounded by forth graders (I guess this might be a good time to mention that most of my friends were forth graders that year) I screamed out “I saw something! I just saw something blue!” All of the other kids started to scream, saying that they also saw something. By mid-November they were trying to pry me away from the fence, admitting that they didn’t see really anything, that is was just the right time of year.

Indoor recess was torture for me with all my friends being in a different grade. I would sit up by the window, pretending to read, staring outside at the fence. I was trying to think up logical explications to what I could of seen. A bluebird? No, what I saw was far to large to be any sort of bird. A man in a blue coat? Not likely unless that man could disappear at any given moment. Trash blowing in the wind? No, it always happened in the same area. A piece of trash blowing in the wind would change area in a few hours at most.

When February came I ran outside as fast as possible and sat up by the fence every day. Within the weeks of indoor recess I did make a few friends when I wasn’t staring out of the window. Not to great of friends. The first outdoor recess that we had in February they came up behind me and tried to scare me. Didn’t work, I heard them long before they got close to me.

I saw the blue thing until the last day of school as an elementary school student. I went to my friend’s house over that summer, and she happens to live near our old school. I told her about the blue thing that I saw, then did she tell me that her house used to be haunted by a little boy who died of cancer. They got a priest to come and bless the house, they never saw the little boy again. She said that he was blue, just like what I saw. That scared me. I’m very religious, and I believed that if the house was blessed, the spirit went to Heaven or to Hell. Now I’m not so sure what I believe in.

I haven’t looked for the blue thing since ‘Sadies told me about the little boy. I’m terrified that if I look for him, I’ll find him. As much as I would like to help a young child in need, dead or alive, I’m terrified of what will happen if I find this little boy who was cast away.

One more child that I know of died around my elementary school. I’m not sure of her name, I think it was Lindsy, but I’m not sure, was in the same grade as my older sister, Jeni. One day while she was a fifth grader (I was in kindergarten, I remember the memorial for her a little bit) she got really sick at school. Since she lived less then a five minute walk from the school her mother said that it would be fine if she walked home. When she got home she told her mother that she was going to bed. Lindsy just never woke up. She went into a coma I believe, and died a few days later.

Could either of these children, who died at such a young age, be haunting Wilder Elementary’s grounds?

Sent in by Ghost Girl, Copyright 2010 TrueGhostTales.com

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6 Responses to “The Blue Thing”
  1. Liz says:

    While I hate to think of a child’s spirit hanging around here on earth instead of going to the light (Heaven, as you would call it). It does happen. Children can be afraid to leave this earthly plane and go on to the next, even if the next is so much lovelier than this one. I respect your beliefs, Ghost Girl, but based on my experience, there is more than Hell, earth and Heaven. Things aren’t that black-and-white, much as we would all like to believe they are. None of us would want a child to avoid going to Heaven because they’re trapped here by fear (or something else).

    Do be warned that it may not be a child, though, but something else pretending to be one. If you are religious, spirits of all kind (good and bad) can be attracted to you. If you encounter this being again, tell them it’s safe to go to the light and there is love and happiness waiting there- they don’t have to stay alone on earth anymore. Pray for them to have the courage to go to the light. If you do that and still see it, I would say exercise caution and stay away after that, if the spirit doesn’t move on. That isn’t a good sign and you shouldn’t involve yourself after you’ve told them to go to the light.

    • Ghost Girl says:

      I want to help if it is a child, but I am terrified to go anywhere near my old elementary school. When I was in fifth grade I had little, if any, knowalge on ghosts/spirits. In fifth grade it was before I even truely believed in the paramnormal. I know that it might not be a child, that is what has me so afraid. Is there anyway to know for sure if the being is a human soul or not?

      • Liz says:

        No, there isn’t any way to know for certain what they are (at least until something happens that proves it definitively one way or the other). I would stay away from it if at all possible. If you do come in close contact, again, tell it to go to the light, that their time on earth is done. If they won’t go, you have to tell it that you will not give it any more attention and you need to leave it alone. You must REALLY be willing to let it go. The spirit will move on, hopefully. If not, STAY AWAY from it. You are not trained to deal with anything beyond a simple ghost who needs to move on. Don’t encourage it to give you information about itself, just tell it to move on. Your life is on the physical plane and that is where your focus should be, at least most of the time. I say this not to be harsh, but because people can get very “hooked” on the paranormal, even trying to see or call out ghosts on purpose. Not saying you are, it is just a warning from someone who has been there. This quite often ends up being a “hobby” which does no good for a person’s life in the long run. I’ve talked to a few formal paranormal researchers (ghost hunters, if you will) who wish they had never gotten involved with the field. Spirits can and do get very attached to people who long for paranormal experiences, and if they’re bad spirits- trust me, it is a terrible experience.

  2. AnNa says:

    i dont think there haunting the school just maybe they dont know that there dead.why would it scared you now if you would see the boy or the girl that passed away?you werent really scared when you saw something and now knowing what it could be you are thats weird no offence.and i think its funny that fourth graders were tring to scare the fifth graders.ive never heared of that before.im not saying it cant be done.its just weird..maybe if it is the kids that passed you should tell them that there dead so they can move on.i dont know if it is a good idea but thats the only thing i can think of.thanks for the story.

    • Ghost Girl says:

      Thank you for commenting. I was scared when I first saw the blue thing, I really was. I was scared, but it was halloween. The scared I was, was a good type of scared. Now I am terrified. If it isn’t a young child there are so many other things that the being could be, and that’s the reason that I am terrified now.

  3. Pat says:

    HMMMM really makes you wonder doesn’t it??? What else could it possibly be? I hope that those children have both found peace in heaven. Maybe what you were seeing was a residual haunting and they are actually where they need to be now…great story!

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