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The Beginning of My Hauntings

Posted on July 3, 2010

Well this is just one of my many paranormal experiences. I’m from California and I’m 16 and when I write this it is 2010. For as long as I can remember I’ve always had paranormal things happen to me and I believe that I get the ability to see, hear, and sense spirits from my father because he had many many paranormal things happen to him. But anyway here’s my story.

Fell when I was four I moved from San Jose, California to a tiny town two hours away. The house was nice, small but nice. It was the kind of suburban neighborhood where all the neighbors knew each other and respected one another. At the time when I moved in there were no children my age so I wasn’t social but I had a creative imagination or what I thought was my imagination.

I recall having an imaginary friend in my old home. I don’t remember all her features but it was a little girl with very light almost white hair but it still had that yellowish tint in it and I remember that she had this beautiful white dress that I was always envious of. I would always tell my mom to buy me one like the girl, she would always ask what girl and I would point to her but my mom would never see anything.

I only saw the little girl for a few months then it seemed like she disappeared forever (until years later when she showed up again in my new house twice but that’s a different story) so being the curious 4 or 5 year old I was, I looked for her but could never find her but I met someone else kinda.

I say kinda because I never actually talked to it. In my old house we had a hallway which went straight but then splits in two making a T shape. Every time I would look into the hallway I would always see a black figure go by really fast and every time it did I would run down the hall looking for it, but obviously never found it. At this point I didn’t know what ghost were and so I would always call it the ninja (yes its silly I know) and every time someone asked me what I was looking at or asked what I was looking for in the hallway I would always say I was looking for the ninja. My parents thought it was cute and that I was being a typical 4 or 5 year old with an over active imagination, until one day.

My parents have worked at flea markets even before I was born, so my aunt would take care of me at times (she lived in the town already). So the first time she took care of me she decided to braid my hair, it was very long, and I said tia tia (aunt in Spanish) did you see it! And she said see what? I said “the ninja” she got freaked out and we left the house and went to McDonalds. She told my parents and they got worried so they had the house blessed and it worked for that ghost.

There’s another ghost that even when I think about her gives me chills all over my body. Well from the get go I hated being in my room alone day or night, especially night. I don’t know why I did I just always felt that it was bad in there and I would literally have my dad sit on my bed and have him stay there until I fell asleep, which would take me hours at time to do. I would always wake up with scratches on my legs and arms, of course I would look around my bed and test to see if I could get scratches from the bed or surrounding objects but no, always unexplainable scratches. So one night I get a sense of total and complete terror that right now I’m shaking from remembering that night, I shot straight up and sat up-right in my bed to see a lady in white in my door way. I yelled for my dad but by the time he came she had already gone. I’ve seen her a few more times after that but my parents never believed me.

Years later in 2005 we moved out of that house and now my uncle is renting it and my cousins have told me that they’ve seen the lady in white and I’ve never told them about her prior to that because my mom didn’t want them to feel scared. They’ve told me that they have seen her in my old room and the garage. I was glad that they had seen it because no one believed me before so it made me feel good to know I wasn’t crazy.

Sadly the only ones in my house that see spirits are me and my dad. So when I tell my mom she kind of just ignores me but since I’ve found this website and read these stories from real people it makes me feel good that I know I’m not the only one having these experiences. I’ve tried to do research on the property but I cant seem to find a website to show history of land but I’m going to my local library to see if they have some old files. So leave your comments and opinions I would love to know what you think.

Sent in by lily T., Copyright 2010 TrueGhostTales.com

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15 Responses to “The Beginning of My Hauntings”
  1. trolldoll says:

    see you’re not alone!! read all you can. some people can not be convinced there are ghosts. if you can, tell us about more of you and your father’s experiences! thanks!

  2. AnNa says:

    LILY-thanks for the story theres only one thing i dont understand.when you saw the (ninja)your parents thought it was cute,but as soon as your aunt said something to them they got scared.why is that?because you were only little and they thought it was cute.well maybe your mom doesnt really understand whats going on in your life in how you can see ghosts.maybe if you sit your mother down maybe she can be alittle open minded at whats going on..has anything happened to your dad that you want to tell us know about?thanks again for the story.

  3. big barney says:

    its all about tthe bay area!

  4. Michelle says:

    Hey Lily, as a resident of Ca there are many weird experiences in this state. Sounds to me that you had a Demon in white. Scratches are nothing to mess with. Does your Uncle still live in that house? I would ask if anyone else has been scratched. By the sounds of it it did not follow you and that is good. However I would not go back there.

    • lilyT. says:

      no we foreclosed on the house so they had to move out, but ive asked my cousins before if they had scratches but they said no and i asked my dad recently if he ever had unexpainable scratches in that house and he said yes so him and i were the only ones

  5. yazmin says:

    that was scary!

  6. Lourdes says:

    hi that is so interesting, you should found out who is that lady in white i dont think she is bad i think shes looking for attention something she must of lost in that house
    how old is the house? find out the owners or landlord or just go to the library it would be exciting to see what she wants i think the scratches are for you to leave the house or you are sleeping her daughters room or her room or she must of had some problem there please let me know about it what your find out maybe i can helpl you find out too
    its good that you have this gift i wish i had it you should talk to people who have this gift too you might actually help that ghost like investigating a murder or not ok bye

  7. Lourdes says:

    hi im interesed to find out what happend this is good that y ou have a gift to see and hear ghost, it can be very rewarding and scary at the same time but you cant blame them they are lost souls , you just have to be brave, i know some are not nice people you should talk to people who have the same gift, found out from your landlord or manage or owner about that place , the house might be 100 years old and that lady in white she might of lived there and had some problems or she dont like you being in that room who knows what happend to her go to the library too you might even help her cross over (rest in peace) why do you think she is getting your attention because you have a gift and maybe you can help her i dont thinks she is bad person something really bad happend to her let me know about i read alot about real ghost stories

  8. Marlaina says:

    Lily, this all sounds way too familliar to me. My youngest daughter “claimed to see people” from the age of 5. She expeirienced sleep depravation as well. Its apparent you inheritted this from your father..and your mom shouldn’t have thought it was “funny”.

    • lilyT. says:

      yeah ive always disliked my mom for not believing me about the things ive experience and still do experience but now that shes starting to believe me because activity in our house has been rising and she has seen the comments people have posted so now she is starting to believe

  9. Marlaina says:

    I also would like to add that I NEVER doubted my childs claims of seeing ghost’s. Her paternal grandmother has the “gift” and so does my childs Aunt.

  10. Devon says:

    Hey lily, I’m glad you posted your story, I’ve been having the same things happen to me when i was 12, im 14 now and my parents think im crazy when i tell them about the ghosts i see, my mom had ouija experiences when she was my age so she truly beleives, i posted my story on here but they linked it to a diff site. I Wish it was on trueghosttales.com so people could reply to my story and help me out.
    I’ve been seeing dark shadows around my house that move around too.

    • lilyT. says:

      i think you should repost the story again and for the shadows in my opinion if you belong to any religion have a blessing or you could burn sage in your house or places that you experience the worst activity. i havnt gone to a priest my self (im catholic) because i live in a small town and everyone here is judgemental so i believe sage is a good way to go

      • Marlaina says:

        Well Lily: its not good Christianity to be “Judgmental”. If you feel the congrigation at your church will look down on you for asking for help; in my opinion you need to find a new church. If that’s not a possibility..contact a Preist at another church, perhaps in another town.

        • lilyT. says:

          yeah i feel the same way too. theres another priest in a town a mile away and hes more open minded so im going to go over there when i have the chance

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