Terrifying Shadow Creature

Posted on December 24, 2007

It all started one evening when I was cleaning and fixing my room, I had just moved to my sisters house. I finished fixing my new room and decided it was time for me to take a break and relax. So I decided to lay down in bed.

I was laying down but I was laying down on the side where you put your feet, my head was on that side, I had the TV on and was watching it side way’s. All of a sudden I saw one of my jeans from the closet move. I didn’t put any importance to it, when all of a sudden I felt someone was on the side of my bed looking at me.

When I turned my head, all I saw was a huge black shadow standing right on my left side. I tried to move but I couldn’t, all I could move was my eye’s and I clearly saw it move on top of the bed and sat on top of me. I could clearly see his long fingers grab a hold of my face. It opened my mouth and drew itself close to my mouth. I felt as it started breathing something out of me.

I remember hearing my self screaming for my sister, but no one came to help me, then he got close to my ears and started mumbling something that was hard to understand what he was saying. All of a sudden I felt my mouth moving and I heard my self trying to say something, but it sounded so ugly like a moaning ugly talk I don’t even know.

All I remember is I started saying dear Lord please don’t leave my side don’t leave me all alone, get me out of this. Whatever it is let it go away. I believe in one God and that is your Jesus Christ. All of a sudden it just jumped out of the bed.

I remember getting out of my bed so fast, and opened the door and walked to my sisters bedroom door and started knocking. She said she’s tired to go to sleep, she has to be up early morning for work, so I went to the restroom that was close to my room and started washing my face with cold water.

When I turned the light on, I was shocked and scared to see what I saw on the mirror. I saw myself looking all pale and my eyes were open wide and black glowing. I turned the light off and went to the other room. I didn’t sleep the whole night. I was so scared.

In the morning I told my sister. I believe it was not a dream because I had to knock on the door and my sister remembered me washing my face so I know this was no dream.

I had so many many other things happen to me with the same situation – this same thing. If anyone knows what this is and why something like this has happened please post a comment and tell me what to do.

Submitted by Hazel Vega copyright 2007 all rights reserved.

For more on the subject of shadow creatures�read about�about this�paranormal investigation�documented by Michael Stump ~ The Covelo Shadow People


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18 Responses to “Terrifying Shadow Creature”
  1. Cindy says:

    I had a similar experience laying in bed on my side watching TV. I turned off the television to fall asleep. When I went to roll on my side the tv remote fell on the floor, I had hardwood floors in my bedroom so it was loud. The moon was extremely bright that night and I never closed my blinds. When I opened by eyes to reach down and pick up the remote there was a shadow person, creature or whatever you want to call it staring right in my face. I was paralyzed with fear.

  2. The Caretaker says:

    My sister has told me about a shadow creature that she sees quite often in her home. The odd thing there is that the shadow always goes out of the kitchen and up the stair case. That is the only place where she has seen this shadow thing

  3. Highly Blessed says:

    I have seen the creature before, it came at a time where my soul wasn’t rested. I had alot of hate in my heart and I left my soul, mind, and body open to these demonic sprits. To get rid of them or to keep them at bay, you have to pray before bed and leave an open Bible in your room to keep you blessed at all time.

    • Robert says:

      I”ve had this encounter on many occasions, when I was half asleep It floated over me but it kept my mouth and eyes shut, so I couldn”t scream, or see it and I think they need your energy for them to survive so they suck it out of you so the next morning you will feel drained. Perhaps that”s why it came over to your mouth.

  4. Cilif says:

    Do not worry. The shadow you saw was real. But believe it or not it was telling you something about your afterlife in either heaven or summerland. Perhaps going to a phsycic would help you understand whats truly going on. This has happened to me before but there is no such thing as evil. There is only God and if you think about it there truly is no evil. I know I sound like im telling you not to be scared but you shouldn’t, the phsycic will tell you everything.

  5. George says:

    I believe there is such thing as evil and if you do something terribly wrong then you might attract something like that. But pray about it and ask God to take it away. It will haelp.

    My mother has told me that when I was young in the baby bed she walked in and their would be black forms or sometimes blankets floating over my body and on one occasion there were red lights coming out of my air vent on the floor

  6. Duske says:

    There is a God and there is evil. It’s in the Bible. (To the person claiming there is no evil. The Bible will warn you of that, my dear.)

    Pray, ask for help in God’s name, and He will help you.

  7. drexl says:

    I’ve had an experience with one of these shadow things and i got rid of it myself so please stop with this god and bible nonsense. you dont understand the unknown so naturally you are afraid but why is it people’s first instinct to get all holy and religious? That’s why you will never advance…

  8. Overmind says:

    I can offer a degree of explanation as to what you experienced. I can be contacted via the caretaker of trueghosttales.com

    on a side-note, it’s pretty na�ve to believe there is no such thing as Evil.

  9. The Caretaker says:

    Hello Overmind

    Note to Author:

    If you are Hazel Vega, the author of this story and would like to make contact with Overmind contact me via the contact form on the website.

  10. C, Burnsey , Ben says:

    We noticed that with all these people that have seen these “shadow creatures” they are all people who believe in god alot and say praying and what not keeps you safe…

    but never anyone who understands god is not what most people think he is, has one of these negative experiences, so maybe, opening yourself to “god” opens you to other “evil” as well…

    is god who you all think he is? or is he something else? you’ll never know!! [followed by ghostly wails]

  11. backwoods explorer says:

    This one time me and two of my friends were walking in the back of my street (its a REALLY long street) and when you reach like towards the end of it all the lightposts are spread out and dim so its pretty much pitch black. Well, my friend Bric pulls out his flashlight thing to guide us and then in the distance we saw what we thought was a person kinda gliding around in the middle of the street under one of the dim lightposts. Well, we walk up towards him and start askin him what he’s doin out so late (it was around 1 in the morning). We didn’t hear a reply, so we walked up closer to him. At this time we’re like 2 feet away from him and we asked him if he was alright. Bric then shinned the light at his face to see who he was and we were horrified to see that he had no face! He then started to almost like “vaporize” into this fog type thing. Then, the fog grows around us and creates this awful stentch. Bric’s light goes out and we all start trippin out. The other guy, Bubba, took off up the street. The fog then just disapeared. Me and bric just stared at each other, shocked. Two weeks after that, Bubba calls me up early in the morning and starts yellin at me to get to his house. When i got there he was on the floor covered in blood with a knife in his hand. I asked him what happened, and he said that the shadow person we saw that night had appeared in his house while he was in the kitchen cutting up some watermelon and when he tried to run away from it he tripped and fell and the knife cut his arm. We then spent everyweek end at his house sleeping over since then and we all keep lighters with us at all times, because apparently it doesn’t like lighters because bubba told us he burnt it one time and it left him alone for a good while. But it still occasionaly visits him.

  12. vicci says:

    Erm i dnt believe in any God and im pretty sure Evil exists , as it is found within people and life. Anyway i just dnt understand the connexion .. however i saw one of these Shadows ,, it was very tall with a hood and it was pointing .. but i dont know what it was pointing at. also wen my uncle died he appeard at my bed side in the form of a see through shaddow and my grandmother shouted at me to put my daughter to bed before my uncle appeared,, has anyone experianced this at all? a relative appearing to u wen they are dying or just died? and wat are these pointed hooded figures?

  13. ANNA says:


  14. Amanda says:

    I am a Clairvoyant and I have had through out my whole life many of every type of haunting but one. and I know that I’m not only just a Clairvoyant there’s more to me than just that. There are about five very distinct experiences that I have had in my memory for the longest time period. but ill tell you the one similar to yours.

    My room is in the attic of our house that is over 100 years old. in the summer times when I first had my room before I had my air conditioner I would sleep in either my sisters room or down stairs on the couch. This night I wanted to sleep in her room. I slept on the floor next to her bed. an the way that our house is the first thing that you see comming up our stairs is her room that has no door. For some reason I slept directly in front of her door way faces the steps. I was drifting off into slept, when something woke me up. the second that I open my eyes i look directly down the steps and saw wat seemed to be like a tall dark man with a hate on top of his head. he was just standing there like he was looking at me with no face. but behind him was a very bright light, it was a yellowish redish color.. I rubbed my eyes to see if it would go away. when I moved my hands from eyes. The man was still standing there just there. he wasn’tmoving but like I said he was extremely tall. I gt scared so I put my cover over my face a forced myself to sleep. The next moring I bring it to my moms attention because although her scences aren’t as strong as mine. she experiences lighter activity than me.. she said she was up all night because of noises and something appeared to keep going across her floor.
    I have had many of different interactions like this in mylife and has continued through this day. i’m only 16

  15. Rachel says:

    Me and my friend were heading out to the lake late one night out of boredom. We were about halfway there when a huge owl flew right in front of us and flew over the car, a few mintutes later we saw this shadow thing begin to cross the road. It was like a blob, then you could see legs and arms, it walked almost like an ape, but then shifted and would get taller. No it was not bigfoot, something very evil. We turned the car around and never traveled that road after dark again.

  16. Alex says:

    This was fairly eerie for me to read because I JUST had an experiance not even an hour ago, and i’m Still in chills. womewhere around 9:00 I had just awoke from a dream, i felt like there was something in the room”my room” i thaught it was a dream i i was about to go too asleep, as son as i put the blanket over my head i felt something touching me. i moved the covers and Grabbed it!!! it wasn’t a ghost, it was physically there!! i had grabbed its arm and pulled it toward the door, i didn’t want to waste time trying to open it so i reached for my light switch where to my surprise it did not turn on, i tried to get a good look at it”i can usually see in the dark but this thing was completely Black i couldn’t see a face nor any features, so i felt atop its head to feel any hair, but it felt like shaven stubble, thats when i opened my eyes realizing i’m back on my bed, this wasn’t a dream because dreams do not give me the chills i’m still feeling even an hour later”now”.
    what ever it was, it was there to some physical extent.
    I’m scared to go back to my room :(
    someone please tolk to me about this

  17. Edward Black says:

    Nobody knows yet what the Shadow People are, not even the wisest can tell. However, there are myths about what they can be, they can be the dark creature so called Nightmare which comes at night at times, we don’t know why either.

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