Terrifying Shadow Creature

Posted on December 24, 2007

It all started one evening when I was cleaning and fixing my room, I had just moved to my sisters house. I finished fixing my new room and decided it was time for me to take a break and relax. So I decided to lay down in bed.

I was laying down but I was laying down on the side where you put your feet, my head was on that side, I had the TV on and was watching it side way’s. All of a sudden I saw one of my jeans from the closet move. I didn’t put any importance to it, when all of a sudden I felt someone was on the side of my bed looking at me.

When I turned my head, all I saw was a huge black shadow standing right on my left side. I tried to move but I couldn’t, all I could move was my eye’s and I clearly saw it move on top of the bed and sat on top of me. I could clearly see his long fingers grab a hold of my face. It opened my mouth and drew itself close to my mouth. I felt as it started breathing something out of me.

I remember hearing my self screaming for my sister, but no one came to help me, then he got close to my ears and started mumbling something that was hard to understand what he was saying. All of a sudden I felt my mouth moving and I heard my self trying to say something, but it sounded so ugly like a moaning ugly talk I don’t even know.

All I remember is I started saying dear Lord please don’t leave my side don’t leave me all alone, get me out of this. Whatever it is let it go away. I believe in one God and that is your Jesus Christ. All of a sudden it just jumped out of the bed.

I remember getting out of my bed so fast, and opened the door and walked to my sisters bedroom door and started knocking. She said she’s tired to go to sleep, she has to be up early morning for work, so I went to the restroom that was close to my room and started washing my face with cold water.

When I turned the light on, I was shocked and scared to see what I saw on the mirror. I saw myself looking all pale and my eyes were open wide and black glowing. I turned the light off and went to the other room. I didn’t sleep the whole night. I was so scared.

In the morning I told my sister. I believe it was not a dream because I had to knock on the door and my sister remembered me washing my face so I know this was no dream.

I had so many many other things happen to me with the same situation – this same thing. If anyone knows what this is and why something like this has happened please post a comment and tell me what to do.

Submitted by Hazel Vega copyright 2007 all rights reserved.

For more on the subject of shadow creatures read about about this paranormal investigation documented by Michael Stump ~ The Covelo Shadow People


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18 Responses to “Terrifying Shadow Creature”
  1. Ama Nazra says:

    Hi Caretaker,

    I’ve seen plenty of ghost (fake) photos too, but then .. I’ve also seen a few that people just cannot explain.

    Keep taking those photos folks. We know ghosts are real .. time we caught a few on film … well, digital .. LOL

    Love & Peace

  2. Lucinda Smyth says:

    Orbs are also ghosts Ama :)

  3. Ama Nazra says:

    Hi Lucinda,

    I wasn’t thinking about orbs. Do you remember that photo we saw with the small boy behind the grave stones .. now that one was interesting. And then there are all the ones with faces in them – like the two sailors who died and were buried at sea, but they were still in the group photos taken once the men got back to shore (after the war). The men’s faces were actually seen in the sea, following the ship, if I remember correctly, before they landed. And there have been others…

    Orbs can be so many different things, ghosts are just one of them.

    Love & Peace,

  4. Weston says:

    As far as the Orbs comment goes, I have something to say about that. I’ve got plenty of experience in the field and have seen a lot of weird things, but Orbs, to me, just don’t seem solid. There are too many things that can be mistaken as orbs. Such as dust, bugs, snow, rain, falling acorns. You name it, it can probably be looked at incorrectly as an orb. However in that same breath, I will say this. Ghost photos can be taken. Not in normal light, but in IR. Video is more provocative to me because fewer people want to take the time to edit a video for a hoax. Of course this is my opinion and I have gone out to houses or properties that have, in fact been hoaxes.

  5. Lucinda Smyth says:

    Yes, some investigators discredit photographs that contain orbs as being dust particles, reflections, dirt on the lens etc. They will go to great lengths to prove their theories by shaking up dusty rags or stirring up dust which does create orb-like images, but these tests do not prove their theories for photographs taken under normal conditions.

    I am so tired of hearing about dust, insects, pollen, and moisture droplets from the “anti-orb” club. If it is dirt on the lens, then it would be in every photo… same with dust or moisture. Hmmm, I wonder if I can ‘command’ dirt or dust to appear the way I do with orbs?

    And then you get the “anti-ghost” club lol. There is a large percentage of the population (religious or not) who still dont believe ghosts exist – that ghosts are a fabrication of the mind.

  6. Travelerpm says:

    Yes indeed ghosts can be photographed. Our website is chock full of them. None of our photographs were faked, photoshopped, monkeyed with, tampered with in ANY way shape or form. Look at our photograph from the Myrtles Plantation in Louisiana. We caught a full bodied apparition of a male that used to live in the home. Not to mention an evil entity that looks like a skull with horns and teeth looking like it is ready to take a bite out of someone…………and also the image of a reddish looking being stretching out to put its arm around a guy who had been making fun of the spirits and we told him he’d better not do that. He is leaning back in the picture and when we took the picture none of us saw anything that would make him lean back……………well………..in the picture you can clearly see why he was leaning back. Proof positive that things you cannot SEE can actually AFFECT you. Naysayers are just wanting to argue with you and create tension for the sake of arguing. We, who have seen and heard in EVP know different. We also captured the voice of a little 12 year old boy who had killed himself in 2007. His voice was captured on a digital recorder during an investigation in 2010 in the same home he died in. That EVP is also on our website. FriendsofDusana.com. Check it out.

    • CareTaker says:

      Just because a picture isnt faked or altered doesnt mean that it is paranormal. I looked at your site and I saw “orbs” presented as being paranormal. I didnt see a single image that made me think it could have a possibility of being something paranormal – but thats just my own view.

      It is also my opinion that any paranormal researcher, investigator…. etc that presents an orb as being paranormal is not trustworthy. I mean experienced photographers and investigators can’t help but to know the truth about orbs. I do a lot of photography work in many different locations both indoors and out and I see orbs all the time. In probably about 99% or more of all orbs seen in photos the cause is common things like dust and moisture and glare. Insects can even cause orbs but dust and glare are probably the most common.

      I firmly believe that anyone who has experience in photography and research will have no problem in spotting the “non-paranormal” orbs like I saw on your site.

      Call me a naysayer if you like but there is absolutely no way in this world that you can know who or what the origin of the voice in your EVP was. You say it was a “12 year old boy who had killed himself in 2007″ as if that is a known fact. There is no way that you can know that. Even if a voice spoke directly into your ears from your closet and told you it was Elvis Presley would you believe it?

      I also firmly believe that investigators and researchers must remain objective and not so quick to accept everything as the truth.

      Naturally all of this is just my own opinions…

      • Travelerpm says:

        We have learned a lot over the last few years and what could or could not be considered an orb. I know there are some on our site that we need to go and remove because experience has shown us the difference at this stage. As far as the comment on the 12 year old boy………….we could clearly hear the boy and he was tapping his cane the way he used to do when he was alive according to his mom and dad. Also during a session later on we asked how old he was and the answer was “twelve”. This is a double wide mobile home. Doubtful that an old spirit would inhabit that new home were it not for the fact a 12 year old boy killed himself in it. We have no doubt that it is the little boy. We also caught an orb that shows his face in it – his mother states that is her son – you can see the bangs he wore in life as well. I do not disagree with you on the orb issue. I will be clearning up and removing some of those that we now believe are not.


  7. darren says:

    i have had taken pics of a lady in a black on a trail in the woods but noting showed in the pic wonder why…

  8. Ama says:

    Hi Caretaker,

    I agree with your comments about EVPs .. you can never guarantee a person is who you think they are.

    It’s a fascinating topic, and full of pitfalls, like the orb debate. :-)

    Love & Peace

  9. SkyRi. says:

    me and friend had a sleppover and we where in my room when thee door opened and closed,opened and closed! My friend looks down and sees a creature that has three toes. We hide under the covers and it touched her leg.. then the blankets on my side went flat.? and she got spit on her face by this thing.. help?!

    • Ama says:

      Hi SkyRi,

      I hope your friend washed her face. How long ago did this happen?

      Love & Peace

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