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Terrified Six Month Old Grandson

Posted on August 15, 2010

I want to start by saying that this is very new to me and my family. One questions the stories they hear, until it happens to you. There is definitely something that is NOT “normal” in our house.

We recently moved into our new rental home about 5 weeks ago and ever since the move, one by one, we have all experienced weird and questionable things. My family is large. It is myself, my fiancé and we have a total of 6 kids that stay here off and on. Not to mention the sleepovers.

One night I think I mentioned to the older kids, that I felt something weird in the house. Right away, they agreed and we all began to tell our stories. Let’s make this short because I want to get to the real reason I am writing this story. The experiences we have encountered have been voices, shadows, movement, drawers opening, persons in form, which have been young adolescence to small children.  The voices have been both male and female, but are muffled.

For example, one day I came home from work and nobody was home. I right away thought, Yay, a moment of relaxation after a hard days work, until my fiancé and 2 of our kids would get home. I laid on the bed and almost right away started to drift into sleep. Not more than 5 – 10 minutes later, I woke to the sound of the back door, which is closest to me, open (but not as loud) and I waited for the sound of their voices, but nothing… I felt the movement of people, but no door close, no loud kids, nothing. I tried to just go back to sleep.

My other daughter saw a small child with a blanket or covering of some kind come out of her closet and she thought it was her younger sister, in which she told her to “stop it” the small child did not, and walked out the room towards the living room. My daughter started yelling for her older sister in which the sister did not respond, but later tells us she heard her sister calling. Something else happened that scared her and she tried waking up, but felt paralyzed like you do in a dream. She can’t recall if it was a dream or really happening.

There are other experiences, but I could go on for a while. The purpose of my story is to talk about my 6 month old grandson. He has been obviously affected by what is lingering in our home because his reactions are much more alarming than the rest of us. At first when we moved he would cry more than usual, and we were thinking he was acting spoiled, and possibly an adjustment period was taking place.

I came from work and was taking care of him, and he was crying as usual when he wants to be picked up. He had just woken up from a short nap. Well, here comes his Papa (grandpa) and picks him up and takes him to our room. Papa started feeding him and he began looking around immediately. Right away he started crying in a loud, fearful cry, unlike his normal cries. He continued to look around and began breathing like he was about to hyperventilate and so Papa picked him up and tried so sooth him, but to no avail. He continued looking around side to side and louder cries and buried his head into Papa’s chest. Papa asked me to go back to the room from where I was in the living room. I had heard the cries and knew they were not usual sounding for him. Papa brought him out to the living room and held him for a bit to try and calm him, but it took a while. He would still look around and be fearful, but eventually calmed down. I started playing with him to distract him and gave him a bottle. This is not the first time we have heard or seen him like this. It was just the worst one yet.

What do we do? We can’t move right now, but I do not like seeing him “FREAK OUT.” When this was happening yesterday I asked the “spirits, negative energy or ghosts,” or whatever it is to leave him alone, and that they were not wanted here if they were going to bother him. The rest of us are older and haven’t had fearful experiences to where we are that “FREAKED OUT” but are very aware and senses are definitely heightened. A few goose bumps here and there and afraid of the dark from time to time.

Please, somebody tell us what we should do. Should we bless the house ourselves, have an experienced member of a church do it? or what?

Thanks for reading my story, and thanks in advance for your suggestions.

Sent in by BIGNANA, Copyright 2010 TrueGhostTales.com

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22 Responses to “Terrified Six Month Old Grandson”
  1. Tabitha says:

    Blessing ur home may help, but beware as sometimes the paranormal activities go away and then return 10 times worse. In your case though I think it is a residual haunting, seeing as the one girl tried t catch it’s attention and it went about it’s way. Children, through their innocentince I think, are able to see spirits better and this is why your grandson becomes upset at times. It may or may not be intentionable by this spirit. I would say to try the blessing, your problems may then be solved, and see how things go. But if things start to escalde after a period of time your only option will be to move ( though I know this is your last resort), or sacrifice your families well being. Every haunting is different so any information given by anyone is only a guess, go by your instincts and do what needs to be done and don’t hesitate if things get worse. God bless.

  2. Pete says:

    it might be a good idea to talk with your minister/priest about your situation, they may be able to help you. please keep us updated. Good Luck!!.

  3. Thee says:

    I’m scared for you so this is what i will suggest;

    First of all i believe you should, if you are indeed christian, walk around the house with your family all with you reading the bible out loud.
    if that doesnt work then bless the house.
    Im not christian but theres one thing that my mother told me to chant when i was little to get rid of my fears of the dark and when i strongly felt like someone was watching me or i would get chills, “Biss-mel-ah-he-rah-mane-rah-heem”
    Believe me it will help get rid of your fears and hopefully whatever is inside your home. But i must say if things begin to get worse LEAVE, i dont care if you cant move GET OUT OF THE HOUSE. Imagine leaving your six month old grand son alone in the house? Would you want that? No i should hope not, save yourself and your family cause a lot of things, a lot of BAD THINGS happen when people are under those kind of situations.

  4. trolldoll says:

    i would have someone come in and bless the house. i would ask around too. you need to find out how long previous tenants lived there. ask your landlord the history of the house too. knowledge is power. put your foot down and claim your living space! tell them that it’s your house now. do evps. hopefully things will calm down!

  5. Midnight says:

    Children are very open minded, there are no rules, nothing is impossible. This makes them very succeptable in hauntings. The fact that you and the others, are on edge and uneasy at times, can also effect how the child reacts. You, become alarmed at that which threatens the child; such as, people, dogs, cars, ect. Babies watch everything, darling little sponges they are. When you’re uneasy, they may freak out. You are their chief means of food, shelter, and most of all, protection! That, maybe part of what is troubling the little one. Do not give off an aire of helplessness. As for what you should do, take notes on the collective experiances of the family, and analize it. Look for clues, and/or patterns of disturbances. Ask the neighbors about the house, check the house’s history, or the history of the land it sits on. You never know anything until you investigate, after that, think about the best way to handle it. No two hauntings are the same, so there is no right thing to do, only to choose what your going to do. Good luck, and God bless!

  6. Tina says:

    Have a priest come and bless the house, I had several frightening experiences, all in one day, a few months back, and had a priest bless my apartment. I have had NO more experiences since then. We (My fiancee & I) tried to bless the place ourselves prior to that, and things just got worse.

    • 1txlady says:

      That can happen.. make it worse….I believe that depends on two things at once not separately…… level of faith (not meaning yours isn’t strong just level required to bless) and degree or level of negativity present.

      • Midnight says:

        I agree with you on that 1txlady, It takes a long time get to really know what you are doing. I have been under my Native American uncles wing for 20 years, and only now have I done the blessings by myself. You can’t just mess around, its serious business!

        • Anonymous says:

          As I hve grown up with my native American roots and pratice Wicca it is safe to say you need to have some one cone in and bleed your house and find out why they are affecting your grandson so much. Yes kids are sensitive to the spirit realm more then those who have grown up. But something paticular is messin with him and for sone reason I do not think it’s resdual but I would have some one cone in and try to find out what it wants with your grandson. Your first thing is to keep those kids and yourselves safe from harm. They are right sometimes with blessing of a place or thing only makes it worse but I would sage the house and when they start up simply say ” if your friend come on in if your foe get thee gone your not welcome” and teach everyone in the house that. It should help please keep us updated on how things go goddess bless you and your family.

  7. AnNa says:

    maybe you should talk to the priest and see what he thinks,maybe he will suggest to get it blessed.have a cross in the house or in every room until you figure out what to do.i think if it gets worse and you dont do anything about it move.i know you said you cant right now but either go to a priest and if things dont get better then move.i know hes only 6 months but talk to him he might not be able to talk(i dont know if he can)ask him to discribe what he sees to you.thanks for the story,and let us know what happens.

  8. 1txlady says:

    i think a blessing is as very good idea. Whether you do it yourself or have a clergy do it, I think depends on the level of your faith. You don’t “ask” negative energy to leave .. you demand it to leave. :)

  9. Lisbeth says:

    I think since you can’t move out, to get the house blessed by someone in the church.

  10. Pat says:

    Yes you must act quickly! Whatever this is in going to feed on your fear and that energy… things could get out of hand very quickly…personally I say get clergy to do a house cleaning AND blessing both! Good luck!

  11. dolphin girl says:

    I would have the house blessed. I was taught to raise my right hand and say out loud very firm like. “In the name of Jesus Christ i command you to leave.” It has worked for me every time, i have needed to. I also know that when children are born, up to the time they start talking, they are able to see into the heavens; therefore they can also see those that linger here. My family and i lived in a haunted house for 9 years til we finally moved out. I hope that you don’t have to deal with much longer. All the love!!! ?

  12. cookie says:

    poor baby he alone knows what he is seein…. maybe u should have the house blessed and get a “guard” from a priest or something and have it pinned on him…..i hope all goes well and i hope every ones advise might help in some way….take care

  13. Sharmila says:

    Have the house blessed. Spirits are mean and they might harm the little one. But please do not bless the house yourself. Get a church minister to do it as fast as you can.

    • Melesa says:

      The word tells us that we are all priests (Christians) and we don’t have to have a priest or a minister bless our home…You can pray, can’t you? We can do all things through Jesus Christ. You demand that these spirits leave in the name of Jesus Christ! God Bless You, M

  14. Melesa says:

    You definitely need to Bless your house and annoint it with oil and pray over everything and demand these spirits to leave ” In The Name of Jesus Christ.” The bad spirits will go.

  15. Alexis says:

    Ok, I’m not an expert on paranormal activity, but if everyone in the house has said they’ve felt some kind of presence that is not there in your own home, you’re gonna have to get a priest and get rid of the ghost/demons, just for the record, I doubt the presence you feel is a demon, for a demon follows you since your childhood. And ghosts/demons feed off your negative energy and fear, since the poor baby doesn’t know this, he’s showing a lot of fear as to looking around and searching for the ghosts because children have better contact with the dead. And whatever you do, DO NOT TRY TO COMUNICATE WITH THE SPIRITS! No matter what! For example, do not use a ouiji board, this will be an open door for the spirits and they will more than happy to enter and turn your whole life around. Even though you think you do ( or you actually do) know how to get rid of the spirits by yourself, I reeeeally recomend a priest, because they practice this possibly every day they go to church and are most likely more expirienced at these types of stuff. Hope all goes well for your family,keep the baby safe, god bless you.

    • Midnight says:

      Alexis, I concure with some of the things you have said ,such as, trying to talk to evil spirits in any way. Now comes the but. But, you must’nt think of evil spirits as being pre programed to a curtain way. They are, infact, fallen angels not robots. They are smart, calculating, cunning, and can fight like angels. They don’t always follow you from childhood; more often than not, they attack targets of opportunity, just as any military force would. Once they see the chance to exploite a weak point, they are right on it. So, at any time, any where, they can strike and stike hard. You may think a church is a safe haven, nope. It’s just a building, and a priest is just a man. What matters, is your faith, your belief, and your trust in God and God alone.

  16. Tullies says:

    Borrow money and move out of there! Some of your kids will be scarred for life and might even have problems later. That poor little baby. You don’t know if the spirit is taunting him or being real evil. Don’t let the baby in the house. You have to move!

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