Terrified of the Dark

Posted on June 5, 2011

I’ve been terrified of the dark since I was old enough to sleep in my own bed. When I was 10, My mother told me about my father and hers past. It always interested me.

You see, my father’s an alcoholic drug addict. And they divorced when I was 7. My mom told me about the strange things that happened to her when she was with him. In South Carolina (We use to live there). There was one particular night, where my mother just laid down and fell asleep, suddenly, around 3 a.m, she was pulled from her bed and dragged down the hall. She was screaming, and looking back at her bruised ankles only to see nothing there.

When my dad retrieved her, he decided to tell her why that happened. By then, my mother was emotionally scarred, and scared. He told her that he practiced witchcraft, and he and his family have had powers. He said that they had the power to control demons, ghosts, etc. My mother was very overwhelmed with this.

She immediately sold the house and we moved to Florida. When I was six, I started getting the feeling someone, or something was watching me. I had to have my door open. I needed a nightlight, I needed my mom or dad to sleep on the couch in the living room until I fell asleep, I needed to be under the covers, bed against the wall, and I needed pillows surrounding me. (I still need the blankets and pillows)

One night, I finally fell asleep, and then around 4ish, I woke up, sweating. But I was cold, and I had goose bumps. I heard giggling coming from my closet and I was terrified to move. I stayed in my bed, staring into the darkness at my “alive” closet. My heart was beating rapidly.

I managed to ask who was there, the giggling stopped. I asked them to please stop, I was scared, and still, nothing. The next morning I awoke to see scratches down my legs and back.

My mom divorced my dad. I’m 12 now and I still have these experiences. I know I’m a little young to have all these mixed feelings about this, but… I know, I know, there is a demon following me. My dad was a warlock. And there’s a demon who’s been following me since the day I was born.

My mom refuses to talk about it. And I haven’t seen my dad for three years. I know, there’s something here with me.

Sent in by Bella Rain, Copyright 2011

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19 Responses to “Terrified of the Dark”
  1. LMC says:

    This is a hard one Bella… All because you’re young… Try to get your mother to listen by telling her your scared & need her help… Then go to a psychic with your mother.

    I am so sorry your going through this, I’ll pray for you.

  2. Buddy says:

    I don’t have much to say about your situation.
    You seem to have been cursed by your own father to get that demon to follow you around. Witch craft is a rather different field of expertise and unfortunately I only know very little about it. Try persuading your mother to listen to you and your concern about what’s going on around you. Try consulting occultists who specialize in witch craft, they may know more on what to do with your case. I can’t, nor would want to sugest that you try to get rid of the demon on your own since you are far too young to deal with this thing. All you can do is practice your faith, be brave and try to maintain a strong faith, Try to consult healers who specialize in this field, there may be one near where you live. I hope and pray for you and your mother’s safety.

  3. Moya says:

    There is something definate following you, just like me but not to the point, my mom too used to do this kind of work and now there is something following her and 5 of her kids and my dad. she quit messing with this stuff, but they do not seem to go away. i have seen and heard so many things in my life, but all i can say is to find you a church and have faith and pray for this thing to leave you alone. good luck and I will pray for you for this thing to leave you alone.

  4. carri williams says:

    So sorry for you kid. these things really are real. too bad your mother will not believe you. You need to convince your mother. try getting someone to help you. Try to go to church. put on a cross. Your father the warlock may be putting spells on you and your mother. be careful, you may need help from the Catholic Church.

  5. manss says:

    dear bella ….at first I blame your hick father that demolish his life and disturbed you and your mother. don,t worry I am an expert person that know many pray to throw down demons but sorrily its not possible to give or learn you those now due to difference opinion. But at least I have to suggest some normally way which can help you, although those are not basic recourse.
    keep one or tow white pigeon in your home and if it is possible in your room (at nighttime) usually most of demons hate of steely and sharp things when you are going to bed get one like a scissors and put it above your pillow as be wholly obvious. Get yourself strong and somewhat irate. when you lied down in your bed take a thing in your hand that you suppose give you more power ( like a stone or similar) try to be not alone and don,t sleep in a separate room I m sure these solutions help you some

    • LMC says:

      I’m just curious Manss… What are your ways? I mean what religion do you practice? I’m not being rude or sarcastic just interested in your methods… I love to learn new things or should I say getting as much knowledge of other ways as I can… :-D

      • manss says:

        hello LMC

        you are good and I know what is your feeling and so it is not rudely what you asked but let me don,t mention my religion now. But if you have some question about some paranormal ask , I shall reply those insofar as I know.

        • LMC says:

          hello manss

          thanks for the offer but I have no questions of the paranormal realm I’m pretty knowledgeable in the paranormal :-D

          have a good day :-D

          • manss says:

            Excuse me I didn’t say you don’t know paranormal or you have not knowledge and experience about that but as you know paranormal is not a limited subject

            wish good coming for you

            • LMC says:

              I wasn’t trying to offend you I was thanking you for your offer of help… I just put it wrong… I have no questions at the moment on anything paranormal… I’m sorry

    • K. Smith says:

      Demonic spirits are NON-HUMAN supernatural spiritual creatures that CANNOT be controlled or warded of with magic swords, rocks, scissors, amulets, incantations or spells. Demons i.e. evil angels existed before the universe was created hence nothing on this planet cannot protect you from them except the power of God and his son Jesus Christ.

      Demons do enjoy making humans believe that they can be controlled, but that is the greatest lie in the universe. You CANNOT control them by resorting to witchcraft, magic or sorcery because Satan is the god of the occult and black magic.

      • Buddy says:

        Spoken like a true believer. Yes, the Bible really does mention that demons are masters of deceit and Satan himself is the Lord of deceit himself. Biblically speaking, contacting demons through sorcery is one of the taboos and God does not allow his children to engage into such rituals. The thing that can protect you from evil is the power of God and to have that kind of protection you must have faith in God in the first place. I remember some verses from the book of Psalms saying:

        “The angel of the LORD encampeth round about them that fear him, and delivereth them.” – Psalms 34:7 KJV

        “There shall no evil befall thee, neither shall any plague come nigh thy dwelling. For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways.” – Psalms 91:10~11 KJV

        These are reassuring words from an actual servant of God. But in order to get this protection you must have complete and indisputable faith in God. It’s like having your personal body guard of the spiritual level. This is the most powerful protection you can ever have, but unfortunately, not all people can adapt to this method that easily. This also disputes the common belief that all people have guardian angels, nope, it never mentioned murderers and sinners on the verses, only those who fear God.

        It’s a good advice, if you decide to follow it, and I can guarantee you nothing spiritually malevolent will befall upon you. Though you may be able to see demons on some daily basis, but aside from seeing their hideous figures, they won’t be able to do anything to harm you. And don’t go looking for the Guardian Angel, they don’t manifest themselves visually or physically, the only proof you have one is the feeling of complete security and unexplainable confidence. Unlike demons, they know how the human mind works, so if there would ever be some entity appearing in bright white light telling you that he is your guardian angel, proceed with caution!

      • manss says:

        I don’t know witchery and magic and I’m not magician , voodoo , astrologer , wizard and etc I have never seen them and their meeting yet and don’t know what they say and what they do, these works are forbidden for me

      • littlemiss says:

        Demons existed before the universe was created? Yet, ppl always seem to relate them to human beings. Human beings have only been around on Earth for a very short time. And suggesting to ppl to pray to god and all that stuff, is assuming that this person is religious. You don’t have to be religious in order to believe in the paranormal. I’m not and never will be religious, nor do I believe in the bible but I do believe in the paranormal. But I do not believe that Demons and God and all that were floating around in a mass of nothing but air until the world was created. My opinion, had to put it there, cos some people are not religious and people seem to forget that.

        • LMC says:

          Demons are a human thing, so there for they didn’t exist before humans the word itself was told by 1 man… Angels existed before humans, demons are suppose to be fallen Angels…

          Your right about assuming someone is religious, yet demons are a religious terminology.

  6. Kelly Rene says:

    �Thrice around the circle bound, Evil sink into the ground�

    If you feel especially threatened, you can do this spell every night for as long as needed to strengthen the protective Magic around you.

    This is apperently a Wiccan protection spell but only works for short periods of time…I am currently studng Thelema..and dont know much of Wicca but I’ve heard that this should work…take up some study on magick? Books on Thelema, Alister Crowley(Thelemic Prophet) and or/ Wiccan books may help you further understand what you are dealing with.

    Also, you can look up Wiccan protection spells
    And banishing rituals(Thelema) are supposed to remove and negative energy manifesting in your presence, from what I understand.

    Once again, I am still learning!

    Good luck, dear! I hope all works well for you.

    If anything, remember that the power of God over-powers all (At least, that would be my belief).

  7. LMC says:

    Prayer to Saint Michael the Archangel

    Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in our hour of need; be our safeguard against the wickedness & snares of the devil; may God restrain him, we humbly pray; & do thou, O prince of the heavenly host, by the power of God! Thrust Satan into hell & with him all evil spirits, who wonder through the world for the ruin of Souls Amen

    Ask for guidance & protection order the dark entity to leave they are not welcome… Show no fear with strength & faith on your side they can’t hurt you! Believe in God & Michael the Archangel they will protect you & Michael will stand beside you :-D

    Another tip think of it as a bully in real life you would get mad and fight back… This is the same thing demons thrive on fear they love to pick on us… Show no fear & no mercy fight back! It works for me :-D

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