Terrified at Camp Molly Laumen

Posted on June 11, 2011

I just got home from a week long resident camp. During my stay at Camp Molly Laumen, I was the only girl in my entire unit who DIDN’T have anything creepy or scary happen to her. I’m super protective of everyone that I care about, and I’m normally protective of those I DON’T know also. Someone even started the rumor in my unit that if something happens, if you scream I’d be there in about three seconds with my killer flashlight (“killer” being the nickname they gave my Maglite).

It all started on Monday morning when my tent mate asked me if I saw anyone or heard anyone outside of our tent the night before. I told her the truth, I didn’t. She saw a man’s shadow out in the woods. I got off of my cot and went out to where she was pointing, no signs that anyone had been standing there. The ground was muddy and there wasn’t any footprints anywhere around the tree.

On Monday night we slept in Bear Creek Lodge(the mess hall) watching a movie. Naomi told me on Tuesday morning that there was a man standing outside of the window at about four in the morning. I assumed that it was her imagination, until Krystal told me that she saw the same thing about fifteen minutes after Naomi told me about what she saw. Krystal hadn’t talked to Naomi yet that morning.

On Tuesday night I told Naomi to tell me right away should she see anyone standing in the woods. The back flaps of the tent were open to the woods, it made her feel even more terrified so Becca (the last tent mate) and I went out and shut them and tied them shut.

We asked our counselors if we could push our beds together(without telling them the reason), they told us no. When we were about asleep I heard Naomi whisper my name. She had just heard a man right outside of the tent. This was an all-girl camp, only four male counselors who work with the kitchen, the pool, or the nature teacher. I ran over to were she was and she said that the voice was gone. I grabbed my Maglite to go and look outside, but Naomi grabbed my hand and made me stay in the tent. That’s when I convinced her to tell our counselors about the man. I walked with Naomi to their tent, and stayed with her when she was telling them everything. They later let me push my bed up to Naomi’s so she wouldn’t be as scared during the night because she could wake me up, and I would beat the shit out of anyone trying to get in to our tent.

On Tuesday night we also had a counselor hunt. Most of the counselors went out into the woods and the different units to hide, and the group of girls who get the most signatures win. Krystal told me that ever since the hunt, she’d been seeing things out of the corner of her eyes.

On Wednesday night I was the only one in my tent who wasn’t terrified to fall asleep. I sat up for about two hours waiting for Naomi, Krystal, and Becca to fall asleep. I wasn’t woken up, but they told me in the morning that they all saw a man standing by the unit kitchen(a shelter house with picnic tables in it). They didn’t tell the counselors.

That day I found out that some of the girls from the other tents were also hearing/seeing/feeling odd things at night. No one got homesick. All of us there had been to a resident camp before, we all knew of the noises that you hear outside during the night, and no one but the girls in tent four knew of what Naomi was telling us. I was the only one who didn’t have anything strange happen to them, I’m also the only one who wasn’t scared.

On Thursday night we slept in the unit kitchen. Sadie asked me to sleep next to her in case something happened she could have someone there who she knew would protect her(I still don’t know how anyone besides my tent mates knew about that).

It was about sixty degrees outside at this point, and Naomi was trying to tell me that it was freezing. She was shivering and covered in goose bumps. Where I was, a single, thin blanket was more then enough. I was less then three feet away from her. I put my arm over her, it was freezing. I know that we were outside, but lower down. I checked for a breeze or a draft or something that would of explained the coldness just around her. I couldn’t find anything at all. When it was about four in the morning it got freezing, like to about twenty degrees. Twenty degrees. Talk about Christmas in July!

At about two or three in the morning I heard Sadie whisper my name trying to wake me up. She asked me if I just heard anything. I hadn’t. She told me to go back to bed and she’d tell me about it when we woke up.

Three girls, Sadie, Taylor, and Becca all heard a banging under the unit kitchen that night. I’m willing to believe that it was just a raccoon or some sort of animal. They then heard footsteps walk along the shelter, less then five feet from them. They all looked over at the first table, a man was sitting there. They told me that they hear him/her say something, and that the voice was a deep women’s voice, or a higher male’s voice. There wasn’t anyone in our unit who fit the description given of that man. Only one counselor fit. She was on the other side of the camp, no reason for her to be over in Dogwood. We asked her also, she said that she was in her tent all night.

That’s all of the creepy things that I’m aware of that happened while I was at Camp Molly Laumen this year. What I’m a bit confused about is why I was the only girl who didn’t get any personal experience, I didn’t even see or hear or feel anything while everyone else did. I was the girl in charge of protecting everyone else, God knows that I’m not brave enough for the job of protecting people against what I can’t even see or hear. I still want to protect these girls, but half of them leave so far from me. The closest one lives about fifteen minutes away, the furthest lives two and a half hours away from me. I want to protect them, because in this week they have become my sisters. I have all of their phone numbers and email address, and I’m friends with most of them on Facebook, but I’m only able to talk to them that way.

I have a few questions: 1) Why did nothing happen to me? 2) How can I protect them if I am only talking to them? 3) I’m not strong, I’m not brave, I just wasn’t afraid. Could that of been a reason that I didn’t have anything?

Thanks for reading.

Sent in by Ghost Girl, Copyright 2011 TrueGhostTales.com

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8 Responses to “Terrified at Camp Molly Laumen”
  1. Buddy says:

    Your story has touched my heart and the first thing I�d like to say about your story is that, �It�s too long�. You may have skipped some extra details and your story would still be comprehensible. But before I go to answering your questions, there is one thing you need to understand first, �What was it that the other girls saw?�

    Well, based on your rough description, your friends only saw a figure of a man (most likely to be in the form of a shadow). And due to the lack of other describable features of the entity, what they saw is very likely to be a �Shadow Ghost�. Some folklorists believe these entities live in trees, although they are also reported to be seen in houses, they prefer areas with vegetation and trees especially ones that bare sour fruits. And some paranormal investigators believe Shadow Ghosts are inter-dimensional beings that happen to cross into our dimension. A common report about this entity is that it has a malicious atmosphere around it. Although they seem harmless they are known to be malevolent and very territorial and they are also known to inflict harm once aggravated. Shadow Ghosts are often described as jet black entities that can be seen even in total darkness, they are rarely reported to be seen in the direct field of view, but they are often seen in the peripheral vision. They are also known to move very fast and they do tend to stand in corners and sit on edges of empty seats.

    As for your questions:
    1) Q: Why did nothing happen to me?
    A: it�s possible that you are not spiritually sensitive as the other girls. It�s also possible that you have a strong resolve during the time of the haunting. Shadow Ghosts are known to keep away from people with strong resolve or will power.

    2) Q: How can I protect them if I am only talking to them?
    A: You can try comforting you friends and encourage them to be strong and not be afraid of the Shadow Ghost. Shadow Ghost does not normally attack people unless confronted or provoked, just maintain a strong resolve and develop strong faith. That should keep the Shadow Ghost at bay, do not try to confront it and shoo it away or it will do more than just show itself.

    3) Q: I�m not strong, I�m not brave, I just wasn�t afraid. Could that of been a reason that I didn�t have anything?
    A: As I mentioned in answer number 1, your strong resolve to protect the people around you protected you from the Shadow Ghost and it is unlikely to follow you since you were not able to pay attention to it.

    A word of advice, don�t let that incident bother you. Just keep in mind that Shadow Ghosts are not harmful unless you are trying to mess with it intentionally. I repeat, DO NOT TRY TO CONFRONT IT! It is better to leave it alone, if it happens to manifest in the house of one of your friends, advice them to just ignore it. Just keep in mind to keep a strong resolve and maintain a strong faith.

  2. LMC says:

    It was an interesting story thanks for sharing :-D

    Buddy gave you some good advice… You came to the right place there are allot of people who will give you good advice :-D

  3. Anonymous says:

    Are you sure they weren’t playing a joke on you? Kids are cruel like that.

  4. jacibo says:

    i dont want to scare you but maybe there was like some sorta hermit walking about the area theres actually good evidence that it was ghosts. but LMC is right people here will give you good advice and i agree with buddy the shadow ghost( if thats what it was)should NOT BE APROACHED it can make you feel sickness and nausea if you aggravate it leave it alone and it will not do anything to hurt you.

  5. RTwin says:

    I agree with what Buddy says. Couldn’t have put it better myself.

  6. dawna says:

    It could be a shadow person or even a demon do not invite it into your dwellings and dont communicate with it and it cannot follow you salt also keeps demons away the lords prayer is the most effective.

  7. hai says:

    i have a feeling that they were just playing a mean joke on you :p

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