Talking to a Friend in Hell part 2

Posted on November 26, 2009

If you havent already read the first part of this story you might want to go to – Talking to a Friend in Hell. I have not used the board much recently but found out some new information from using the board throughout the year.

First of all, spirits can understand every language that is spoken to them but not all of them can spell in the language that you speak. For example, if you speak English a spirit from Germany can understand everything that your saying to them but they may not be able to communicate with you in your own English language. Some of them may spell gibberish on the board because they can not spell/communicate in your language.

Also, during one earlier session Drew was able to pick up a plastic chair off the ground and throw it at a friend who was at a session. He said that he did that by using ‘someone else energy’. He also told us that he was a very powerful demon but I don’t know, he could have just been saying that. The only paranormal thing that happened to me in the early stages was a milk jug being thrown at my head. Drew told me that it was done by a 100 year old demon boy. Drew said that when you are in hell, you either wear the clothes that you die in or you are given rags to wear or you are forced to be naked.

After playing with the Ouija board, demons stay with you and will also follow other family members around in your home. Drew told me that he would follow my aunt into the bathroom when she was in there and he said that she really had a nice body. He said that he would touch her at night which really creeped her out when I told her about it. Also, I’ve heard of Zoso, Zota, Zetoh, Detrole, Gestia and several other demons which are so strong that it’s even dangerous to write down their names. It must never be pronounced out of your mouth as these are some of the demons that I have identified. The only one’s that I’ve been in contact with is Drew and Gestia but the others I found out about through friends. You should not look too much into these things because merely thinking about this stuff can draw them to you. You can call on the demon, Drew, if you want to but you need a gang member (from my gang) with you if you do not want him to be hostile towards you since I figured out that’s what calms him down. I don’t know what calms down other demons though.

Recently, I was being attacked by a nameless demon in my sleep and woke up to things flying around and I grabbed the board to use it and ask Drew what was going on. He said that he was fighting off another demon that was trying to possess me (the reason for protecting me is because most of my family are the in same gang as Drew and he is very faithful to the gang and doesn’t want to harm what he calls his family). He said that during a possession, the only thing that may can save you is the word of God. He said that if you say God’s name the demons will freak and if you say a prayer they will go insane.

This is all very real and I recently had another dream where this spirit told me that he was an angel (I think he was lying) and he told me to come with him. He told me to say goodbye to everyone I knew so I did so in my dream. He then threw a colorful ball of light on the ground and told me to pick it up, which I did. When I picked up the ball, a large flash happened and I was sort of floating towards an end of a tunnel. Before I reached the end, I woke up and later asked Drew about it on the board. He wouldn’t say anything about it and just disappeared for the day… it makes me wonder.

Sent in by “Big Chief”, Copyright 2009

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57 Responses to “Talking to a Friend in Hell part 2”
  1. ashuran says:

    Big Chief,

    Didn’t mean to cause any alarming condition but it seems that you are going towards something that you should not. The end of the tunnel, I have seen it and believe me when i say that the other end might not be what you were expecting. Dreams can also a portal for astral projection so be careful of what you do in your dreams and with whom are you doing it.


  2. LMC says:

    Big Chief makes me wonder what’s going on why do you still play around with the board??? I don’t know too creepy. all I know is I love God and he is in my heart in the name of the father, son and the holy spirit amen! you shouldn’t play with that stuff. good info though I read the first one… I am not sure if this story is true or maybe I don’t want it to be true… lol sorry. like I said in my comment in the first part if the info you are giving is true I always known the board was bad but I didn’t know it was evil all the way and that spirits from heaven are not allowed to communicate through the board that kind of suprised me. if it isn’t true awesome story!

    well be careful may you be blessed with God’s holy light always Amen!

  3. Bri says:

    i recently read your previous story and i feel that you should imiedietly stop talking to the person sending you these emails. I just have a feeling that you are being drawn in to this spirituality that is of a high evil presence. I hope you have a life without this evil and live on wise and strong.

  4. Roseline says:

    I have a question, I’m quite confused, and I was hoping someone could give me an answer. Please and thank-you. =3

    If we go to heaven FOREVER or hell eekkk!!! Then what about past lives? Im confused. Like if we go to heaven forever, why are there past lives? Can someone explain to me how it works? =].

    • Shaw IV says:

      Good point Rose I aint gon lie, I aint even think about it that way. Just wanted to compliment that statement made

    • silentmay says:

      There is no PAST LIFE.. this life is basically meaningless, its actually a test to see our faith in God and see if h all the we can be good even with all the evil around us.

      When you go to Hell you dont have your friends and family with you thats your punishment.. you will go through a lot of pain and torture and then its upto God to either keep you there or send you to heaven.

      If you do go to heaven.. your family and cousins are there as well, whatever you wish you will have. There are different levels of hell and Heaven. There are ways to end up to these levels. But if you are on a lower level in heaven .. there wont be any jealousy.. you wont be wondering and wishing that you were higher, you would be happy and content in the level that has been given to you :)

      hell is undescribeable! you will be punished over and over again….. You still have time to ask for forgiveness and walk on teh straight path.. when the sun rises from the opp side.. there will be no more forgiveness granted.. so dont wait.. be the best you can now! and ask for forgiveness.

      • Caretaker says:

        silentmay – I am curious. Can you show any scriptures that say we will go to heaven or that heaven has different levels? Also could you show any scriptures that say this life is meaningless?

        • Silentmay says:

          The Holy Quran states about the levels of hell and heaven. God is all about forgiveness but when you take lives.. or cheat and lie repeatedly.. hurting others.. thats just not forgiven.. so there are different levels of SIN.. and therefore Different levels of Hell Fire.
          Same goes for heaven.

          This life is a test. Life we will have after death is eternal, we strive for that life not this one.

          I am sorry if i offended anyone. I did not mean to at all. You will believe what you believe and i will believe what I believe. I respect your beliefs and you should respect mine :)

          • Caretaker says:

            Silentmay – I simply asked a question. There was no offense and no disrespect whatsoever. You should not take offense or feel disrespected when someone just asks a question :)

            • Silentmay says:

              Oh no i wasnt offended at all.. i thought I might have upset you with my views/beliefs so i apologized in advance to you or anyone esle reading it because you never know.. when you offend someone without your intend.

      • TheresMoreThanWhatCanBeLinked says:

        You have no real prof that there is no such things as past lives. There are many cases of young children remember past lives and when people look into these claims they find them true. Not everyone who claims to remember a past life is telling the truth (because people lie. Or parents tell their children what to say for the attention) but there are some that are. Maybe look into things before you act like you know everything. If you are in Heaven and you ask God to come back to earth who’s to say he wont let you? Or once you have done your time in a particular level of hell how do you know God wont give you another chance on earth to better your soul.? The answer is you don’t know and you shouldn’t claim to.

      • Iron Mike says:

        Um, Silentmay…you’re making a generalized statement that there is levels of heaven and hell, you didn’t say “I belive there is…” like you KNOW. So I guess my question to you, is how do you KNOW? You can’t possibly know.

  5. elisha says:

    a believe in this stuff :)

  6. no1knws says:

    good advice 2 him bri, i hope he/or she takes heed. because the spiritual world is nothing to play with….especially frm evil forces

  7. Spooky says:

    wat gang was he in ??????????
    cuz im n a gang and would i be able to talk to my homeboy
    i miss him alot i really do i

  8. martin says:

    u don’t who ur messing with the reson drew was so scared of that dream because he knows who that was i rember somebody telling me the same dream and at the end of the tunnel there a garden the angel tells you that ur save and slowly takes through the garden and at the end he shows his true form as the devil and trys detroy ou

  9. Carri says:

    Big Chief. Hey I believe every word you are telling. I have heard haunting in my life and have had some paranormal encounters. I have heard the devil marching through my trailor. My trailor was haunted. my daughters keep seeing the devil and his demons walking around but I could only hear marching footsteps. I put a story on the internet.
    called ” The trailor park of evil” another story is ” I’m battling evil in my trailor.”
    I have also levitated so that is another story I wrote. Its being published on Dec 5th on True Ghost Tales. That story is about my 17 year old brother and how he died in a car crash. I levitated 1 week before he died. I do not mess with ouji board. my best friend was raped by some boys in Minn. after we played with the Ouij. That was in the 1970s I haven’t touched one since. But let us know if you find out anything else about what happens after we die. you convinced me to go to Church.

  10. Izabel says:

    im just honestly surprised im reading something thats been posted recently, i read stories but there ages old.

  11. Richie English says:

    First and foremost, Hello everyone. I’ve been a lurker for a while – and haven’t posted because, well, I haven’t really got anything relatively interesting to post.

    Big Chief, you may want to take a look at this;

    What’s your take on this, KnowToMuch?

    Make of it what you want. I’m on the fence, but if this is fake – she (including the others) should be up for Oscar nominations.

    Leave it well alone, Big Chief, otherwise you’ll end up in the same place as Drew – if ‘it’ really is your friend you�re talking to.

    • Shaw IV says:

      I’m wondering if that wuz an expensive camera or not,cuz Ive seen a lot of ghost videos and the video looked real. But the quality of the camera makes me question the realness of it

  12. Big Chief says:

    Yes, it’s a true story. The friend of mines who gives me the information has been ouijaing (sp) for a little over a year now. His contact on the board, Drew, even moved several things to prove that he was for real.. A plastic chair was one of them…I wouldn’t say the gangs name but it is a big gang here in the USA, Chicago area.. You can contact dead relatives but I think it depends on where they’re at. He said that you can contact all of hell and some parts of limbo but no heavenn.. There are different parts of hell and different parts of limbo from what he’s told me. He said that some parts of hell look like what’s described in the Bible and other parts look just like what you see on earth.. I don’t know for sure if you can contact your own relatives though, I guess you have to be lucky or something.. As he does more sessions and gives me new information, I will post it here..

  13. Dee says:

    I think your friend needs to be super careful. Seriously, no good can be coming out of these sessions. I believe that board is a tool from the devil, and nothing but good comes out of them. It’s like he’s being tricked into trusting this board, and signing his own death warrant to hell. It’s so scary to even think if what he’s being told is true. Wow.

    “The greatest trick the devil ever pulled is having world believe he does not exist…”

  14. Lotus S. Dust says:

    these spirits dont know what you’re saying when you speak in tongues.

  15. Darren says:

    NIce story Chief, I have no doubts it is 100 percent truth.

  16. Brenna says:

    Big Chief,
    I believe your story 100%. Though these stories scare the crap out of me, they interest me. Your story caught my eye especially. Although Drew sounds like a friend, he is in hell. Talking to him and giving him strength (as you stated) can cause porblems. Your dreams obviously mean something bad concidering Drew will not tell you about them. If he is telling the truth about the demons and such, then while you keep talking to him could open a passage to bring demons to harm you. I am young, and curious, and I would like to know what it’s like talking to someone like him. After reading your story and many others… I probably will not. If you haven’t already, stop talking to him now, and don’t have any connections to hell or limbo.


    P.S. The Zoso you have written about (also known as Zozo), have you ever contacted him at all? I have read stories about him and I want to know alot without having actual contact with him.

    • ghostlover says:

      i think you’re right and Ive used the ouiija board three years ago… yeah it is scary and i regret it but why wouldnt you ask ZoZo? I would have friends with me if you did because hes really dangerous..

  17. shiver says:

    Hmm them names you listed make me feel cold though im sweating .. as soon as i read Zoso(ZoZo) my lights started flickering i started to shiver i felt like someone was pulling at my chest… He is NOT A NICE GUY AT ALL!!! Keep away from him… my lights kept flickering and my chest still felt like it was being tugged at untill, i protected myself, my room, my family my house. And sent away all bad spirits with “Love”.. them my lights stopped and my chest felt normal i started to feel warm and stopped shivering.. those names argh i cant stop reading them there addicting i feel like i have to keep saying them though im trying not to i feel like im being forced

  18. Beezlebub_666 says:

    Hey Big Chief !!! While reading your story there was a line when DREW said “believe in god”. I think he sounded like catholic chruch’s priest trying to make believe that “god is everything”. Oh yeah one more thing in your story DREW said “there are satan walking in earth or something like that “well I am also one of the satan. So I have one thing to say that “people can choose their own path like following the God or Devil.” And all of the satans are not evil they only harm you when you do something wrong to them.

  19. Big Chief says:

    I never contacted Zoso neither has the friend of mines who I get this information from. We don’t really go looking for demons to talk to. The friend of mines just uses the board to talk to his “friend”. Anyways, here goes another good ouija story I found on the internet with a girl talking to a demon-demon:

  20. Whiskey says:


    hmmm, I don’t think past lives or reincarnation is in the teaching of Christianity like Heaven and Hell

    What I’m wonderin is, who created the demons? Are they really Angels who have fallen from grace?

    • GirlRacer says:

      Thats a great question, I have always wanted to know myself. In one text I studied, the answer provided is ‘Human’s who have strayed from Gods path’, in another ‘Anomalies never been born into life. Things created due to random acts of unkindness, or with bad intent manifests into a demon’. Or yet again another as you say angels who have fallen from grace.

      Lucifer himself is a fallen angel, NOT a demon, the ‘bringer of light’ is playing his part in the human psyche. We all battle good and evil in our lives. Demons I believe are created by human random acts of evil. They feed from our hatred and water on our despair. Demons are real, just as Angels are.

      So thank you again for your question. Food for thought.

  21. Ricky says:

    can u make a other story That was a good story but i think it is is true

  22. Carri says:

    Here I am posting again. be careful I know if you see hands coming at you or just a hand in mid air that is the devil trying to drag you to Hell so be careful. Be careful you may be doing astral body projection by the ball of light and the tunnel. My stepfather used to do astral body projection a lot. but right before he died he said he would do out of body for several hours every night he said it was harder and harder for him to return to his body. He died 1 month after he told me that. you may never return if you go down that tunnel. I’m telling you that is very dangerous if you go down the tunnel you may not come back.

  23. Shirley King says:

    Carri my great aunt well she’s dead now but years ago she was in an old house taking a bath and she swore she seen a hand coming around the shower curtain towards her. The story was passed down over the years. I always wanted to know what that could have been. She was scared out of her wits and after that she never went back there.

  24. Shirley King says:

    Someone very close to me last year died during her surgery and it took them forever to get her back. She said when that was going on she was in a very dark tunnel and she could see a little light up ahead. As she was walking ahead she could feel a wrath behind her. I think you know what wrath she is talking about. But unlike what you would think it would be like it wasn’t. She said it was very very cold more cold than you have ever felt.
    She said the voices she could hear behind her was people she knew some family some that were friends. She somehow just knew that. She also knew not to turn around and just keep going forward.
    She was then close to her mother and others who have passed away they told her it’s not her turn. She said she had a choice she could have went one way or the other it’s like it was up to her free will.

  25. Darc says:

    big chief great story but just wondering once in hell say u do get out is it posible to become human and if so can u turn good or just evil for ever i used to have dreams the way u described wat it looked like and i also knw i have been a very evil man in past life but good now in this life. please giv your opinion thanx Darc

  26. Erica says:

    Very interesting. The version of hell Drew talks about makes sense to me. I believe you.
    The reason I decided to comment is I wanted to ask you if you have ever come in contact with a demon named Bawa. I’ve talked to him via ouija board and he claims to be a powerfull demon in hell. I’m not sure if Bawa is his real name though. He has proven himself real by knocking loudly on my walls and throwing objects around the room. He is very good at spelling, witch is unusual. He claims to follow me and says he has been
    for the last three years. He says he is protecting me, but won’t say what he’s protecting me from. He won’t let any other spirit talk to me.

  27. Big Chief says:

    Hmm, I don’t know about getting out of hell. From what I hear, you are in there forever. I never heard about anybody getting out of hell. Usually the demons my friend talks to have been in hell for 100′s of years. Some have been for less but most have been in there for a long time. When a human is in hell, he is still in human form. He is just called a demon now because he is in hell. That is what I hear. The human has not changed form in hell. From what I hear, there is human demon and there is demon-demon. The human demons are the ones that you usually come in contact with via the ouija board. I don’t know how re-incarnation works though. Sorry.

    No, me and the friend of mines never came into contact with a demon named “Bawa”. You know sometimes that is not there real names. Sometimes they will give you any ole name. There are many demons in hell (humans and non-humans). To contact the same demon as many is very rare..Question, what did Bawa explain his version of hell to you as? Did he describe hell to you or the tortures in hell? Let me know in here….

  28. Darren says:


    During my research into a demon that calls itself Zozo, I run across a vampire bat deity in the Mayan Pantheon of Demons. It is known as Zotz. It spawned a cult, and I saw your posting on the Ouija spirit “Bawa” Interesting, as I have read about Bawa,and it too curiously seems to be a vampire bat deity! Here is an article on “Bawa.”

    Sex attacks blamed on bat demon
    Some believe a bat turns into a man at night
    Men in parts of Tanzania’s main city, Dar es Salaam, are living in fear of a night-time sex attacker.

    A BBC correspondent says the attacks are being blamed by some on a demon called “Popo Bawa” meaning winged bat.

    Some men are staying awake or sleeping in groups outside their homes. Others are smearing themselves with pig’s oil, believing this repels attacks.

    Reports of the demon’s existence have been common for many years in Zanzibar, where locals claim it originated.

    The BBC’s John Ngahyoma in Dar es Salaam says not many people actually believe that the demon exists and there have been no sightings.

    But Mbaruku Ibrahim, who hails from Zanzibar, says the story of the demon is common there and people in his village on Pemba island sleep beside a huge fire outside their houses whenever it is said to appear.

    The story goes that the bat is able to transform itself into a man at night and it has also been blamed for rapes of women.

    Sheikh Yahya Hussein, a prominent astrologer in Tanzania, claims that the demon is a spirit that is unleashed by witches to torment their opponents.

    Belief in witchcraft and superstitions is widespread in Tanzania, especially in rural areas.

  29. Erica says:

    Thank you, Big Chief. Bawa usually won’t say much about hell, other than he doesn’t like it there. He says humans suffer there and it’s hot. I haven’t asked much about it honestly.

    To Darren,

    Your post was alot of help. I researched Popo Bawa and found alot of information.
    I asked Bawa if that was his full name and he said yes it is. I asked him if he wanted to hurt or rape me and he said no because I’m a woman and he wants to protect me.

  30. darren says:

    No offense, but I tend to doubt a statement from a supposed inhabitant of hell that is concerned with human suffering, or the heat exchange. I do however accept that this entity will abhor a false level of trust within you in order to acclimate your defense level to a point of attack. Regardless of what it says, conversing and subjecting your trust into an adherent being of the unknown, you preponderantly run the risk of admonishment. Beyond the temporary, good will ever come to someone who trusts, and condones demonic influence . Look at what happened to Aleister Crowley, he summoned entities for his protection. He proclaimed a guilt free ” Do what thou wilt” attitude towards all things, and he died penniless, riddled with disease and impoverishment. The “greatest magician”of all time joins those in hell who seek to bring fulfillment to the living.

  31. Big Chief says:

    Hmm, is Bawa a human in hell or a non-human demon in hell??? He ever showed himself to you?

  32. troj says:

    Gang members are co-dependant losers. A real man can walk on his own.

  33. Big Chief says:

    Actually, I just found a real possession from a ouija board the other day. Its on youtube and is at the end of the video. This one is frightening and real:

  34. Big pimp says:

    Hey big Chief what’s ur ethcnicty

  35. Iron Mike says:

    Hey Big Chief, love the stories but…what gang you in? I hate to generalize things, but I don’t hear about many gang-bangers who are down w/the whole Occult deal. Still…amazing story man. Hope you keep us updated. You should “Catalogue” this stuff and write a book.

  36. loo says:

    for crying out loud, do you lot seriously believe in all these stories? there is nothing but bull being written in every story, thats why the ouija has such a bad name. cant even say a certain name out loud? white candles to be lit whilst doing a board? i have never heard so much utter rubbish in all my life, you lot could be millionaires with your ‘hollywood stories’

    • Caretaker says:

      Well, I can certainly disagree with you on that. I have some stories here myself and I can assure you that they are not bull.

      Also, the stories on this site are sent in by people from all over the world.

  37. Jin16 says:

    big chief i use to be in a gang to end let me tell you that this story its crazy but dont get sucked in to what drew tells you he told you that he can tell you everything my gang betrayed me they used to say we where family too your friend is tortured day by day they can tell hem to do whatever they whant end they whant more souls dont dam your soul like your friend

  38. jamie vaughan says:

    big chief maybe drew is a loyal friend to protect you and i think the angel was satan pretending to be an angel so be careful

    • LMC says:

      Jamie you could be right… I would like to say one thing… People forget Satan is an angel… A fallen Angel… It probably wasn’t that hard for him to show his true form as an Angel… I believe they make themselves look evil, demonic to scare people.

  39. NoNz says:

    just a story or not all i can say is . . . “thank you”
    lately i am starting to have doubts bout religion but thanks anyway to inspire people like us to believe in god and knowing that there is a place called HELL. haha don’t wanna end up being tortured there though. right now i still don’t know where to start. i mean to build my faith again. i stopped going to church for almost 6 years now and also stopped believing that there is actually heaven and hell. i don’t know to some of you guys here but right now. .
    i feel like a new person. glad that i went to this site. hehe i was searching for a camera obscura that can capture ghost and ended up here. haha it’s fate i guess :D

  40. erika says:

    Wait, so does this mean everyone is only supposed to believe in christianity? Or does it only matter if you’re a good person, you ask forgiveness, and you believe in god.

    And you should ask if limbo is painful at all.

  41. Anonymous says:

    someone please answer me, is it true you can attract these beings to you just be reading about them, thinking about them? because obviously as we are all reading this, we are all thinking of it… so we are in danger?

  42. carri says:

    Tell us more if you contact Drew again. Ask him are ghost real? and are all ghost evil?

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