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Spirits and Their Forms According to Indians

India is one of the many countries which has a majority of believers. More than half of the Indian mythology as well as the epics tell of the existence of ghosts. However it is also said that ghosts rarely appear in their own form and such spirits are usually tied to some other form of life. The spirits are classified into four groups namely – unhappy or vengeful spirits, spirits of the priests who couldn’t finish what they came for, spirits whose good and bad deeds were level and those who are happy and content. The last of these will not be considered since they only come back in the form of some animal or human. We are going to deal with the other three.

Unhappy or Vengeful Spirits

These are the destructive spirits. Ones who did not get or obtain what they wanted and are determined not to let others have it either.

These spirits are traditionally said to …

April 4th, 2010 by CareTaker