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Ghost Stories of Colonial Williamsburg

In September of 2009 I attended something called a Tavern Ghost Walk in Colonial Williamsburg. What it is, is that a tour guide takes us down a street, which is surrounded in haunted places. The guide leads us to each location and tells us the story. The following stories are not something I have experienced, although I did experience something while on this walk. If you want to read about it, check out the story called: ‘Shields Tavern Ghost walk in Colonial Williamsburg. In this story, I will tell you everything I remember.

Shields Tavern: In the first few years of Shields Tavern, there was a man named Mr. Marot, who owned Shields Tavern. It is proven that Marot was murdered in the building by his close friend.

In the present day, a man and a woman were eating dinner in the Tavern when the woman saw a man, dressed in olden day clothes with a brimmed hat walked up …

February 9th, 2010 by Caretaker 

Shields Tavern Ghost Walk in Colonial Williamsburg

This happened in September of 2009, in Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia. I was there on vacation with my sister, my Nana, and my papaw.

We were buying our tickets for the day when I noticed a flier for the Tavern Ghost walk. My Nana asked if I wanted to go to it and I said yes. My sister didn’t want to go so my papaw and my sister went back to a hotel. My Nana and I stayed. We walked to the meeting place, in front of Shields Tavern. Our tour guide led us to different places along the street. There was this story of a girl who got run over by a carriage and died on that street we were walking on. The tour guide was carrying a little lantern with a candle inside it, and she asked me to carry it. I said yes, and walked beside her. My Nana was about nine feet behind us and decided that …

January 26th, 2010 by Caretaker