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Haunted Home In Danby Vermont

I am writing this as solid proof of paranormal activity in Danby, Vermont. I know it’s not Wallingford, Vermont. However this one location is very close to this town. I have to keep the location undisclosed due to client preservation.

This is a very old and large house on Rt 7 in Danby. A dear close relative of my fiancé, who was born and raised in Danby Vermont, told the group of this happening. She told us this:

Her grandfather who was very religious and never believed in paranormal activity ever… went to this house to do an electrical job for the owner of the house. He was working there in a room upstairs on an outlet when he noticed something from the corner of his eye. He looked again and saw a man hanging from the ceiling of that very same room above him. The figure was solid and he thought someone had just hung himself as he was …

May 15th, 2010 by CareTaker