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The Encyclopedia of the Undead

A Field Guide to the Creatures that Cannot Rest in Peace

Recently I have been reading a really cool book written by Dr. Bob Curran and titled Encyclopedia of the Undead. This book is 312 pages with all sorts of information about “things” like Vampires, Werewolves, Zombies, Voodoo, Ghouls, Golems and other nightmarish creatures and entities.

One thing I really like about the Encyclopedia of the Undead is the index. A good reference book must have a thorough index and this one does.

Whether you are doing research on a particular culture’s myths, legends and stories about creatures like this or you just want to read a good book this one fits the bill. I don’t get as much time to read as I would like to and I usually have bookmarks stuck in several different books at once but the Encyclopedia of the Undead was one I could hardly put down. I read it from cover to cover and …

October 18th, 2010 by CareTaker 

Four Negative Energies

My name is Nathan, I am 20 years old I am developing my mediumship in a development circle. For a few months now all has been going well.

As a kid I had always seen and felt spirits but I moved into my present house when I was five years old I have been living here for 15 years. Throughout the years my family has heard odd bangs or voices and seen figures lurking about but didn’t really take much notice of it. I remember when I was about eight or nine getting woken up in the middle of the night by a voice that was mumbling to me. I was frightened, I didn’t really catch what this spirit was saying ’til I jumped out of bed and got into my brothers bed screaming, then I heard the spirit say “something’s here from hell.” But years went by and all we had were odd creaks and bangs and scratches still …

March 1st, 2010 by CareTaker 

The Ghost Who Made us Sneeze

Now I know a lot of people have the quote, “if a ghost walks through you, you’ll sneeze.” Well here in my house that’s true. We have a lot of things that go on in my house, because we use Ouija and voodoo, hoodoo, and a lot more.

I was sitting here home alone, nothing was going on. My mom had just left to the store for about 20 minutes. About halfway into the time she was gone I started sneezing like mad. And then I heard my mom’s bedroom door knob turn and the door opened. I didn’t know what it was! So I got up to see if anyone was there, but no. So I just thought it was the air vents. I shut the door completely making sure it was shut ! I turned the air off, and laid down.

Once again I started sneezing. As it may be obvious, some people close their eyes while they …

January 1st, 2010 by CareTaker 

The Sookinyah

I grew up in the islands where these things are common. Coming from the islands, however, we never discussed these things with Americans.

There were two encounters that I can remember; they happened to my friends. One happened to an older friend of mine. He lived on a hill and was walking up the hill to get home. The sun was setting. He said that from a distance he saw this ball of fire. Soon, his brothers, who were ahead of him, pointed it out. The ball of fire suddenly swooped down the hill, and before he knew it he was face to face with it.

He said it stood in front of him for a few seconds and he could see something like three black holes (for eyes and mouth) and it had wings that flapped like a hummingbird (making a helicopter sound). He said he was scared for his life. Then, just like that, it zoomed away.

My …

March 23rd, 2009 by CareTaker