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Two Heads that Looked at My Mom

Hello, I have a short story to share. I’m Vietnamese and was born in Vietnam. My father fought in the Civil war with the U.S. After the U.S. force withdrew, the communists imprisoned my father for seven years. During the time, my mom had to take care of three kids (I was not yet born) under the tight economy. Working extremely hard to raise money and kids, she had very little time to do the regular chores. So, my mom often performed these tasks at night when all my siblings are deeply asleep at night.

Our house had a built bathroom outside the backyard. We had a well in the backyard and a small outdoor tub next to the well for bathing.

One night, she was washing the kids clothes right next to the well where she retrieved the water from. There was no light. We were poor and could not afford too much electricity. So, my mom relied on …

May 16th, 2010 by Caretaker 

Paranormal Experiences in Vietnam

My parents are originally from Vietnam (I was born in Australia) and our family often make trips over there, this experience happened in the village of Can To where my great aunty lives. Her house was situated beside the riverbank and can get very cold at night.

The living room where we spend most of our time, is situated at the back of the house but you could still see the front door. Now, in Vietnam like I’m sure in most developing countries the front door is left open all day during daylight ours and is only closed during the night.

In our culture we usually pray and burn incense on the day that a family member has passed. On that day my parents and siblings (older sis younger bro) went to my great uncles grave to pray because it was his anniversary. I chose to stay at home because I was sick and it was 42C outside. My great …

December 15th, 2009 by Caretaker