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Incubus Attack?

My names Amie,I’m 18 from Worcester, England, UK.

This all started happening to me about 6 months ago. I was at my home in bed asleep then I woke up randomly in the middle of the night. I couldn’t move a muscle in my body or open my eyes. I was like paralyzed! Or all of my energy was drained from me. I was wide AWAKE, it wasn’t a dream or me imagining it.

I started to feel someone stroking my hair sitting on the edge of my bed near me. I couldn’t see anyone but I could just feel the presence. I then felt this really heavy weight/pressure on my chest almost like someone was sitting on me or pushing down on my chest. I wasn’t able to speak or move! The only thing I was able to do was breathe but that was a struggle because of the pressure on my chest. I then started to feel a …

May 24th, 2010 by Caretaker 

A Savior

I have always been skeptical of ghosts and even after these events I would say I am still not a true believer. However I am not a person to simply dismiss fairly strong evidence so I have decided to put it to a community who could help me make sense and maybe give clarity of such events.

It first happened back when I use to live in Cornwall miles away from any other people or towns in 2008. I lived alone as my wife worked a high power job and would spend weeks away from home. During this time I was going through boughts of depression and in June it reached its climax.

Sick of life I went into our barn and got a piece of rope and tied it to the rafters. However when tying it and putting it around my neck I made some mistakes and when I jumped it failed to kill me instantly. I hung there …

May 22nd, 2010 by Caretaker