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Children Seeing Ghost Woman in Thailand

This is my first ghost story that I have ever written on this website so I hope I’m doing this right. When I was a little girl around 3 years of age, I was sent to Thailand where my grandmother was since my parents were too busy to look after me.

My Grandmother’s house was large since she had 6 daughters living there who were my aunties and also my Grandfather was also living there. It was newly built and it was in Khon Kean a little to the north of Thailand. I spent about 6 months there and during my stay I felt really lonely. I would play by my self a lot with my favorite green rubber ball.

Personally I can’t remember any thing about this experience but my family had told me all about it two years ago. One day, I said to my aunties that I was going to play catch with “Pee” upstairs. In Thai …

October 14th, 2010 by Caretaker