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Our First Ghost Experience

My twin and I are very thankful that we only had one ghost experience. And here it is:

We were nine years old at the time and had just moved to Texas. Our parents bought our first new house with a pool. We all were very excited and happy and couldn’t wait to settle in. But as the first months went by, we had frequent visits by police who always had questions about the house and I once heard them asking my father if he ever found anything out of the ordinary in the house. When we asked our dad what they had talked about he said it was nothing. It wasn’t until years later when we moved back to New York that he would tell us what that was all about.

My sister was the first one to notice something was strange about the house:

One hot summer my mom was busy cooking with my aunt inside the house …

August 4th, 2010 by Caretaker 

Girl With No Eyes

This took place in Christoval, Texas as well, but I am not the one who had the connection with this girl. My guy friend who always went ghost hunting with us did.

It was a Friday night I believe and a week away from Christmas,when we all got together to go ghost hunting since well I was moving and wanted to get as much hunts in before I left. Well we all left Roberts house and headed to the park on main street. When we got there we did the normal things, ask questions, took pictures and he walked around.

I didn’t get anything in the pictures this time though. Robert however saw a monk walking around in the old fashioned robes with the pointed hoods and the robe color was white, he only saw it for a few minutes before it disappeared. He eventually told me that when I went to talk to him and thought that was interesting.…

June 7th, 2010 by Caretaker 

My Paranormal Childhood

May 31st, 2010 by Caretaker 

Vision of the Past?

May 30th, 2010 by Caretaker 

The Shamans and the Voice

May 29th, 2010 by Caretaker 

Demon in the Country

April 15th, 2010 by Caretaker 

Christoval Texas Ghost

April 7th, 2010 by Caretaker 

Terrifying Boney Grayish Creature

I am 18 now but I was 6 then and I remember it as if it was yesterday.

When I was little I lived in a small town called Livingston, the middle of no where Texas. Of course being at a young age I was scared of the dark, so I slept in my older sisters room with my older sister Trisha. I remember looking at the alarm clock after being awoken by a cold brush of wind on my face. It was 3:15… I stared at the clock for a very long time and for some reason it stood still as if time had been frozen. All of the sudden I heard pots and pans scrambling in the kitchen… not loud but loud enough to hear it from the room I was in. So me being the investigator that I was got up out of the bed and ran behind the couch in the living room. I sat staring …

March 28th, 2010 by Caretaker 

Three Nights no Sleep and the Footsteps

March 27th, 2010 by Caretaker 

Human Like Figure in My Closet

February 6th, 2010 by Caretaker 

Haunting in El Paso Texas

This happened like three years ago. I was a sophomore in high school, a cheerleader and I thought my life was perfect and just happy people in it. I never really believed in any paranormal stuff. I thought of it as an alien, won’t believe it till I see one.

My parents were planning to move to another country, I didn’t want to move at all but then I had to. The day came for us to leave California to move to El Paso, Texas. We got to Texas and saw the house, it was big and it looked normal. Right when I stepped out the car I felt uneasy to breath and started to feel dizzy, “Are you okay Audrey?” My sister Alina asked, “Yeah, just tired.” I was the last one to get in the house it was like someone was telling me “DON’T GO IN THERE!” But then it was getting dark and getting colder, so I …

January 6th, 2010 by Caretaker 
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