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Downtown Tampa

Jim again. This happened late one Sunday night in the summer of 92′. I was cycling on Bayshore Blvd., it’s a seven something mile long sidewalk that goes from Ballist Point to Davis Island which is just downtown. As I passed Bay to Bay Blvd. the path curves toward the north, that is when I saw something that made me get off my bike and rub my eyes and then look again.

I sat there for almost an hour watching this thing and telling myself I was not seeing it but of course I was. There were no clouds in the sky that night except one. Directly over downtown was the face of a devil! I was not on drugs, I was not drinking. This face was so detailed. There were eyes like a cats that seemed to be looking around. There were horns, nose and a mouth with fangs.

Here’s the curious thing, the wind was blowing out of …

May 4th, 2010 by Caretaker 

My Friends House and the Satanist Band

In late 1980 I lived in Tampa Florida. I rented part of a house from a friend. We had known each other for several years but were not particularly tight. My rent helped him, a place to live helped me. We will call him Zippy.

Zippy was friends with a Satanist band, mostly the bassist, we will call him Blind. Zippy and Blind were trying to open portals to hell, worshiping the devil and other foolish and scary things. I was friendly with both of these people but was not into what they were. But what ever they were doing started bleeding over into my life! This is what happened to me.

First: I was driving a hotrod Firebird. As I was pulling into the driveway slowing down to stop, the accelerator went the floor, I had to stand on the brake to keep from going through the living room. The only thing I could do was turn the ignition …

April 22nd, 2010 by Caretaker