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Strange Beast On The Beach

My life has been full of brushes with the paranormal. I was born and raised in a hundred year old haunted house, and things have been progressively stranger since then. A lot of these incidents of the odd happened at my former job, a coal burning power plant located on the shore of lake Erie.

The plant was built on a nexus of sorts, every stripe of supernatural weirdness you could ever hope to experience or be subjected too was there. And as a security guard, you were going to see it all like it or not. We had a high turn over rate.

Out of all of the incidents, this was the winner. We used to do vehicle patrols on a near constant basis. On of the nicer routes was along the lake on a dirt road that sat about a story above the lake looking down on the beach. I used to park the patrol vehicle and sneak …

January 15th, 2009 by Caretaker 
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