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Paranormal Experience in Southern Hebredies of Scotland

As a child I lived on the Isle of Islay in the Southern Hebredies of Scotland. We left in 2000 but went back for a holiday in 2004, which is when I met my best friend Eila, my sister and her sister had been friends at school. We got extremely close in the week I was there and when I left we kept in close contact. I went for a visit without my parents or family to stay with her family for a week when my paranormal experience began.

Eila’s bedroom was in the attic, and as following tradition, this attic had a dam weird ghost. Eila still to this day knows nothing of this because well in my mind I’m sorry but she has to live there I really shouldn’t scare her. She fell asleep early the first night I got there but I just couldn’t sleep. I felt a breathe on my cheek as though someone was sleeping …

April 9th, 2010 by Caretaker