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The Ghost Who Made us Sneeze

Now I know a lot of people have the quote, “if a ghost walks through you, you’ll sneeze.” Well here in my house that’s true. We have a lot of things that go on in my house, because we use Ouija and voodoo, hoodoo, and a lot more.

I was sitting here home alone, nothing was going on. My mom had just left to the store for about 20 minutes. About halfway into the time she was gone I started sneezing like mad. And then I heard my mom’s bedroom door knob turn and the door opened. I didn’t know what it was! So I got up to see if anyone was there, but no. So I just thought it was the air vents. I shut the door completely making sure it was shut ! I turned the air off, and laid down.

Once again I started sneezing. As it may be obvious, some people close their eyes while they …

January 1st, 2010 by Caretaker