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Will You Marry Me?

So this is another one of my friend’s ghost stories. I’m a Korean America who is currently living in Singapore. I met a friend in the school named Tomoki. Tomoki is Japanese who lived in Singapore for a long time so he could speak Chinese. Since I lived in China for 3 years we had Chinese as our code language when we went out to drink or to party so we became. I realized he actually witnessed many paranormal activities. This is one of the story told by him.

So Tomoki and his friends were having a drink in the streets in Singapore. As it got deeper in to the night, they couldn’t really drink in the streets because if they make noise and stuff, the police can kick them out and check their IDs (which can really get you in trouble if you are under 18). Anyway they decided for some reason to go to an old unguarded cemetery …

October 6th, 2011 by Caretaker 
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