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Witchcraft and Shamanism in Laos

It’s interesting when you’re gathering with your families and starting to talk about their histories, lives, and etc. My mom and my aunts always have things to talk about their childhood life back in Laos (next to Vietnam and Thailand). There are times my mom she’s in a ghostly mood, she’ll tell my husband and me about her childhood ghostly life and how she put up with her chaotic life. I recall when I was 11 years old or maybe older, I asked my mom how did she became a Christian and why we go to church? She gave me this really long story, it begins…

As you read they lived in a village with no electricity or no toilet, sink, and etc. It sounds like they were in the 1600s but actually this happened in 1956 – 1970 during my mom’s childhood.

My mom said her dad (my grandfather) was a huge fan of becoming a shaman (spiritual leader …

January 24th, 2010 by Caretaker