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Sensitive and Paranormal Incidents

I have been sensitive to the paranormal ever since I was two. I think I got it from my dad because he also is sensitive. Anyway the first story was back when I was in Daycare it was about my third week going and there was a lady who worked there that didn’t really like kids. One day it was storming hard and lightning, I told the teacher ‘I smell smoke.’ She looked around then yelled at me for ‘telling a lie’ then about ten minuets later I told her again.

She yelled at me again and said if I lied one for time I’d have to go sit in ‘time out’. Fifteen minutes later the roof caught on fire, we all got out safely and the teacher asked how did I know that there would be a fire? I just shrugged my shoulders and said ‘I don’t know.’ It turned out that a power line broke and landed on …

October 15th, 2010 by Caretaker 

The Little Amish Boy

In 2008, my Girlfriend and I moved into our new apartment near DuBois Pennsylvania. For the first week, everything within the apartment was fine, until one morning, I was making coffee to get ready for work, when I felt that there was someone in the kitchen with me. When I turned around, there was a small boy standing in my kitchen, near the hallway. I noticed when I look at the boy that he “didn’t seem right”. I noticed that the boy was wearing “Amish” clothes and I could see the hallway wall though his figure. I stood and stared for what seemed to be forever, when he turned and walked down the hall. Upon following him, he was gone.

After this happened, I went into the bedroom and woke Jill up to tell her what had happened. She laughed and said that I just needed my morning coffee. I kissed her good-bye and went off to work. When I …

October 1st, 2010 by Caretaker 

Growing up Haunted in Sydney Part 20

Have you read the previous parts of this story? Growing up Haunted in Sydney Part 1

Now I’ve lived in a few homes all around Australia and all has been quiet in relation to paranormal activity in comparison to what went on in my mother’s house growing up. Until we moved into our current army house in Darwin, Australia. DHA (Defense Housing Australia) have a code that they dispose of any homes that have had a suicide in them – given the nature of serving members this sadly does have a higher incidence than the general population.

I’d arrived in Darwin in 2006 to get married before my husband was deployed the first time. My husband had not left for weeks for the second time when I got the news we had to move to another house suddenly. Why they couldn’t have done all this BEFORE he left is anyone’s guess! My girlfriend and I did the rounds of Darwin, …

January 5th, 2010 by Caretaker 

Possible Poltergeist Experience

May 15th, 2008 by Caretaker